8 Of Hero Wars Best Team Combos You Should Go With [In 2024]

Hero Wars is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which you battle demons, goblins, trolls, warlocks, and other unearthly creatures with heroes of your own. Each hero has its unique capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and skillsets.

You will unlock different heroes as you make progress. These heroes can be gradually upgraded and equipped with items that make them learn new skills.

Apart from the default Campaign mode, you can compete in PvP arena battles against players from around the world. More advanced players can enter the Grand Arena, where rare heroes and items can be found. Extras, including skin stones and unique artifacts, are found at the Outland, Airland, and Merchant tabs.

Anyhow, the most important aspect of the game is to choose between heroes. An overview of the game’s mechanism and important factors you need to consider while choosing a team, along with the best Hero Wars teams (tested) — You can find all these things below.

Roles, Types, And Ranks Of Heroes

Hero Wars gameplayHero Wars Gameplay

There are 61 playable characters or heroes in the browser version and 63 characters in the mobile version of the game. You start the game with a single hero (Galahad) and gain more as you make it through the first few chapters (missions) in the campaign mode.

From there on, you can unlock new heroes by collecting their corresponding soul stones. Players can choose a maximum of five heroes during a battle.

By default, all heroes start from level 1 with the lowest stats. A hero needs to gain a certain amount of experience through campaigns and/or EXP potions to level up.

The individual strength of the heroes is gauged by three indicators displayed on their avatars. These are the evolution rank (indicated by the number of stars at the bottom), the promotion rank (by the color and border pattern), and the overall level (located on top in numbers).

Evolution And Promotion Rank

A hero can increase his evolution rank by capturing hero soul stones during missions, and it can only be done five times. To trigger the evolution process after finding the necessary soul stones for each hero requires gold.

For each promotion, a hero needs to be equipped with certain required items. Like the soul stones, the items for rank promotion can be obtained from campaigns (albeit soul stones are rarer). More advanced items are made by combining multiple ones. Heroes gain two base points in all primary stats with every rank increase.

The promotion rank of a hero also determines his skill level. Most heroes have four different skills: white, green, blue, and violet. Except for the white skill, all other skill types can only be unlocked after achieving their corresponding promotion rank, i.e., Green promotion rank for green skill and so on.

Hero Wars campaign mapHero Wars Campaign map


Each hero has specific attributes assigned to them, including their role, main state, and attack type.

The major roles in the game are Tank, Warrior, Healer, Mage, and Marksman. There are two additional roles of control and support.

For those who are not sure, control heroes somewhat control and slow down enemies from attacking, while support heroes enhance the attacks of your other heroes. Heroes can also have dual roles.

While individual roles and skills are critical factors to consider while choosing a team, it is also important for your team to have better coordination of synergy. We have compiled our list of the best Hero Wars teams that you must try.

The list is not in any particular order.

8. Krista, Lars, Nebula, Astaroth, And Martha – Best Twins Team

The synergy of the twins, Krista and Lars, is so good that multiple powerful teams can be built around them. Both have the ability to mark enemies, allowing their teammates to inflict more damage on those opponents. They can buff each other attacks for maximum damage.

Without question, Martha is a powerful healer, better than most in this role. However, Martha is only effective with her teapot and is basically useless once it’s destroyed. For this very reason, many players like to use her alongside Jorgen, who can shield the most powerful AoE attacks.

The best thing about Astaroth is that it can fit into any team in any mode. Although Nebula is in the dual role of a healer, she is more effective as a support hero dealing physical damage.

7. Galahad, Jet, Jhu, Nebula, And Sebastian – For Maximum Damage Output


This is one of your go-to teams when you want to eliminate the opponents as quickly as possible. Individually, these heroes have some of the highest damage per second output.

In Galahad, you have a tank that deals in pure damage. He is also one of the few heroes who can heal himself with his vampirism ability. Sebastian is another hero who deals in pure damage.

Nebula has good synergy with high-damage-dealing heroes, especially Jhu. Jet only heals heroes with the highest physical attack, which is perfect for the team.

6. Orion, Dorian, Helios, Nebula, Astaroth – Best Synergy

The trio of Orion, Dorian, and Helios (ODH) is one of the most devastating hero combinations in the game. You can put them together with other synergy teams to get an extremely effective and powerful team.

Helios deals in high magic damage but has almost no magic penetration; thus, it is always a good idea to pair him with someone with the highest magic penetration, such as Orion. Dorian’s fast healing and better protection from AoE damage make him an ideal healer.

Many players prefer Martha over Dorian in these types of setups due to her overall superior healing abilities. However, this strategy may backfire when up against enemies like Cleaver, who can disturb the positional synergy of teams.

A tank like Astaroth, especially a buffed-up one, is also critical for this team due to its incredible armor and defense against magic. He can shield all members of the team from physical damage, increasing their survivability.

5. Satori, Thea, Jorgen, Maya, And Astaroth – Best Satori-Based Team

AstarothAll heroes tab

Satori is a great counter for some of the most powerful hero combinations in the game, including ODH, the Twins, and K’arkh-based teams. If you put him with an efficient group of heroes with good synergy, Satori can take out even the toughest enemies with his Fox Fire marks and magic attacks/penetration.

You would want to pair up Satori with strong tanks and healers to back him up until he can use his ultimate skill. The supporting cast of Jorgen, Thea, Maya, and Astaroth is intended for just that. They provide more than enough support for Satori to reach his maximum damage output.

You can slightly modify this team by replacing Thea with Martha.

4. Dorian, Orion, Helios, Clever, And Peppy

The team of ODH + Cleaver and Peppy, also known as Cleappy, can be extremely effective against several widely used hero combinations in the game.

While your chances of getting Cleaver are very low (without paying), he could become a crucial part of your team(s) if you can get your hands on him.

Cleaver has the best synergy with Peppy. Whenever Clever uses its Putrefaction skill to deal in pure damage to the nearest enemies (including himself), Peppy’s Boldness skill triggers to give you massive bonus damage. Peppy does well against mage teams.

3. Astaroth, K’arkh, Jorgen/Martha, Nebula, And Faceless – Best Against Advanced Teams

This setup allows you to beat more advanced and high-level teams with a decent success rate. Astaroth and Jorgen do an excellent job shielding other team members and slowing down the opponent’s attacks, respectively, thus allowing K’arkh more time for high-damage ultimate attacks. The same goes for Nebula.

Faceless can disrupt the enemy team’s synergy and can be devastating with his Doppelganger skill (copying the last abilities of other heroes). Faceless is far more effective when he copies K’arkh’s skill, but since K’arkh is a slow roller, Faceless often tends to copy Nebula.

When up against more advanced teams, especially those based on Satori, it is usually a good idea to swap Jorgen with a better healer like Martha.

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2. Andvari, Rufus, Keira, Dorian, And Martha – Best Twins Team Counter

Rufus Hero WarsRufus

Rufus’s skill set makes him the ideal tank against any mage team, including the Twins-based ones. In many cases, you can just swap your team’s tank with Rufus, and you’re good to go.

As support, Andvari gives you certain advantages while facing the Twins. For instance, he can make himself and the allies behind him stay fixed to the ground so that they can not be dragged into Lars’ storm (white skill).

Keira is your main damage dealer. Martha is a great healer and also enhances Keira’s first skill damage, while Dorian brings a good balance to the team.

Cornelius is also a viable option against Krista and Lars combo teams, as he often kills Lars with a single blow (white skill, targeting opponents with the highest intelligence). However, this only works against relatively low-level Twins. With more intelligence and a higher level, Krista can minimize the damage by about 80 percent with her Ice shield defense.

1. Fafnir, Artemis, Tristan, Luther, And Asteroth – New Meta Team

The team of Tristan, Artemis, and Fafnir (TAF) plus two tanks, likely Luther and Cleaver/Astaroth, is one of the most effective team comps in Hero Wars. It is one of the best meta teams right now.

Tristan is most effective against mage opponents with high magic penetration as he quickly burns their energy with his skill. Both Fafnir and Artemis take advantage of Tristan’s armor penetration to deal bonus damages to opponents. All three of them are from the Honor faction.

Luther is a popular choice for the first of the two tanks in the team. For the second tank, you can work with either Astaroth or Cleaver. Astaroth is a more versatile tank, but Luther and Cleaver combo can be more dangerous.

Hero Wars Pets

In the game, pets are valuable companions to your heroes and teams. They support your heroes during battles and can be distinguished based on roles and attack type.

There are a total of ten such pets (so far), each with unique buff skills that can boost certain stats of your heroes. For example, Merlin, one of the eight pets, only boosts the stats of heroes that deal magic damage.

Pets are unlocked after you reach Team Level 40 and can be accessed or summoned in ‘Sanctuary’ in Web and Facebook versions. Pets are not available in the mobile version.

After a pet is summoned, you can either assign it to a team of heroes to support it during battles or make it a patron to a specific hero. Through the patronage option, you can buff the stats of a particular hero and grant them additional skills. Of course, you can change the hero any of your pets is patron to any time.

As with heroes, pets also follow the promotion rank mechanism. Each pet has three skills – White, Green, and Violet. The latter two skills are unlocked after promotions, which are achieved through gathering necessary items from Adventures (same for heroes) and Pet Soul Stone Shop. Moreover, a pet can be assigned patronage only after it reaches violet rank.

Despite just ten pets, which is considerably less than the total number of heroes in the game, choosing the best pet for your team and heroes can be quite confusing.

Furthermore, it is ideal to prioritize your pet, at least during the early to mid-stages, since they are quite expensive and take a considerable amount of time to level up.

To minimize your efforts in choosing which pet you should prioritize that suits your team composition and playing style the best, we have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of all eight pets.

We have also mentioned their patronage skill, a passive skill unlocked after reaching violet rank.

Axel – Top priority pet

Axel pet

Axel is usually considered the most powerful pet you can have in the game. As a support healer, Axel uses a shield that distributes physical and magical damage to all the heroes in a team relative to their health (White skill).

It makes sure that any single hero doesn’t get heavy damage and then dies quickly. Axel protects its patron hero from enemy attacks by limiting single attack damage to 40 percent.

Albus – Priority pet 

Albus is the only pet that directly boosts pure damage-dealing heroes. He targets enemies with the highest health. Albus’ pure damage attacks are effective even against dodge heroes such as Yasmine. Due to its abilities, Albus can be paired with any pure damage-dealing hero.

Oliver – Priority pet

There are a few good reasons why you should prioritize level Oliver first. Not only is Oliver a good healer and shield against physical damage, but it also provides an impressive health buff to its patron hero.

Merlin – For Mage Heroes/Teams

Merlin works wonders with powerful mage heroes, be it Celeste, Orion, or the Twins. With its basic white skill, Merlin deals magic damage to frontline enemies and creates a distortion zone. It also lowers the magic defense of nearest enemies.


Cain improves the dodging abilities of heroes. It deals in physical damage to the nearest enemy using charges, which it gradually accumulates every time a hero successfully dodges an enemy attack. Axel’s passive skill increases dodge for your entire team. While Cain is not as popular as Albus or Axel, it can be used effectively with certain heroes and teams, such as Aurora and dodge teams.


Mara deals in magic damage and boosts control heroes. Mara increases the duration of stun, charm, and control effects on enemies inflicted by its patron hero. While you can use Mara with your Twins-based teams due to its abilities, there are other better options.


Fenris is a popular pet due to its aesthetics and abilities. More importantly, it is the best pet to counter physical teams. Fenris can blind enemies, that will effectively stop any physical attacks by enemies. It can be patroned to high-damage dealers, such as K’arkh, but can also be teamed up with tanks.


Biscuit slows down the healing of enemy heroes. One can argue that Biscuit is the least powerful pet, especially when it can only reduce all healing received by the enemy by just 30 percent.


Vex is a support pet that boosts damage-dealing output for Marksman heroes.

His White skill deals physical damage to opponents while also lowering their armor for 5 seconds. Vex’s Green skill attacks opponent with the lowest health and force them to take 51 damage from a basic attack. 


Khorus is one of the newest additions to the list of pets in the game. He protects heroes from control effects and can be patroned to Mages and Healer units.

Khorus’ White skill deals damage over time to enemies that apply most control effects in the battle. His Green skill allows heroes to block control effects.

He is a good late-to-end-game pet, so investing in him in early on will not help you as much as the other pets on this list.

Elemental Cradle And Hydra Teams [For Mobile Only]

Elemental Cradle

After your team reaches level 35, you can unlock the Elemental Cradle in your guild. Here, you battle against hydra(s) – a six-headed beast. There are five levels of hydra: Common, Elder, Ancient, Dreadful, and Legendary Hydra.

Each head of a hydra has unique powers, which means you need a different attack strategy for every head. Below is a list of teams for every (Legendary) hydra head.

Best Darkness Team  
1st Team 2nd Team
  • Alvanor – Support/Mage
  • Faceless – Mage/Control
  • Jhu – Marksman
  • Jorgen – Control/Support
  • Mojo – Mage/Support
  • Galahad – Tank
  • Artemis – Marksman
  • Dorian – Healer/Support
  • Fafnir – Support
  • Tristan – Warrior
Best Water Team  
1st Team 2nd Team
  • Celeste – Healer
  • Jhu – Marksman
  • Markus – Healer/Support
  • Maya – Mage/Healer
  • Mojo – Mage/Support
  • Astaroth – Tank/Support
  • Dorian – Healer/Support
  • Daredevil – Marksman
  • Elmir – Warrior/Marksman 
  • Sebastian – Support
Best Earth Team  
1st Team 2nd Team
  • Celeste – Healer
  • Martha – Support/Tank
  • Mojo – Mage/Support
  • Orion – Mage
  • Jhu – Marksman
  • Artemis – Marksman
  • Cleaver – Tank
  • Dorian – Healer/Support
  • Fafnir – Support
  • Tristan – Warrior
Best Light Team  
1st Team 2nd Team
  • Celeste – Healer/Support
  • Martha – Support/Tank
  • Phobos – Control/Mage
  • Mojo – Mage/Support
  • Mushy and Shroom – Tank
  • Corvus – Tank
  • Celeste – Mage/Healer
  • Faceless – Mage/Control
  • Phobis – Control/Mage
  • Iris – Mage
Best Wind Team  
1st Team 2nd Team
  • Martha – Support/Tank
  • Mojo – Mage/Support
  • Jhu – Mage/Support
  • Maya – Mage/Healer
  • Marcus – Healer/Support
  • Aidan – Support
  • Martha – Support/Tank
  • Faceless – Mage/Control
  • Xe’Sha – Mage/Support
  • Mushy and Shroom – Tank
Best Fire Team  
1st Team 2nd Team
  • Alvanor – Support/Mage
  • Daredevil – Marksman
  • Elmir – Warrior/Marksman
  • Thea – Healer
  • Jhu – Marksman
  • Artemis – Marksman
  • Dorian – Healer/Support
  • Galahad – Tank
  • Fafnir – Support/Control
  • Tristan – Warrior

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Most Powerful Hero in Hero Wars?

Although some heroes are more powerful, the game doesn’t have any ultimate hero you absolutely have to go for. Instead, heroes are classified as the best tank hero, best maze hero, best support/control, and best healer. You choose your lineup heroes based on a strategy to counter your opponents.

Who is the Best Tank In the Hero Wars?

Like other hero types, the effectiveness of a tank depends on the composition of teams (both home team and opponent team) and the platform you’re playing in. Heroes, including Astaroth, Rufus, Cleaver, and Galahad, are usually considered the best tanks in the Hero Wars.

However, characters like Aurora, Chabba, and Ziri can be highly effective at higher levels and fit into almost any team.

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Who is the Best Healer In the Hero Wars?

Martha, Celeste, Dorian, and Maya are considered the best healers in the game by far. Of course, each of them has weaknesses that you should be aware of. For instance, Martha will not be effective against teams that have heroes dealing in the area of effect damage. Celeste can be hard-countered with Cornelius, while Dorian doesn’t do well against Jorgen and Celeste.

Maya is, basically, a mid-game healer with good pure damage output. But her unreliable healing abilities, especially against advanced opponents, prompt players to drop Maya for more powerful healers like Martha or Celeste.

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  • Thanks!!! for the tips.. I have ben confused how to make a better team… After reading your post Im clear to make a team in Hero Wars …. Thanks for your information…. Thank you So much!!!!!!.

  • Although the update is stated July 21. This is old even though still valid. No mention of Isaac who is a powerful hero and counter to magic. No mention of Corvus combo with Morrigan who is one the most powerful in the game nowaddays…

  • douglas jones says:

    You have created a wonderful tool. I just made cheat sheets from some of your information to keep at my side during team building. Thank you.

  • There is Krista, Lars, Nebula, Astaroth, And Martha: Best Twins Team, nut I’m wondering about Krista, Lars, Sebastian, Astaroth, Celeste. Also it would be good to write that this is on mobile or web version, there is nothing about pets

    • I looked at the top 7 teams on my web game and the top 7 on my FB game. Only 1 of them has 1 of the above listed best ranked teams, the best against advanced teams with Martha instead of Jorgen. None of the others had more than 3 common heros. None of them even had an ODH or twins team. The 1 that has Cleaver does not have Peppy. When I looked for synergy, I looked for pairs that boost each other and came up with a Sebastian critical hit team and only one team paired Sebastian with Yasmine. I also came up with a Morrigan undead team and one team paired Morrigan with Corvus and Phobos, but instead of Keira they had Dante and Isaac. Two teams ranked #2, #3 had Rufus, Andvari, Nebula, and Lian. Their #5 heros were Jet and Helios. The most common heros among those 14 teams were Sebastian (7), Dante (6), Celeste and Nebula (5), Martha, Isaac, and Helios (4), and Astaroth, Rufus, and Lian (3). I would think that is proof of real top tier heros. Only one team had paired 5 of them, Sebastian, Dante, Martha, Isaac, and Astaroth. Regarding pets, 11 of the 14 have Axel. Merlin, Oliver, and Albus each appeared once.

    • This list is web and is more for the early stages of the game. If you want a good twins team aurora Lars krista Celeste nebula cain(patronage on aurora) is probably the best you can have. A nebula powered Celeste will destroy squishy front liners like satori Keira karkh etc

  • My hero’s that are my go to are: Thea, Arachne, Artemis, Galahad, and Elmir. My power level with them is 15138.

    • Mine are: Astaroth, Peppy, Faceless, Qing Mao and Martha. They have 27645 power.

      • I have Celeste, Yasmine, Iris, Jorgen, and Judge = 47234

        • lol.

          Corvus, Morrigan, Yasmine, Celeste, Helios/Iris with Albus on the team

          Power: 578.391

  • Syberdie (Ethan) says:

    Imagine putting Galahad and Astaroth with the rest of the team healers, you get a heal-hit combination.

    • That would be really bad because Galahad does only so much damage also never put more then one tank on a team and the only time you need more than one healer is if it’s Celeste+ another healer on a magic based team

    • That team would be crushed by a properly built team.

      Tanks don’t do enough damage, and when you have worn down and killed the tanks, the healers are a walk.

  • My team is corvus, galahad, yasmine, elmir, dorian and albus= 127k damage.

    • YOO you need phobos, and morrigan for your team /faceless and keira (for mobile),

    • I’d lose Galahad and Elmir,
      I level up Morrigan and a mage or support

      Sebastian, Jorgen, Iris, Maya, Isaac, Faceless, Jet or Phobos.

      I don’t think you need two tanks, and personally I find Elmir ineffective because of his run to the back line mechanic (but I have not really invested in him yet)

      I use Corvus, Morrigan, Yasmine, Celeste, and Helios to primarily fight Yasmine teams, and I can often defeat OP teams sometimes up to 100k more in power than mine.

      • Corvus Morrigan Dante Heidi Jet Axel 1 mln power after one year

  • باربری says:

    Corvus, Danteh, Morigan, Jorgen, Phobos

  • There are no dodge teams… WTF? How did you leave out Aurora, by far one of the best tanks in the whole game, nearly indestructible assuming you invest in her hard enough… Dodge+Rainbow Halo=indestructible. SERIOUSLY PPL HOW?

    • Thank you for this insight . I have her pretty amped but not her dodge or rainbow as much. I’ll try your suggestion. Thx.

    • I agree aurora is the best tank in the game. This person most likely created this for beginners as aurora is super squishy if you don’t level her properly or doesn’t have that much expirence

  • I have a team of galahad, astaroth, yasmine, thea and jorgen. What do you think?

    • I would lose Galahad and add another warrior or high DPS mage. I don’t think you need two tanks, and Asty is generally considered a superior tank unless fighting a Morrigan team. (I eat Asteroth teams up) That being said you should lead with your most powerful tank, if it is Galahad, than use him.

  • I’m thinking about a dorian, arasoth, lars, krista, yasmine for the bosted vampirism of dorians violet ability

  • MeanMrMundy says:

    Is it worthwhile to combine Astaroth with Galahad on the same team? Galahad and Jasmine are my power players and have Maya as my #3. I currently have Ginger as my #4 but was told that it is a waste to have her alongside Jasmine. So I have been bringing Astaroth back to replace Ginger. But I have also read that it is a mistake to have to tanks. I appreciate your help. Thanks!

    • The Sicilian says:

      for that team, yes 2 tanks are a total waste. throw in dorian, or qing mao for ginger, and another crit hit dmg dealer like kharth or jhu, or if you have sebastian buffed out hes supposed to be good for Yasmin team, but I find mine useless, but hes not that buffed out. but def dump ginger and gala-has-been-lol.

      • Karkh is not a crit hit damage hero. He is a high DPS warrior who does physical damage. Not remotely like Yasmine who does physical + pure damage (poison) Sebastian will enhance the crit hit damage of Yas, and will also debuff incoming AoE attacks or spells, but you need to have your Yasmine buffed on Crit Hit glyph, and you need Sebastian buffed up. I don’t see any of the heroes being super useful unless the power levels are pretty equal between them, dropping in a crap Sebastian on your war team won’t help it, strengths need to be somewhat comparable. and you should focus resources on enhancing the pieces you want to leverage. Focus on building one team, not spreading your efforts on 20 different heroes. The game is about resource management above all else. Focus your efforts, and you can be successful with a single team until you start getting into Grand Arena and Asgard which are both fairly high level activities.

  • The Sicilian says:

    Is this “guide” for mobile OR web version. Yes theyre different people, why? just to confuse everyone and $ of course

    • This Article is for web/facebook. Hero Wars / Hero Wars Mobile is usually how they are differentiated. They are completely different games, but you CAN play Hero Wars on your phone, it just s*cks. LOL There are no pets for HWM.

  • I am rolling with a team of Ginger, Daredevil, Keira, Qing Mao and Yasmine, very low health, but very high firepower.

    • You need a tank I think. I think this team would be easy. Put Helios in to counter Yas, and that knocks 1/2 of the front line off as soon as she ultimates, If you lose dare devil and put in a nicely buffed tank, you can extend your usable lifetime on that team and might be able to win more. It’s a definite philosophy of building a team, but I don’t see ANY teams like this in the top 100 of the arena, and I fight in there every day. Every team has a tank.

  • bruh you are all trash. I have Celeste, Elmer, Dante, Chabba, Helios and Albus for 317,505

  • Although some heroes are more powerful, the game doesn’t have any ultimate hero you absolutely have to go for…
    Really? So far absolute winner is Dante.