12 Legendary and Greatest Warriors of Historical Time

As with the increase in population, we have seen numerous wars for power and land. These wars have produced many deadliest warriors all over the world. All these warriors have their own strategies, armors and unique style of fighting. They were not only a deadly fighter but also proved them as a great leader who took their empires to new levels. Most of these warrior groups come from ancient history. Few are admired for their skills while others known for their brutality. In the following list, we are going to highlight greatest warriors of all time.

12. Maori Warrior

Maori WarriorPhoto credit: Pixabay

The Maori were the indigenous Polynesian people of the New Zealand. Their tribe’s symbol is a fishhook because they were also known to make decorative hooks. They believed in eating their enemies to make reputation in other tribes. Wars were very common between different two tribes and they also believed that these wars are blessed by their ancestors to increase spiritual powers. They used the natural weapons such as stingray spear and special weapon made of shark teeth.

11. Gladiator

GladiatorsPhoto credit: BBC

Gladiators were deadliest armed combatants who entertained the public in the Roman Empire. They fought with other gladiators, wild animal including big cats and criminals. Most of the warriors were prisoners and they have to defeat everyone to win. Few of these won up to ten matches and lived up to the age of 30. These fights reached their peak between 1 BC and 3 AD when they adopted Christianity as their religion.

10. Shaolin Monk

Shaolin MonkPhoto credit: wikimedia

Shaolin Monks are considered as the most peaceful group in the world. Shaolin Monastery was found in the fifth century in China and famous for its Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin is the world’s biggest school of Kung Fu and their fighting styles include use of all weapons. They were ranked among best fighter with accuracy but they were not cold blooded killers. Some other martial arts such as karate were influenced by Buddhist monks. In 2010, the Chinese monastery was listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage site.

9. Zulu

ZuluPhoto credit: wikimedia

The Zulu were a South African group of tribesman. It was one of the largest ethnic groups in South Africa with an estimated 10 million people in it. The group was led by Shaka Zulu who taught them to ignore pain fight even when they are in severe pain. They were known for their signature shield, ilkwa and a throwing stick. They ruled over a large area from 1818 to late 19th century, when they were defeated by the British army.

8. Knights

KnightsPhoto credit: wikimedia

Knights were the great fighters who always covered with full body armored on horseback. They were the warrior and protector of the European Kingdom. They were among the deadliest warriors of ancient time and the toughest soldiers to be killed due to their armors. They had training in their entire life and then trained their kids to become one of them. They were known by the name “Knights” which means warrior and a gentleman.

7. Huns

HunsPhoto credit: wikimedia

Huns were the warriors of Asia who are known to have lived in Europe and Central Asia between the 1st century AD and 7th century. They formed one of the powerful empires under Attila, the leader. They use a combination of sword and axes and among the skilled archer. Attila died in 453 AD and their empire broke in next year. Their empire spread over a large part of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. After his death, his son took the empire but couldn’t lift the empire again.

6. Mongol Warrior

Mongol WarriorPhoto credit: wikimedia

The Mongol warriors were known for their archery skills while on the horseback. The reason behind many great victories and among one of the largest empire in the ancient world was led by one of the greatest leaders of all time, Genghis Khan. They used a composite bow that could tear through armor and this technology is still used today. He was considered as one the ruthless rulers but he also advanced the Mongol empire in many positive ways.

5. Viking Warrior

Viking WarriorPhoto credit: wikimedia

Their religion was war and they believed that if you died in battle then you will fight once again in a never ending war in the next life. They were originated from Scandanavia and they ruled over a large area in Europe between 700-1000 AD. They terrorized people with raiding and pillaging using long sword, spear, shield and great axe. They were big in size that can destroy all the things in their paths. Viking was also good in explorer and tradesman and they brought many things to Europe.

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4. Rajput Warrior

Rajput WarriorPhoto credit: wikimedia

Rajput means “son of a king”, were the warriors who were similar to the knights of Europe as they also protected the country. They ruled all over the India from the sixth century to the 18th century when British ruled. They also had a variety of weapons including khanda for close range, aara for mid range, chakram for long range and katar, a special weapon. They never changed their words and fought to the last man. Their generations are still found in many regions across India but they are not warriors.

3. Samurai Warrior

Samurai WarriorPhoto credit: wikimedia

Samurai warriors were the masters of the katana and always heavily armed. They flaunted the world’s sharpest sword which could easily behead a man. They were like a professional soldiers and ready to die for their masters. They were harshly trained and always fought for their honor. They were also the masters of the bow and arrow and considered as one of the best archers. Samurai martial arts can still be found today in a few regions of Japan.

2. Thebes

ThebesPhoto credit: wikimedia

You might be thinking why they are at number two? Thebes were a group of 150 gay male couples who were also known by the name of Sacred Band of Thebes. They were so powerful that they were able to stand their ground against the Spartans and sometimes they have beaten them. They ruled from the 6th century to 335 BC until they were defeated by the other Greek powers.

1. Spartans

Spartans - Greatest WarriorsPhoto credit: wikimedia

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Spartans were one of the greatest warriors and most feared armies in world history. Their training was begun in infancy. If the baby was found to be weak, they left him on mountains to die. If he was found strong by council, he was kept under the intense and rigorous military training until he was ready to join the army. They were masters in the combination of spear and shield and they always used to say “Never back down and don’t come back unless you are victorious”.

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