How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool for high Ranking

Most of the webmaster writes unique quality content, follow all SEO strategy but they still couldn’t able to get expected traffic.

how-to-use-google-keywordWhy am I getting such a low traffic?
Why my website post/pages are not on the first page of search engine?
Am I doing something wrong?

The simple answer is you are not targeting specific keyword user looking for on search engines. Or you are using keywords in the title and description for which you can’t rank high.

So, what’s the solution?
How can I find a particular keyword to get on top?

The first thing is to select a good keyword research tool that provides effective and reliable data

We highly recommend you to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. If you don’t know how to use this, Read below:

Step 1

Sign into Google Adwords

Step 2

keyword planner

Navigate to Keyword Planner under the Tools section

Step 3

Go to search for new keyword and ad group ideas

Step 4

adword tool keyword searching process

Enter your keyword and click the box Get ideas. Whenever you enter a keyword in the box, it displays Average monthly searches, Competition, Suggestion bid and Ad impression share under keyword ideas section.

Step 5

Find best keyword for your article


Your First aim is to get traffic that why the first priority should be
= High Monthly Searches+Low Competition
If you want to target the keyword for which you can earn more, go for
= High Monthly Searches+Low Competition+High Suggestion Bid

If your site is old or ranked high, you can go for Medium or High Competition keywords. 

Step 6

filter result

To save your precious time you can filter the result using keyword filter (on left sidebar) by just entering the number of monthly searches/suggestion bid /competition level.

How to set left sidebar options to get the best results:

  • Select all locations and language
  • Make sure you have clicked on the button-Google and search partners
  • Show adult ideas (only if you want)

Let’s take these screenshots as an example, suppose you are writing content about reducing weight and you chose Title “How to reduce weight“. As you can see there are other few keywords with a decent amount of searches that aren’t competitive. Using these keyword (i.e “best exercise to lose weight” or “how to lose fat”) will generate more fruitful results as there are higher chances to get indexed on the first page.

Step 7


Now you can use the selected keywords in

  • Title
  • SEO -keyword, title and meta description box
  • Inside content
  • H1 or H2 heading
  • Post URL
  • Image name and alt text

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[box type=”warning” ]Once again we are reminding you Never use Keyword stuffing, Over-optimizing and any other Black hat SEO technique. You will be penalized or permanently banned from search engines for doing so. [/box]

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