10 Heavy Machines Used in Mega Projects

We are surrounded by numerous technologically advanced machines that simplify our work. Nowadays, all the technical instruments and communication devices are getting smaller. But some machines are known by their big size. These are specially designed for mega construction tasks or big engineering projects. The following article introduces you some of the biggest man-made machines. Take a look at the following 10 heavy machines that are used in mega construction projects. Let’s find out the purpose behind their design.

10. Caterpillar 797 B

Caterpillar 797 BImage Source: kartinki

The Caterpillar 797 B is a powerful dump truck and ranked in the list of the biggest trucks in the world. It has more powerful engine than predecessor trucks. It is equipped with two V12 engines which generates 3550 horsepower and give a top speed of 68 km/h. It has the payload capacity of 380 tones and the world’s highest operating weight of 1.3 million pounds. It also has the highest fuel tank capacity to 1800 gallons.

9. LeTourneau L2350

letourneau l2350 loaderImage Source: pinterest

The LeTourneau L2350, built by an American machinery manufacturer LeTourneau Inc. It holds the Guinness World Records of the biggest earth mover. It has the maximum capacity of 400 tons and an operating payload of 160,000 pounds. It is powered by a 16 cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 2300 horsepower. Its tire is 4 meters in diameter. The construction cost of one LeTourneau L2350 is around $1.5 million.

8. Komatsu D575A

Komatsu D575AImage Source: Wikimedia

The Komatsu D575A is the currently the world’s largest bulldozer since 1991. It features 24 feet wide blade that can hold 90 cubic yards of materials in one pass. It can dig to a maximum depth of around seven feet using its blade. It is used in heavy construction application, including the service in the coal fields. The advanced version of the Komatsu D575A has the maximum capacity of over 330,000 pounds.

7. Scheuerle SMPT

Scheuerle SPMTImage Source: Scheuerle

Scheuerle SMPT is the world’s largest transporter that is also called by the name of the heavy duty transporter. SMPT is a vehicle with an array of wheels and you can also connect it with other SMPT. These are used for moving large objects such as oil rig equipment. It is best known to move an object of up to 16,000 tons. Scheuerle transports power plants, oil exploration plants and other platforms with safety. Due to its reliability and flexibility, Scheuerle SMPT is considered as the most powerful heavy duty transportation vehicle in the world.

6. Odyssey Launch Platform

Odyssey Launch PlatformImage Source: Wikimedia

Odyssey launch platform is a mobile spacecraft launch system built by a Japan based Sumitomo Heavy Industries. It was built in 1982 and it cost around $110 million to construct it. Odyssey is 436 feet long and 220 feet wide that has submerged capacity of 50,000 tons. It needs 68 people to operate it and all kinds of facilities are given to them. It was designed to produce 12,400 horsepower and withstand 190 km/h winds. It is equipped with a heated floor to keep workers warm in the chilling cold. Recently in 2013, it suffered a failure due to problems in the hydraulic pumps.

5. ABG Titan Road Paver

ABG Titan Road PaverImage Source: autoline

ABG Titan Road Paver is one of the world’s largest road making machines. It weighs 60,000 pounds and can make 19 inches thick and 52 feet wide paths in one single pass. It is more preferred than other paver because of its capabilities. It is mostly used for highway and airport runway. There are many ABG Titan Road Pavers and their specification varies according to their model.

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4. Overburden Conveyor Bridge

Overburden Conveyor BridgeImage Source: Wikimedia

Overburden Conveyor Bridge o F60 is a mega machine that is used in the brown coal mining fields in Germany. It was built by TAKRAF and ranked as the largest movable technical industrial machine in the world. It is 240 meters wide and 80 meters high. They can dig more than 50,000 tons every day. There are only five F60 were built and now used in five different places all over the world. It requires 27,000 kW of power to operate but its maximum operating speed is 0.8 km/h.

3. Prelude FLNG

Prelude FLNGImage Source: shell

Prelude FLNG is the world’s first floating natural gas container built by Samsung heavy industries and Technip. It was launched in December 2013 and around 12 billion was spent on this construction. It is 488 meters in length and was made with more than 260,000 tons of steel. It weighs 600,000 tons and has the capacity of 175 Olympic swimming pools. Prelude FLNG is powered by three 6700 horsepower engine and plays an important role in transporting natural gas to a mega construction place.

2. Bagger 293

Bagger 293Image Source: Wikimedia

Bagger 293 is a giant wheel excavator built by a German company, TAKRAF. It was built in 1995 and holds some Guinness World Records for the world’s biggest terrestrial vehicle. Bagger 293 is the bigger version of previous vehicles such as Bagger 288 and 291. It is 315 feet tall and 738 feet long and weighs 31 million pounds. It can hold up to 15 cubic meters of materials at a time and it requires five people to operate. It is used in a brown coal mine in Germany and can move 8.5 million cubic feet every day.

1. Jumbo Hopper Dredger

Jumbo Hopper Dredger - heavy machinesImage Source: maritimejournal

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Jumbo Hopper Dredger is very small as compared to above machines but it is used in the biggest engineering project in the world. Dredger is specially designed for the construction of Palm Islands. It is used to suck fine sand from the surface of the ocean and spreading over a new place to make a land. There are many man-made islands in the ocean and around 3.2 billion cubic feet of sand was used in the first Palm Island. Dredger is 203 meters in length and has a capacity of 32,000 cubic meters and it needs 45 people to operate it.

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