40 Interesting Facts About Technology and Web

We are living in the era where life is revolving too much around technology. We all got so engrossed in recent technologies that we have never looked behind the history of the technology and the weird facts related to it. Technology and internet have become an important part of our lives and if you are a tech freak and internet lover, you must aware of some facts. Most of these facts are common and random whereas some are shocking. We have divided the following technology and web facts under different topics. Here is the list of interesting facts about technology and web which will amuse you.

Interesting technology facts

1. The Intel i7 processor contains more than 2 billion transistors on a single PCB.

2. There are more than 7 billion people on the planet and over 4 billion of them use mobiles.

3. Till the 14th September 1995, the domain registration was totally free.

4. Bulletproof Kevlar, windshield and printers were all invented by women.

5. Did you know that http://symbolics.com was the first ever domain name registered on 15th Match 1985?

6. The first public mobile phone was built on 3rd April 1973 by Martin Cooper.

7. Microsoft was initially named Micro-Soft and they remover the dash in 1976 and their revenue in the first year is only $15,000.

8. The first computer mouse was invented by Doug Engelbart in 1964.

9. Thomas Edison has the world’s highest number of patents, the exact number is 2332.

10. The email service was already in use when the World Wide Web came.

11. The inside portion of the Macintosh has 47 signatures of each member of Apple’s division in 1982.

12. The first emoticon was invented by Kevin Mackenzie in 1979 but didn’t look like a face and three years later, 😀 .

13. One Google search produces around 0.2 grams of Co2 and hence 200 tons of Co2.

14. In the late 1970s, Floppy disks were 8 inches in diameter.

15. The world’s first one GB disk was invented in 1980 which was weighed 550 pounds and had a price of $40,000.

16. The first search engine was Archie, created by Alan Emtage in 1990.

17. The first coin operated video games was created in the 1970s.

18. The Firefox logo is a red panda, not a fox which is native to the temperate forests of the Himalayas.

19. Only 20% Asian access the internet.

20. In 1936, Konrad Zuse invented the first computer and named it as the Z1.

Interesting web facts

1. Every day more than 290 billion messages are sent, means 2.8 million emails are sent every second, out of which most of them are spam.

2. 10 out of every 1000 computers are infected with the spams.

3. Internet took four years to reach 50 million worldwide users and radio took 38 years while TV made this goal in 13 years.

4. Vast majority of the Top 100 websites are run by corporations except Wikipedia.

5. Did you know that the original domain name of Yahoo! was http://akebono.stanford.edu/.

6. Till 2013, there were around 800 million websites and by the end of 2014, this stat will reach over 1 billion.

7. Google Inc. owned over 1 million servers which is the largest in the world.

8. The first advertisement on the internet was introduced in the year 1994.

9. The first internet browser was Mosaic, released in the year 1993.

10. Google handles more than 4 million search queries each minute, means 2.1 trillion searches annually.

11. The web pages which are not indexed by search engines are is more than 600 times more than the actual size of the indexed web.

12. The first website was info.cern.ch, published on 6th August 1991 by British physicist Tim Berners Lee.

13. The most expensive domain name sold was VacationRentals.com for $35 million in 2007.

14. The first internet worm was created by Robert T. Morris which affects more than 6000 internet hosts.

15. There are more than 1 billion users on YouTube and over 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month.

16. Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other popular websites are banned in China.

17. More than 70% internet users are always active on social media.

18. More than 75% of Swedish people uses internet which makes it the country with the largest percentage of internet users.

19. Do you know that the internet requires around 50 million Horsepower in electricity to run the whole system?

20. At present, in the digital world, around 9 billion machines are connected to the internet.

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