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Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies on hacking

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In the computer security world, a hacker is a person who access to the computer networks legally or illegally. All the hackers are called by several names and majorly categorized as hackers and crackers. After controversies, hacker is able to get the name of computer programmers and all computer criminals are called crackers. Crackers are further divided into several subgroups.

Hacking is an art for some people, for some it’s a profit while others do it for enjoyment. Most of the hackers never show their personal details but some of them are known by a community. For some people, hacking means to hack an email account and many others know it as social engineering. The following list features some of the best Hollywood hacking movies which are good enough to inspire and motivate you for hacking. This list doesn’t depend on any criteria but you are free to share and recommend your best hacking movies.

10. Untraceable (2008)

untraceable-poster-2Photo credit: Plotmistress

Untraceable is an American thriller film which features beautiful Diane Lane and Colin Hanks. The film involves a serial killer who kills his victims according to the total hits received by a website, KillWithMe.com. Within a few days, millions of people visit the website and see the live streaming of the victim’s death. At last, Diane Lane ended the movie with finding the killer.

9. The Italian Job (2003)

The Italian Job (2003)Photo credit: Flixster

The Italian Job is a popular heist film which stars Mark Wahlberg , Charlize Theron and Jason Statham. It is a remake of the 1969 British film of the same name. The film sets around a team of thieves who plan to steal worth of $35 million in Italy. One of their team members tries to take all gold and eliminate other members. The film received quite positive reviews from critics.

8. Takedown (2000)


Takedown, also known as Track Down is a film about Kevin Mitnick, a hacker. It was released in 2000 and based on the book Takedown written by John Markoff and Tsutomu Shimomura. Now Kevin Mitnick is a computer security consultant in the United States and runs a company named Mitnick Security Consulting LLC that checks a company’s security level. At one time, he was also the most wanted computer criminal in the United States.

7. Live free or Die Hard (2007)

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)Photo credit: Allinmega

Live free or Die Hard or Die Hard 4.0 is an American action film features Bruce Wills. The film began due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the title was changed several times. The villain in the film plans to steal the confidential data include including all financial records. He also plans serious attacks to threaten the city. This movie is more about Bruce Wills action and it received very good reviews.

6. Tron (1982)

Tron (1982)Photo credit: Photosarts

Tron is an American science fiction film released by Walt Disney Production in 1982. The film features a software programmer who travels through the software world of a mainframe computer. He finds his father there and starts a journey through a cyber-universe that has become more dangerous. At that time, the story of the film was new so it received very good reviews from all critics.

5. James Bond – GoldenEye (1995)

James Bond - GoldenEye (1995)Photo credit: TMDB

GoldenEye is one of the most popular and successful spy films in the James Bond series. The film was based on the cold war in the Soviet Union. The story revolves around a deadly satellite weapon system which taken by wrong people and only Bond can save the world. While he was busy in action, Simovova (Bond Girl) programs the satellite to initiate re-entry and destroy itself.

4. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

Pirates of the Silicon Valley movie for entrepreneur Photo credit: reddit

The Pirates of the Silicon Valley is a film about the success of Microsoft and Apple Company. The story is based on the real competition between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in their early days in the business. The story holds some motivation, valuable information and points to be learned from this movie. This film doesn’t actually depend on hacking, but these two companies revolutionized the way of using computers and computer is the basic of hacking.

3. The Matrix Series (1999)

The Matrix Series (1999)Photo credit: Michaelabayomi

The Matrix Series is an American science fiction and action thriller film series. The film sets in a future where the reality is actually a simulated reality which is known by Matrix where the world is controlled by machines and killing humans. A programmer, Neo understands the reality behind this and starts rebellion against the machines. This is a great and unique movie to watch about programming world.

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2. Hackers (1995)

Hackers (1995)Photo credit: Hooniverse

Hackers is a cyber-thriller film released in 1995. The film stars Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie. It is based on a cyber war between Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller. If you are curious to know about social engineering skills then you must watch this film. The film got very good reviews because it was made at that time when most of the people don’t know about the internet.

1. The net (1995)

The net (1995) - Hollywood Movies on hackingPhoto credit: Calwatchdog

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The net is a cyber action and thriller film featuring Sandra Bullock, Dennis Miller and Jeremy Northam. The film is based on Angela who has a low profile life. Identity theft is a common and an old cyber crime in the world of hacking. Her identity is erased and given a new identity with criminal records. This film shows her struggle to get back her original identity.

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