Top 10 Great Inventions Made By Kids

Kids are considered more creative and inventive than elders. They are natural innovators. Some of them turn their small ideas to a multi-millionaire company. Some of the following kids invent new things by luck while others really do hard work to shape their dream. These kids are idol to inspire anyone who wants to get into the business world. The following list contains some great inventions that you may know and use on a regular basis. If you have any new idea, then don’t be late to execute it. Here are the some greatest inventions made by kids who leave their marks on the world.

10. ManCan

ManCanPhoto credit: Time

In 2010, 13 years old Hart Main started a business to make candles fitted in soup cans. He was sick of the girlie smell of candles. He planned to make some candles with new scents. He used his pocket money and online ordered wax and few scents like mint, chocolate, coffee and fresh grass. He donates soup and uses the cans for packing purposes. This business boom in his native place and within next two years he starts making over 25,000 cans a year and hires five workers.

9. The Popsicle

The PopsiclePhoto credit: Wikimedia

Popsicle or you can say it freeze pop, icy pole, ice lolly is a frozen snack. It is known by different names at different places. It is made by flavored water around a wooden stick. It is a major part of every child and do you know that it is invented by a child. Frank Epperson of California claimed that he was the first person to create ice pop in 1905 at the age of 11. One day on a cold night, he left soda mixed with water and mixing sticks. Later he popularized ice pop after patenting the concept in 1923 and sends it to every house around the world.

8. Water Talkie

Walkie TalkiePhoto credit: Wikimedia

Do you ever try to talk under water? You can talk under water using this creative invention, water talkie. It was invented by Rich Stachowski Jr. in 1995 at the age of 10. One day he went on a trip with his family and wished that we could talk under water while swimming. After a few trials, he finalized the design which amplifies voice under water up to 15 feet away. His invention became popular and he opened a company but sold it in 1999 to Wild Planet Toys. In 1999, he won the entrepreneur of the year award for his invention.

7. Water Skiing

Water SkiingPhoto credit: Wikimedia

If you love to do water skiing then you should know the inventor of water skiing. Ralph Wilford Samuelson was the first person who invented and successfully tested water skiing at the age of 18 in the Lake city, Minnesota. He first attempts with his snow skis which is 8 feet long and 9 inches wide. He never patented his invention and performed shows across the country to promote this sport. In 1966, American Water Ski Association recognized him as the first water skier in history.

6. Earmuffs

EarmuffsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Farmington, Maine based Chester Greenwood was always frustrated about keeping his ears warm and comfortable in winter. At the age of 15, he decided to make earmuffs and not to use scarfs. He shaped the outer design and asked his grandmother to sew fur on it. Later he got a patent for it and opened a business which helps US soldiers during the World War I. Now every year, the first Saturday of December was celebrated as Chester Greenwood Day and everyone wears earmuffs.

5. Trampoline

TrampolinePhoto credit: Wikimedia

A trampoline is a device that adds fun to the gym. It was first built by George Nissen in 1936 when he was only 16 years old. In 1942, he began a company which marketed the trampoline as a training tool for military purpose. Some early trampolines like devices were used by firemen to catch people, which were invented in 18887. Now it has been seen as worldwide sport and there are many competitions hosted across many countries.

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4. The Algae Mobile

The Algae MobilePhoto credit: Yourstory

Many youngsters have tried hard to make our world a better place. In 2008, Param Jaggi built the first model of Algae mobile, a device which converts the carbon dioxide exhausted from the car into oxygen, when he was only 15 years old. He started working on environmental and energy technologies at the age of 13. Now he is the founder and CEO of EcoViate which is known for making Algae Mobile. He is regarded as one of the youngest inventors and included in Forbes 30 in 2011 and 2012.

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3. First TV Design

First TV DesignPhoto credit: Wikimedia

This might be shocking news for you, 14 years old Philo Farnsworth invented the modern television design. After that, he consulted with his high school teachers about his idea. In 1927, he successfully developed and patented the world’s first electronic television. He holds more than 165 patents, mostly in the field of radio and television. Later he opened, Farnsworth Television and Radio Corporation produced it commercially.

2. Cancer Screening Test

Cancer Screening TestPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Jack Thomas Andraka of Maryland, US invented a thing that is beyond any child’s imagination. He developed a new and cheap method to detect the pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer using a mesothelin level. The test is over 90 percent accurate and takes only five minutes to execute. In 2012, he received the Gordon E. Moore award. He won the $75,000 at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and many other awards with prize money of over $100,000.

1. Braille

Braille - Inventions Made By KidsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

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Everyone has heard of Braille language but do you know who invented it? Louise Braille invented it when he was just fifteen years old. He lost his sight at age of three in a car accident. He was unable to read in normal school and moved to a special school for the blinds. His books have large letters and are extremely bulky and costly. He worked on his ideas and invents smaller cells which can be recognized as letters with a single touch of a finger. It is the biggest invention by a kid and also one of the greatest inventions in the world.

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