10 Places Where Google Glass is Banned

Google Glass is not a simple lens, it is a battery powered head up display. It is considered as one of the most valuable wearable technology that completely changed the world. It is like a Smartphone attached with your glasses. It has an HD camera, GPS, mic and the best feature is voice controllable. It also has 16 GB storage and compatible with any Bluetooth capable phone with Android OS. Google launched Explorer version in 2013 for which user has to pay $1500 for a pair. They delay the commercial launch in late 2014.

Some establishments raised questions to limit the use the Google Glass due to some privacy reasons. In the month of April 2013, many places have declared that they are banning Google Glass even before making it commercially. That has raised many questions regarding using it in public where other people could be recorded without their permission. Due to this reason Google Glass has been banned in many places. Here are the top 10 places where you can’t wear Google glass.

10. Cars

CarsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Google says that you can wear glasses anywhere according to your convenience. But some states such as Arizona and West Virginia ban the use of any wearable computer with a head up display in public. There are many other states also who already banned texting while driving. Even driving with any type of electronic glass is banned in the United Kingdom.

9. Dressing Rooms

Dressing RoomsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Now it’s a common and misbehaving thing to take pictures of someone in public without his/her permission. And this problem is even more lethal when someone clicked you naked in dressing room. That’s the main reason to ban Google Glass in dressing rooms to maintain privacy.

8. Hospitals

HospitalsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Hospitals have the responsibilities to take patient’s privacy very seriously. They also have patient’s personal information. It would be very easy for someone to record videos of patient information and later it can be used for wrong intention. Even a simple camera or any recording device is prohibited in all the hospitals. Many places have very strict rules regarding the use of Google Glass.

7. Concerts

ConcertsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

May be this reason surprise those who have ever been to a concert. In some concerts all types of recording devices are prohibited and in others, only head mounted display inbuilt with micro computer are prohibited. They do so to stop the live streaming of events without any permission.

6. Classrooms

ClassroomsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Few students thought that they could record lectures and notes for future after the release of Google glass, but many schools and universities have already banned it. This one is a controversial reason because Google Glass helped students to take better notes. If schools and universities allowed students to use it then it could be very helpful to all students.

5. Restaurants

RestaurantsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Some restaurants ensure the comfort of their customers and everyone wants a quiet place with privacy while enjoying a meal. Imagine someone sitting in front of you and your every bite could be captured in his glass. Many restaurants in the US already banned Google Glasses. Some restaurant’s owner banned it due to traditional dining etiquette where even using mobile phones while eating is considered insolent.

4. Casinos

CasinosPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Many people across the world love casinos and casinos love their money. In Atlantic City, the entire legal and licensed casino ban customers to wear glasses with a head up display. Google Glass is banned in casinos because they think that you will cheat to win the game. Some world’s most popular casinos in Nevada also follow the same laws.

3. Banks

BanksPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Now stealing something is not a big task using smart gadgets. Imagine, if someone stands behind you at the bank and record a video of your personal information about the bank account. Google Glass also reads the pin number of ATM cards while withdrawing cash. This is also a legal reason to ban the use of Google Glass in banks and ATM.

2. Bars

BarsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Usually, drunk people like to clicked lots of pics and share those on social sites. Last year, the owner of a bar in Seattle banned the use of Google Glass in his bar. This news sparked a controversy and made an international headline. After that, many other bars in the US banned Google Glass.

1. Movie Theaters

Movie Theaters - Google Glass is BannedPhoto credit: Wikimedia

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Film piracy or bootlegging has always been a big problem for the film industry. Piracy has been increased after the invention of smartphones and devices like Google Glass make it a thousand times easier. Anti piracy law banned the use of cameras in cinemas and many firms already said that they will never allow Google Glass in their cinemas. Google Glass also allows online streaming which is also against the law.

There are many other locations also and don’t be surprised if the number of location increases in future.

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