How to Prevent Google Adsense Account from Invalid Click Bombing

Are you afraid of losing Google Adsense account due to some foolish activity done by others? We also went through this situation and now we are sharing how you can protect your revenue source.

protect google adsense from invalid click bombing activity

What is Click Bombing?

Click bombing is the process of clicking on your ads more than normal rate. For example, if any visitor clicks on your ads 10-100 times with intent to ban your account, this will be called click bombing.
The average Page CTR is 1-3%, i.e on 100 page views 2-3 or even 5 clicks are normal. But if the same CTR rate increases to 15, there is something wrong going on with your website. It’s good if you analyze your page views and clicks on ads on a daily basis.

Why people do this?

some men just want to watch the world burn

  • In most cases the culprit is no one else except your own friend.
  • It’s a human nature; we always get jealous if our competitor is doing a great job.
  • There are some people who want to destroy your earning for no reason

What if you detect click bombing on your account?

Google says report them about any such activity. But in my opinion, this is not gonna help you much. You can’t do anything once your account is blocked by their algorithm. I have read many blogs claiming that their account got banned and they lost thousands of dollars due to this. Don’t just depend on reporting Google or blocking website for specific IP address.

So, what’s the best solution?
What if your ads get disable automatically if someone clicks more than the limit? Isn’t this a nice solution? Moreover, your ads will be disabled for only those malicious users. i.e
If you click on my ads more than a limit = No ads for you for the next n days.
This seems the best solution for a website having less than million visitors per month.    

How to do this?

If you are running a website on CMS such as WordPress that job is too easy for you. Just install a plugin named Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring.
All you have to do is add div container before every Adsense javascript code like this:
<div class=’cfmonitor’> ADSENSE CODE HERE </div>

Note: This is not against the Google terms of service since you are not altering their code. You can use it for other advertising networks too.

clickfraud monitoring

Tip: To be safe, Set click limit up to 3 for 2 days. 

The plugin also displays the number of blocked users along with their number of clicks on your ads.

blocked users

Bottom Line

It’s pretty obvious that Google doesn’t want to do business with low quality and fake sites. They take invalid click activity seriously and you will be banned if your website gets caught by their algorithm for doing so. No matter, it’s your mistake or not. Clicks on ads must result from genuine user interest.
We know Google already uses more than just blocking user IP. But to be on safe site, Click Fraud Monitoring is the best option available till now to protect your account.

If you have a better solution or any past experience regarding invalid clicks, you can share with us.

Update: The plugin is no more distributed for free. You need to pay 29 Euro for 1 website.

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