7 Of Hero Wars Best Team Combos You Should Go With

Hero Wars is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which you battle demons, goblins, trolls, warlocks, and other unearthly creatures with heroes of your own. Each hero has its unique capabilities, strengths, weakness, and skillsets.

You will unlock different heroes as you make progress. These heroes can be gradually upgraded and equipped with items that make them learn new skills.

Apart from the default Campaign mode, you can compete in PvP arena battles against players from around the world. More advanced players can enter the Grand arena where rare heroes and items can be found. Extras, including skin stone and unique artifacts, are found at Outland, Airland, and Merchant tabs.

Anyhow, the most important aspect of the game is to choose between heroes. An overview of the game’s mechanism, important factors you need to consider while choosing a team along with the best Hero Wars teams (tested) — You can find all these things below.

Roles, Types, And Ranks Of Heroes

Hero Wars GameplayHero Wars Gameplay

There are 53 playable characters or heroes in the game (as of June 2021). You start the game with a single hero (Galahad) and gain two more as you make through the first few chapters (missions) in the campaign mode. From there on, you can unlock new heroes by collecting their corresponding soul stones. Players can choose a maximum of five heroes during a battle.

By default, all heroes start from level 1 with the lowest stats. A hero needs to gain a certain amount of experience through campaigns and/or EXP potions to level up.

The individual strength of the heroes is gauged by three indicators displayed on their avatars. These are; the evolution rank (indicated by the number of stars at the bottom), the promotion rank (by the color and border pattern), and the overall level (located on top in numbers).

Evolution And Promotion Rank

A hero can increase its evolution rank by capturing hero soul stones during missions, and it can only be done five times. To trigger the evolution process after finding the necessary soul stones for each hero requires gold.

For each promotion, a hero needs to be equipped with certain required items. Like the soul stones, the items for rank promotion can be obtained from campaigns (albeit soul stones are rarer). More advanced items are made by combining multiple ones. Heroes gain two base points in all primary stats with every rank increase.

The promotion rank of a hero also determines its skill level. Most heroes have four different skills; white, green, blue, and violet. Except for the white skill, all other skill types can only be unlocked after achieving their corresponding promotion rank, i.e., Green promotion rank for green skill and so on.

Heroic ChestHeroic Chest where you can find rare heroes


Each hero has specific attributes assigned to them, including their role, main state, and attack type. The major roles in the game are Tank, Warrior, Healer, Mage, and Marksman. There are two additional roles of control and support.

For those who are not sure, control heroes somewhat control and slow down enemies from attacking, while support heroes enhance the attacks of your other heroes. Heroes can also have dual roles.

While individual roles and skills are critical factors to consider while choosing a team, it is also important for your team to have better coordination of synergy. We have compiled our list of the best Hero Wars teams that you must try.

The list is not in any particular order.

7. Krista, Lars, Nebula, Astaroth, And Martha: Best Twins Team

The synergy of the twins, Krista and Lars, is so good that multiple powerful teams can be built around them. Both have the ability to mark enemies, allowing their teammates to inflict more damage to those opponents. They can buff each other attacks for maximum damage.

Without question, Martha is a powerful healer, better than most in this role. However, Martha is only effective with her teapot; once destroyed, she is basically useless. For this very reason, many players like to use her alongside Jorgen, who can shield the most powerful AoE attacks.

The best thing about Astaroth is that it can fit into any team in any mode. Although Nebula is in dual role of a healer, she is more effective as a support dealing in physical damage.

6. Galahad, Jet, Jhu, Nebula, And Sebastian: For Maximum Damage Output

Galahad Hero WarsGalahad

This is one of your go-to teams when you want to eliminate the opponents as quickly as possible. Individually, these heroes have some of the highest damage per second output.

In Galahad, you have a tank that deals in pure damage. He is also one of the few heroes that can heal himself with vampirism ability. Sebastian is another hero that deals in pure damage. Nebula has good synergy with high damage dealing heroes, especially Jhu. Jet only heals heroes with the highest physical attack, which is perfect for the team.

5. Orion, Dorian, Helios, Nebula, Astaroth: Best Synergy

The trio of Orion, Dorian, and Helios (ODH) is one of the most devastating hero combinations in the game. You can put them together with other synergy teams to get an extremely effective and powerful team.

Helios deals in high magic damage but has almost no magic penetration; thus, it is always a good idea to pair him with someone with the highest magic penetration, such as Orion. Dorian’s fast healing and better protection from AoE damage make him an ideal healer.

Many players prefer Martha over Dorian in these types of setups due to her overall superior healing abilities. However, this strategy may backfire when up against enemies like Cleaver, who can disturb the positional synergy of teams.

A tank, like Astaroth, especially a buffed-up one, is also critical for this team due to its incredible armor and defense against magic. He can shield all members of the team from physical damage, increasing their survivability.

4. Satori, Thea, Jorgen, Maya, And Astaroth: Best Satori-Based Team

Heroes tabAll heroes tab

Satori is a great counter for some of the most powerful hero combinations in the game, including ODH, the Twins, and K’arkh based teams. Provided that you put him with an efficient group of heroes with good synergy, Satori can take out even the toughest of enemies with his Fox Fire marks and magic attacks/penetration.

You would want to pair up Satori with strong tanks and healers to back him up until he can use his ultimate skill. The supporting cast of Jorgen, Thea, Maya, and Astaroth is intended for just that. They provide more than enough support for Satori to reach his maximum damage output.

You can slightly modify this team by replacing Thea with Martha.

3. Dorian, Orion, Helios, Clever, And Peppy

The team of ODH + Cleaver and Peppy, also known as Cleappy, can be extremely effective against several widely used hero combinations in the game.

While your chances of getting Cleaver are very low (without paying), he could become a crucial part of your team(s) if you can get your hands on him.

Cleaver has the best synergy with Peppy. Whenever Clever uses its Putrefaction skill to deal in pure damage to the nearest enemies (including himself), it triggers Peppy’s Boldness skill to give you massive bonus damage. Peppy does well against mage teams.

2. Astaroth, K’arkh, Jorgen/Martha, Nebula, And Faceless: Best Against Advanced Teams

This setup allows you to beat more advanced and high-level teams with a decent success rate. Astaroth and Jorgen do an excellent job shielding other team members and slowing down opponent’s attacks, respectively, thus allowing K’arkh more time for high-damage ultimate attacks. The same goes for Nebula.

Faceless can disrupt the enemy team’s synergy and can be devesting with his Doppelganger skill (copying the last skills of other heroes). Faceless is far more effective when he copies K’arkh’s skill, but since K’arkh is a slow roller, Faceless often tends to copy Nebula.

When up against more advanced teams, especially those based on Satori, it is a good idea to swap Jorgen with a better healer like Martha.

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1. Andvari, Rufus, Keira, Dorian, And Martha Best Twins Team Counter

Rufus Hero WarsRufus

Rufus’ skill set makes him the ideal tank to use against any mage teams, including the Twins-based ones. In a few cases, you can just swap your team’s tank with Rufus, and you’re good to go.

As support, Andvari gives you certain advantages while facing the Twins. For instance, he can make himself and the allies behind him stay fixed to the ground so that they can not be dragged into Lars’ storm (white skill). Keira is your main damage dealer. Martha is a great healer and also enhances Keira’s first skill damage, while Dorian brings a good balance to the team.

Cornelius is also a viable option against Krista and Lars combo teams as he often kills lars with a single blow (white skill, targeting opponents with the highest intelligence). However, this only works against relatively low-level Twins. A higher level Krista with more intelligence can minimize the damage by about 80 percent with her Ice shield defense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Most Powerful Hero in Hero Wars?

Although some heroes are more powerful than others, the game doesn’t have any ultimate hero that you absolutely have to go for. Instead, heroes are classified as the best tank hero, best maze hero, best support/control, and best healer. You choose your lineups heroes based on a strategy to counter your opponents.

Who is the Best Tank In the Hero Wars?

Like other heroes types, the effectiveness of a tank depends on the composition of teams (both home team and opponent team) and the platform you’re playing in. Heroes including Astaroth, Rufus, Cleaver, and Galahad are usually considered the best tanks in the Hero Wars.

However, at higher levels, characters like Aurora, Chabba, and Ziri can be highly effective and fit into almost any team.

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Who is the Best Healer In the Hero Wars?

Martha, Celeste, Dorian, and Maya are considered the best healers in the game by far. Of course, each of them has weaknesses that you should be aware of. For instance, Martha will not be effective against teams that have heroes dealing in the area of effect damage. Celeste can be hard countered with Cornelius, while Dorian doesn’t do well against Jorgen and Celeste.

Maya is basically a mid-game healer with good pure damage output. But her unreliable healing abilities, especially against advanced opponents, prompt players to drop Maya for more powerful healers like Martha or Celeste.

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