40+ Inspiring Examples of Visual Storytelling Websites

Storytelling is a powerful approach, when done right, it can attract visitors to convert more effectively. Designing a website with visual storytelling is a big challenge. Not every visual story has to be interactive, however, must be engaging. If visitor barely look at it, or get bored, then what was the point of creating a visual story in the first place.

Powerful visuals evoke deeper emotions and result in a deeper engagement with the piece of information you are providing. In fact, content marketing is all about telling a story and creating a closer connection to the customers. That’s the reason, as content marketer, having knowledge of identifying emotionally powerful images is so important. 

A compelling story doesn’t have to be complex or detailed. Today we are presenting a few charming websites with appealing visual storytelling, which may compel your imaginative mind for your next web design.

41. Flat Design vs Realism

40. Moma – Century of the Child

39. Museum of Mario

38. Inception Explained

37. Lunar Gravity

36. La Moulade

35. Jess and Russ

34. Killing Kennedy

33. Every Last Drop

32. Babel – Cat Who Would Be King

31. After the Storm

30. You Waste a Lot of Time at Work

29. Well Done Team GB

28. UK Energy Consumption Guide

27. Tomato Can Blues

26. Kisio Digital

25. Slim your Wallet

24. inTacto 10 Years

23. Bagigia

22. How Data Travels Around The Globe

21. Zeo

20. Believe in 2012

19. Slavery Footprint

18. Costa Experience

17. Live to Change

16. Internet Live Stats

15. Slam Dunk History

14. London Skyline

13. Ben the Bodyguard

12. The Future of Car Sharing

11. Reverend Danger

10. BlackNegative

9. Evinrude E-TEC G2 – Outboard Motor of the Future

8. Rebuilding Haiti

7. Firestorm

6. Tannbach – Fate of a Village

5. Glitter in the dark

4. Qualcomm

3. The Boat

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2. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

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1. The Hybrid Graphic Novel

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