20 Best HTML Cheat Sheet Of 2022 | With All New HTML5 Tags

How many of you have googled

  • How to use HTML form?
  • How to alignment for cells within the row?
  • New HTML5 input tag attributes.
  • Attributes for text area tags.

or something similar? No doubt, all of us have done this, and fifteen minutes later ended up staring at 20 new tabs, forgetting what got you here in the first place?

Remembering each HTML component is very hard, and even if you have learned all of them, they won’t strike at the right time, especially if you’re beginner.

Why not use cheat sheet instead of falling down into Google-search blackhole. You’ll be saving your precious time and learning new things. We present you some of the most useful HTML cheat sheets for both beginners and experts.

20. HTML5 New Tags

Format: PNG and PDF

This is a small cheat sheet containing the information about the new tags as well as non-supported tags.

19. Periodic Table of HTML5 Elements

Format: OnlineWebpage

The table shows all valid elements in HTML5 specification. They are colored and grouped according to content-model (type of element). The red color signifies that the item has complex requirements.

18. HTML Semantics Cheat Sheet

Format: OnlineWebpage

Get all necessary HTML elements, including lists, text, images and media, data and code, tags, links and much more, in a single page.

17. Cheat Sheet by SkillCrush

Format: PDF

If you have just started writing HTML, you might be facing difficulties like whether some elements need opening and closing tags, which one has self-closing tags or what’s the correct abbreviation for some particular tag. This is the smallest and simplest cheat sheet that will help you out.

16. HTML5 Cheat Sheet

Format: PDF and PNG

A brief cheat sheet containing tons of HTML5 tags and their meaning.

15. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Format: OnlineWebpage

It’s a complete guide of HTML codes that you can copy and paste for use on your website. Here you’ll learn about text formatting, images, links, lists, backgrounds and special HTML characters.

14. Cheat Sheet Infographics

Format: PDF and JPG

A long and detailed cheat sheet in the form of infographics – It contains selected attributes and tags, canvas elements, table formatting, SEO, objects and iframes, and much more.

13. HTML & XHTML Tag Quick Reference

Format:  PDF

This is a small reference note of commonly used HTML and XHTML tags, such as table, horizontal rules, text, and details regarding the proper use of XHTML is listed at the end of the document.

12. HTML5 Element Flowchart

Format:  PDF

A flowchart sectioning HTML5 elements. It will help you better understand where to put opening and closing tags.

11. HTML and CSS Infographics

Format:  PNG

The infographics contains (brought to you by BlueHost) things you need to know about HTML and CSS to modify certain elements faster by reducing HTTP requests.

10. HTML5 Peeks, Pokes and Pointers

Format: OnlineWebpage

This is quite different than other cheat sheets, it will tell you about HTML forms, multimedia, canvas, how to use HTML offline (cache information), and attributes related to bits and bytes.

9. Interactive HTML Cheat Sheet

Format: OnlineWebpage

This is an online interactive cheat sheet that contains web developer tools, helpful code examples, markup generators and more on a single page.

8. Canvas Cheat Sheet

Format: PDF

Here you will find canvas element, 2D context, colors, styles, shadows, texts rectangles, transformation, line style and pixel manipulation.

7. HTML Cheat Sheet for Beginners

Format: PNG

This is an impressive cheat sheet created by websitesetup.org. It contains basic document information and document structure, objects, frames, lists, tables, links and images attributes along with examples.


Format: OnlineWebpage

Although this cheat sheet looks fancy, it is quite simple to understand. It consists of numerous elements, including basic tags, form/table, formatting and HTTP status returned. Clicking on each element will take you to the new page that describes the element (the one you’ve clicked) along with the example.

5. HTML Color Codes

Format: OnlineWebpage

One of the most common things you deal with while writing HTML is color code. It is kind of essential to learn some common hex color code, and if you are looking for gorgeous pallets, this is currently the best site on the internet to look at. Along with the HTMl color code, you will find flat design, Material design and web safe color charts of perfect color scheme for your app or website.

4. A Simple Guide to HTML

Format: OnlineWebpage

This cheat sheet goes into detail and explains the working of individual tags. It will help you compile a comprehensive HTML resource and understand the technique behind the snippet to get ahead in your learning.

3. The Mega Cheat Sheet

Format: PDF and JPEG

As the name suggests it’s a complete list of HTML5 elements and a description of what they are used for. It includes both new HTML5 tags and unsupported old tags.

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2. Fully Interactive Cheat Sheet

Format: PDF and OnlineWebpage

Yet another interactive cheat sheet with a complete list of all HTML elements, including description, examples and live previews. Just scroll down to browse tags alphabetically or by their category.

1. HTML5 Cheat Sheet by Hostinger

Format: PDF, JPG 

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This is the complete HTML cheat sheet (designed by Hostinger) that will help you use the right tags for structuring and text formatting. It consists of all necessary objects, frames, links, images, tables, and optional attributes along with the examples.

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