Top 15 Lethal and Addictive Drugs With Their Effects

The drugs are normally used as medicines to help the patients cope with illness. But when these drugs are taken for purposes other than their normal use, it is called drug addiction or abuse. It has been observed that the use of the drug has increased especially among youth. All the drugs are categorized in three groups – opioids, cannabioids and alkaloids. Nowadays, drug abuse is a very common and the big problem for our society. According to the statistics, there are more than hundred types of drugs consumed throughout the world. In the following list we represent you the Lethal & Addictive Drugs with their Effects.

15. Secobarbital

SecobarbitalPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Secobarbital is a derivative of barbiturate drug and that was discovered in 1934. It is used in the treatment of the epilepsy and insomnia. It is also used to create anesthesia effect in short surgical operations. It may be psychologically addicted and may produce physical dependence. The overuse of this drug can result in loss of appetite and then death.

14. Barbiturate

BarbituratePhoto credit: Wikimedia

Barbiturate is a powerful drug that produces mild effects to total anesthesia. They also have analgesic effects and used in many medical treatments. This drug has addictive potential and can cause serious problems in the nervous system. Due to its high effects on mind, it is now replaced by its derivatives. Overdose can cause difficulty in speech and thinking, staggering and in a few cases, coma. A dose of just over 2 grams can also kill you.

13. Marijuana

MarijuanaPhoto credit: Pixabay

Marijuana or Cannabis is a lethal drug which is also used as medicine. It is a type of compounds that made from the cannabis plants. It is used for relaxation but overdose can cause decrease in memory, reddening of eyes and anxiety. Till 20th century, this is considered a lethal drug and now used in several medical treatments. According to the United Nations report, around 22 million people used cannabis daily, it shows how much addictive is this drug.

12. GHB

GHBPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Gamma Hydroxybutyric acid is a drug found in fermented wine, citrus fruits and all kinds of animals. It is also found in central nervous system of humans. It is considered an illegal drug in many countries and only regulated in a few countries including US, Canada and Australia. In the last few years, there have been many reported cases of GHB addiction and resulted in death. In the USA, it is known as a rape drug because it is odorless and colorless and easy to add in someone’s drinks.

11. Methadone

MethadonePhoto credit: Wikimedia

Methadone was first developed in Germany in 1937 and medically, it is used to reduce severe chronic pain. It is easy to take and has strong analgesic effects. Overdose of this drug can cause in miosis, pale skin, difficulty in breathing and unconsciousness. In some cases, a drug taker goes into coma. Addiction of methadone results in over 5000 deaths every year only in the United States.

10. Methamphetamine

MethamphetaminePhoto credit: wikimedia

Methamphetamine is also known as meth or ice. This is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But it is also addictive and produces the toxicity symptoms at high doses. It is rarely subscribed and only manufactured by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It is used to increase internal energy and also known to have high potential for addiction

9. Nicotine

Nicotine1Photo credit: wikimedia

Nicotine is a stimulant drug and found in roots and leaves of various edible plants. In ancient time nicotine was widely used an insecticide. It makes you feel free and temporarily pretty good. But that feeling goes very quickly and you want to feel that again badly though another smoke. Nicotine addiction has been one of the hardest addictions to break.

8. Charas

Charas1Photo credit: wikimedia

Charas is also known as hashish, made from the cannabis plant. It is widely produced in India, Pakistan, Jamaica and Nepal. In India, most of the people are depending on it, but the cultivation is illegal in India. It has been used for medical and religious purpose in ancient times. Along with marijuana and bhang it is still being sold in many areas in Rajasthan, India.

7. Alcohol

Alcohol1Photo credit: wikimedia

Few people consider it a drug but it is legal and consumed worldwide. According to a source, more than 7% of the US population is addicted to alcohol. Some people take it occasionally while others make it their habit. Drinking alcohol helps you to relax and also increase your endorphin. But on high doses or addiction, it will kill you.

6. Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines1Photo credit: wikimedia

Benzodiazepines are a psychoactive drug discovered by Leo Stembach in 1955. It is used in treating anxiety, insomnia, agitation, muscle spasms and alcohol withdrawal. Benzodiazepines are safe and effective for short term use but overdose can increase the risk of dementia. According to statistics Benzodiazepines were responsible for around 4% of all deaths in the United Kingdom. It can also cause side effects such as blurred vision, confusion and nightmares.

5. LSD

LSD1Photo credit: wikimedia

Lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD is a psychedelic drug and known for its psychological effects. Its effects include altered thinking, open eye visuals and spiritual experiences. It is used as a recreational drug, entheogen and psycheldelic therapy. It can cause many physical effects including pupil dilation, wakefulness and reduced appetite.

4. Crack Cocaine

Crack Cocaine1Photo credit: wikimedia

Crack Cocaine is also known as crack and considered the most addictive form of cocaine. It has been created and popular during the 1980s in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. It can cause to increase heart rate, blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. In some countries, it is prescribed for medical purpose otherwise it is banned for other use.

3. Opium

OpiumPhoto credit: wikimedia

Opium is dried latex and contains 12% morphine. Afghanistan is the biggest producer of Opium in the world. Production of Opium is legally under the laws of United Nations single convention on narcotic drugs. In some places, it is processed chemically to produce heroin which is a worldwide illegal drug. It is responsible for many harmful effects such as respiratory difficulties, respiratory collapse and come.

2. Heroin

Heroin1Photo credit: wikimedia

Heroin, also known as diamorphine and produced from opium. For medical purposes, it is used to treat severe pain such as after a heart attack or severe injury. As of 2004 report, Afghanistan produced more than 87% of the world’s opium. With heroin addiction it affects many body parts including mind, respiratory system, heart, circulatory system and liver.

1. Cocaine

Cocaine - Drugs and their EffectsPhoto credit: wikimedia

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Cocaine is considered the most addictive drug and has very threatening effects. It is a powerful nervous system stimulant and its effects last up to an hour. On minor and acute dose it can cause itching, hallucinations and paranoid misconception. Overdoses cause hyperthermia and sudden increase of blood pressure. High doses can also cause sudden cardiac death.

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