50+ Cool and Latest stuff for Web Designers | 2014

In a last few couple of years the number of websites on the internet has been increased at a tremendous rate. At present, there are more than 800 million websites. As with the increasing number of websites, the demand of web designers is also growing. But the job of a web designer is not that easy as once it was used to be.
This is the area where technology and working patterns moves very fast. A good designer must have to be updated about all latest stuffs available in the market. So, we have compiled a list for you that includes grid system, apps, framework, fonts, mobile app tools, blogging tools and some inspirational resources. Many of them are free or available at very low cost. Have a look…

1. Format


Format is the new online tool for creating stunning portfolios and showcases. Many responsive themes, pre-design flexible pages and a lot of customization options are available. It is free for first 14 days and after that you have to pay $5.75 per month.

2. Name Mesh


Name mesh is the domain name search tool that includes more than 6 million words and over 20 generators. It also suggests various short, similar, fun and SEO related keywords.

3. Sitedrop


Sitedrop is for those who constantly work with large amount of file. Just connect it to Dropbox and pick the folder to turn into Sitedrop. Now you can manage it from desktop and receive feedback, files from clients or collaborators.

4. Kuoto Swiss

Kuoto Swiss

Kuoto Swiss is a CSS toolbox for Stylus. It provides a lot of functions, mixins and utilities to code faster.

5. Meeet


Meeet is website that connects developer and designer working on side projects. Just tell your idea and skills you need. Other developers will join your project if they find it interesting.

6. Cardboard


Cardboard is the Smartphone virtual reality project by Google. It is about constructing a VR viewer from everyday items without spending much.

7. Tavern


Tavern is a private release repository of web product question and answers. It is space for designers to share their opinion and experience.

8. Focus


Focus is a Mac application to block distracting website. Internet is interesting, informative and a quite distracting place too. This app is really helpful if you want to concentrate on your own work rather than taking a snap on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit etc.

9. Web Starter kit

Web Starter kit

Web Starter kit is a boilerplate and tooling for multi device development, by Google.  It ensures you are following the web fundamental guidelines out of the box.

10. Octicons


Octicons is a collection of open source icon by Github. Just download and use them in your project.

11. Base


Base is a fast and light framework built for all devices. It is developed in SASS/LESS that helps you write structured and well organized code.

12. Clarke


Clarke is caps only sans serif typeface with round edges. Full family (6 fonts) commercial use is available at $20.

13. Get Shit Done

get shit done

Get Shit Done is a set of basic elements like button, input, menu dropdown, label, transparent navigation, notification, typography, images, tooltips and more.

14. Design Meltdown


Design Meltdown is a collection of interactive, inspiring and responsive designs. Checkout some fresh templates (500+)…

15. Pho Devstack 1.0

Pho Devstack 1

Pho Devstack is an automated workflow for front-end developer that includes tools for compiling, minifying, auto refreshing CSS prefixing and more.

16. Cody


Cody is a set of HTML, CSS and JS snippets for your website. It includes responsive newsletter forms, icon filling effect, vertical navigation, 3d item quick view and much more.

17. Famo.us


Fame.us is an open source Javascript framework that allows you to create smooth and complex user interface for any screen.

18. Splashbase


Splashbase is a set of public domain HD images from around the web. You can browse, search and download them to use in your project.

19. CodeSnip


With CodeSnip you can share your script privately for free. It saves all your work and lets you search easily and quickly with syntax highlighting.

20. Headstart


Headstart is easy to use automated front-end setup. It supports rudimentary templating, automatic refresh, no-class grid system, Uglyfication, Hinting, Concatenation, SVG optimization and more.

21. Scribbleton


Scribbleton is little personal wiki application where you can store anything like quick note, detailed checklist etc. The files live on your local machine, therefore no cloud required. Also, it supports multiple platform and shareability.

22. Frontenda


Frontenda lets you create responsive template in minutes. The tool is packed with various features including easy drag-drop, visual less, JS, CSS, HTML editor and more.

23. Handsome Script


Handsome script is a modern script typeface with expressive flourishes and legal forms. Commercial license is available at $35.

24. Licon


Licon is packed with a set of simple and useful icons built with pure CSS3. It has both SASS and LESS version, so it can be easily modified and merged into other projects.

25. Simple Sharing Button Generator

simple sharing

Simple sharing button generator is a web app for creating static sharing buttons (Facebook, G+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress) with only HTML and CSS.

26. Bootsketch


Bootsketch is a Bootstrap 3 theme for wireframing web projects that includes sketch render to omit all “design feeling”. It has typography, forms, buttons, input groups, buttons, pagination, panel and more.

27. Startup Stock Photos


Startup Stock Photos is a collection of amazing photos related to office work and technology. All available at free.

28, Objecticons


Objecticons is a collaborative collection of emojis of everyday objects.

29. Awning Display

Awning Display

Awning Display approachable and easy to read font from a distance, inspired by an afternoon bike ride. It supports more than 35 languages and all punctuation marks. The commercial license is available at $25.

30. HomelessFonts


HomelessFonts is a set of typefaces based on the handwriting of homeless people.

31. Liber.io


Liber.io allows you to create ebooks right from Google drive in 3 easy steps i.e Write, Import and Publish.

32. Webhook


Webhook is a tool to build custom and editable CMS for your website. It has no database, plugin and configuration files to manage. Moreover, it provides dozens of files to build your forms. It is free for first 14 days and after that you will be charged $25 per month.

33. Random


Random is compelling and expressive typeface that features more than 340+ automatic shuffling glyphs.

34. Odyssey


Odyssey is the platform for journalist, designer and creator to craft interactive stories. Just pick a template (slide/scroll) and tell your own tale.

35. The Awesome Free Toolbox

awesome free toolbox

The awesome free toolbox is a set of amazing web design tools that includes images, templates and hosting.

36. Horizontes Script


Horizontes script is relaxed and very natural typeface that costs you around $28.

37. AM Gaea

AM Gaea

AM Gaea is an experimental font with a strong personality while keeping readability at good level.

38. Yeo+Lab

yeo lab

Yeo+Lab is a static generator based on atomic design methodologies. It sets up a few optional workflow and front end dependencies.

39. Refills


Refills is a set of prepackage pattern and component built on top of Bitter, Bourbon and Neat. It includes navigation, icon bullet points, side image, search tool, cards, typographic system, tabs, tables, grid items and much more.

40. Semplice


Semplice is a brandable and customizable case study portfolio system based on WordPress that gives designer a wide option to explore their work. A single License is available at $69.

41. Crafted by love

crafted by love

Crafted by love is a showcase of beautiful web design that includes design for agency, blog, company, product, personal, even, resource and more.

42. Griddify


Griddify is a small Photoshop panel to make guides and grids.

43. Please.JS


Please.JS is random color generator. You can generate pleasing colors based on another color.

44. Indicative


Indicative is an analytic tool to visualize your business. It measures events, user behind them, engagement, conversation and more.

45. Frame


Frame is a free tool for creating high resolution product shots. Just upload+crop the image and you are done. You can now download or share the generated image.

46. Fontface Ninja

fontface ninja

Fontface Ninja is an extension for chrome and safari that allows you to find the name of the font (displayed on webpage) easily. Also you can hide pictures and commercials to focus more on content.

47. Pagekit


Pagekit is a modern CMS for creating and sharing content. It gives you numerous tools to design a beautiful website.

48. Chevereto


Chevereto is an image hosting script that lets you design beautiful image hosting website like Flickr but with no restriction at all. It comes with free lifetime updates and support, starting at $70.

49. Smallpdf


Smallpdf is an online tool that reduces the file size and converts images/excel/ppt/word into pdf. It also allows doing some basic task like merging, unlocking and splitting the pdf documents.

50. PatternBolt


PatternBolt is a set of SVG pattern background packed in a single CSS or SCSS file. Just select the pattern, size, color and you are done.

51. Wireframe|cc


Wireframe|cc is an online tool for wireframing website and app designs. It features limited palette, annotation with ease, minimal interface, smart suggestion and useful tips.

52. The Day’s Color

the days color

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The day’s color is a set of inspiring, emotional and engaging palette.

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