The Internet Then and Now [Infographic]: How Far We’ve Come

With all the world’s information at our fingertips, we have come a long way from the late 1960’s network, Advanced Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), which was developed to connect government computers. That was the time when computer were huge, cumbersome and not very user friendly.

No one from the ARPANET team could have imagined what was being created. The 1969’s system that could send only two letters of a single-word email before crashing has now become a system that supports over 300 billion emails every day. The recognizable Internet was crafted in 1984, when ARPANET merged with the National Science Foundation Network.

The innovation and progress in the field of web technology have been expanded exponentially in the last couple of decades. In the intervening years, the Internet has increased its power from sending data at 56 kilobytes per second to 7.6 megabytes per second. Today, 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, more than 720 articles are added on Wikipedia daily, over 1 billion new photos are uploaded on Facebook every month, Google handles more than 1 trillion searches every year.

Here’s the small bit of comparison: In 1995, the total market capitalization of top 15 Internet companies was $16.8 billion. Today, that figure has been climbed to $2.4 trillion.

Most of the growth is now taking place on handheld devices like smartphone, tablets which allow connection anywhere, anytime. Internationally, leading Chinese Internet companies are gaining in innovation while India will be the 2nd largest Internet market in the world. Talking about the future, Rocket fiber is launching soon and promises to deliver Internet speed up to 1000 megabits per second.

We are presenting a infographic that not only shows the use and power of Internet but also walks you through the long journey of Internet, from its inception to its future.

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