10+ Highest Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

Which one is Highest paying Ad Network ?

If you are a Webmaster or a blogger, you definitely have heard about Google Adsense. It is highest paying ad Network in internet market. But it is not easy to just write a blog and grab Adsense in a few minutes. Adsense is too strict in the internet marketing business. They only deal with best websites or blogs.

By any reason, if you got banned by Adsense, don’t worry about it. There are many other options available in the market. I am writing this one to help you to choose the best Alternative. First of all how would you decide which one is best? Obviously, one who pay higher. According to their payment, I have listed some of the network company below Highest Paying Google Adsense Alternatives. Actually, I used/tried most of them in my previous blogs. So, it is based on my own experience.

Note: We haven’t included any dedicated affiliate marketing program. 

11. Adengage


  • Method of getting approval: Easy
  • Payment options: Check: Paypal, Check, Wire transfer
  • Minimum payout: $50

Adengage sell direct ads and provides 100% fill rate through which publisher can earn up to 100% of net sales. It also supports responsive ads, i.e. ad size will be changed according to the user’s screen resolution. All you need to do is install a single piece of code.

10. Skimlinks


  • Method of getting approval: Very Easy
  • Payment options: Check: Paypal
  • Minimum payout: $10

Skimlinks is known as a good Adsense alternative. You may get approved in your very first trial. This may take 3 to 4 days. Their tag line is “Unlock the cash in your content” and they do it well. They automatically convert your text into an affiliate link.

9. AdSide


  • Method of getting approval: Medium
  • Payment options: Check
  • Minimum payout: $50

AdSide looks very much similar to Google Adsense. You may not get approved in your first trial. But if you get it once, this will pay you much better than others especially, if majority of your traffic comes from USA, Canada and UK. Types of ads provided by this network are

  • Intext
  • Mobile
  • Inmage/Invideo
  • Pop-unders
  • Interstitial

8. Kontera


  • Method of getting approval: Easy
  • Payment options: Paypal, Wire, Check
  • Minimum payout: $50

It is similar to Infolinks (you will see later in this article). It is intext ad network i.e. it automatically converts your text into ads. You can get approved even with low amount of traffic. Best of luck for Kontera, if you are applying.

7. Clicksor


  • Method of getting approval: Very Easy
  • Payment options: Paypal, Check, Wire
  • Minimum payout: $50

If your blog is too new, go for it, as I said, getting approval is too easy for Clicksor. Payment is not high as compared to others, but if you are receiving a lot of visitors from Canada and USA you can make very good use of this network. Types of ads provided by this network:

  • Inline Text Links
  • Text Banners
  • Graphical Banner
  • Pop-Unders
  • Interstitial Ads

6. Buy Sell Ads

buy sell ads

  • Method of getting approval: Medium
  • Payment options: Paypal, Check
  • Minimum payout: $50

Buy Sell Ads is one of the great Adsense alternatives. Here you can sell your ad space and you get 75% commission if one of your ad spot gets sold. It has a great feature that helps you to monetize your blog. They offer monetization options

  • App monetization
  • Email monetization
  • RSS monetization
  • Mobile web
  • Tweets monetization

5. iSocket


  • Method of getting approval: Difficult
  • Payment options: Paypal, Check, Wire
  • Minimum payout: $100

iSocket is very much similar to Buy Sell Ads. But getting approved is not easy in this case. I recommend you don’t apply for this if your blog is not getting 100,000 unique visitors every month. Moreover, if your blog has too many visitors then you can make huge money from this network.

4. BidAdvertiser


  • Method of getting approval: Medium
  • Payment options: Paypal
  • Minimum payout: $10

BidAdvertiser gives amount according to pay per click and ad views on your site criteria. It has one advantage i.e. if you got any referral through your ads, you also get paid around for this. Of course they pay you a huge amount if you can make a new customer for them.

3. Chitika


  • Method of getting approval: Very Easy
  • Payment options: Check, Paypal
  • Minimum payout: $10

Chitika has very low payout. So you don’t have to wait years or months to get your payment. Ads provided by this network are highly customizable i.e. it totally depends on you which kind of ad you wanna see on your blog

2. Infolinks


  • Method of getting approval: Easy
  • Payment options: Paypal, eCheck, Wire
  • Minimum payout: $50

You must have heard about it. Infolinks is the most popular ad network and used by almost every 3rd blogger. It pays you for ads shows on your website as well as for click on those ads. If you are not getting clicks on your ads, you still get paid. It provides 4 different kinds of ads

  • Intext
  • Search Graph
  • Targeted ads
  • Frame Ads

1. Media.net

best google alternate

  • Method of getting approval: Difficult
  • Payment options: Paypal, Wire
  • Minimum payout: $100

It is the combination of Yahoo and bing advertising network. Actually this is least known but it is at the top if we talk about payment per click/impressions. It also supports 24*7 online help system. You get paid for every click on ads visible on your website or blog. But for getting this your blog/website must contain a decent amount of traffic. Ads provided by this network:

  • Content ads
  • Search targeting
  • Mobile ads

If you don’t agree with me or have any other network in your mind (better than these) feel free to Comment below and let us know about your blog.

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  • Bue sell ads and media net are two of the best alternetives for adsense banned sites. But getting approved formthese networks is relly hard. Infolinks is the easiest amongst all these network to get approved but the return pay out of this network is like a HELL.