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Time to highlight another awesome man made mega structure i.e. bridge. It is a structure built to span physical obstacle such as water, valley for the purpose of providing passage over the physical obstacle. Do you know that around 30% them are built in China. Well, there are lots of surprising data you will find below. I have compiled a list of 30 Longest Bridges in The World with their length, type, location and other information. Have a look.

30. Penang Bridge

Penang BridgeImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 13.5 km
Type: Cable stayed box girder bridge
Location: Malaysia
Opened in: 1985

It was designed by a civil engineer, Chin Fung Kee. The bridge has several features including a CCTV camera, emergency phones and an electricity power cables. It also has the first smart card toll plaza in Malaysia.

29. Kama Bridge

Kama bridgeImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 13.9 km
Type: Concrete pillar
Location: Russia
Opened in: 2002

It is a part of the longest artificial road in Russia. It was inaugurated by the President of the Tatarstan, Mintimer Shaimiev. The next project to extend the bridge is still under progress and will be built after 2020.

28. Vasco da Gama

Vasco da GamaImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 17.1 km
Type: Viaducts and cable-stayed
Location: Portugal
Opened in: 1998

It is the longest bridge in Europe and has built to connect all other bridges in Lisbon. This bridge has six lanes with a speed limit of 120 km/h. An average of 50,000 vehicles crosses it every day.

27. I-10 Bonnet Carre Spillway

Bonnet Carre SpillwayImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 17.7 km
Type: Twin concrete trestle
Location: United States
Opened in: 1972

It plays a major role in the economics of the Louisiana. In 2005, it was damaged by several hurricane Katrina. An extended project to build extra lanes is under construction that will cost around $68 million.

26. Cangzhou–Dezhou Grand

Cangzhou Dezhou GrandImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 18.2 km
Bridge Type: Concrete pillar
Location: China
Opened in: 2010

This is a part of the Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway track that connects the Bohai Economic Rim and Yangtze River. The railway line is designed to run trains at the maximum speed of 380 km/h.

25. Incheon Bridge

Incheon BridgeImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 18.3 km
Type: Cable stayed
Location: South Korea
Opened in: 2009

The Incheon grand bridge is built to provide access and approach between Songdo and Incheon international airport. It is ranked as one of the longest cable supported bridges in the world. This bridge reduces travelling time by up to one hour.

24. C215 Viaduct

C215 ViaductImage credit: Tylin

Length: 20 km
Type: Concrete pillar
Location: Taiwan
Opened in: 2005

It is a high speed rail bridge and a part of the Taiwan high speed rail network. This is a box girder type of bridge. The construction cost of the whole project is $40 million.

23. 6th October Bridge

6th octoberImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 20 km
Bridge Type: Concrete pillar
Location: Egypt
Opened in: 1996

The 6th October is an elevated highway that crosses the Nile River twice in Egypt. It is named after the October War in 1973. It connects the Gezira Island and Cairo international airport.

22. Yongding New River Bridge

Yongding New River BridgeImage credit: turoboz

Length: 21.1 km
Bridge Type: Concrete pillar
Location: China
Opened in: 2007

Yongding Bridge is another high speed rail bridge that crosses the largest river in the Beijing. This bridge is built to reduce the devastation during floods and natural calamities.

21. Lianghui River Bridge

Liangshui River BridgeImage credit: imageshack

Length: 21.5 km
Type: Cable stayed
Location: China
Opened in: 2007

This is a cable supported bridge for the high speed railway track. This track runs one of the fastest train that has the maximum speed of 330 km/h.

20. Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge

Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah BridgeImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 24 km
Type: Cable stayed and box girder
Location: Malaysia
Opened in: 2014

The Penang second bridge is the second bridge that connects the Penang Island and Peninsular Malaysia. This is designed by UEM Builders Berhad and China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd.

19. Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-TunnelImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 24.1 km
Type: Concrete pillar
Location: United States
Opened in: 1999

It connects the Peninsula and Hampton city. Since it opened, more than 100 million vehicles have been crossed over the bridge. Designers are now planning to develop two underground tunnels along with the bridge to reduce traffic and this project will cost $1 billion.

18. Airport Rail Link

Airport Rail LinkImage credit: traveltobangkok

Length: 24.5 km
Type: Concrete pillar
Location: Thailand
Opened in: 2010

The Airport link of Thailand is an expressway that connects the Suvarnabhumi Airport and Phaya railway station. The authorities have future plan to extend it to 21.8 km in next few years.

17. King Fahd Causeway

King Fahd CausewayImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 25 km
Bridge Type: Concrete pillar
Location: Bahrain and Saudi Arabia
Opened in: 1986

The King Fahd Causeway was built to improve the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. It is 10 lanes bridge and will be extended to 17 lanes before 2020.

16. Jintang Bridge

Jintang BridgeImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 26.5 km
Type: Cable-stayed
Location: China
Opened in: 2009

It is a highway bridge that connects the Jintang Island and Zhenhai. It is built on the largest offshore island ground in the China in Zhejiang.

15. Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

Jiaozhou Bay BridgeImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 26.7 km
Type: Cable-stayed and Self-anchored suspension bridge
Location: China
Opened in: 2011

The Jiaozhou bay bridge is designed by the Shandong Gaosu Group and opened on 30th June 2011. Till 2012, it holds the Guinness world record of the longest bridge over water in the world. It also has the world’s largest number of concrete piles at 5238 supported piles.

14. Line 1 Wuhan Metro

Wuhan Metro Line 1Image credit: wikimedia

Length: 28.8 km
Type: Concrete pillar
Location: China
Opened in: 2009

The Line 1 of Wuhan metro service of China is an elevated metro line. This line was opened in 2004, making it the first light rail metro line in China. The western side of the line will be extended to 4 km in future.

13. Louisiana Highway 1

Louisiana Highway 1Image credit: nola

Length: 29 km
Type: Concrete trestle
Location: United States
Opened in: 2009

The Louisiana highway was opened in 2009 and connects Golden Meadow and Port Fourchon. Most of the highway is built on the marshy land.

12. Atchafalaya Basin

Atchafalaya BasinImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 29.2 km
Type: Concrete pillar
Location: United States
Opened in: 1973

The Atchafalaya Basin is a pair of parallel bridges that connects Baton Rouge and Lafayette in Louisiana. The average of 25,000 vehicles passes through the bridge each day. In 1999, the Governor lowered the speed limit due to the increasing number of accidents. 

11. Shanghai Maglev

Shanghai Maglev lineImage credit: wikimedia

Length: 29.9 km
Type: Concrete pillar
Location: China
Opened in: 2003

The construction of the Shanghai Maglev line began in 2001 and publicly commenced on 1st January 2004. The maximum commercial speed on this track is 431 km/h making it the world’s fastest commercial train.

10. Donghai Bridge

DonghaiSource: Wikimedia commons

Length: 32.5 kilometres
Type: Cable stayed
Location: Shanghai

Donghai bridge was designed by Halcrow Group. Construction was completed at the end of 2005. This one connects the Shanghai to offshore yangshan deep water port in China.

9. Runyang Bridge

Runyang BridgeSource: Wikipedia

Length: 35.66 kilometres
Type: Suspension
Location: Jiangsu

Runyang Bridge is built on the Yangtze river in China. The total height of this bridge is 215 metre above the ground. It is linked to the other two bridges. Huge Budget was spend (US $700 million) to create this outstanding creature. One end goes to Zhenjiang on the south bank and other to Yangzhou on the north bank. It is part of the Beijing-Shanghai expressway.

8. Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Hangzhou Wan DaqiaoSource: Wikimedia Commons

Length: 35.67 kilometres
Type: Cable stayed
Location: Ningbo

Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest sea crossing bridge in the world which is slightly S shaped structured. Construction was completed in mid of the 2008. The manufacturing cost was around US $ 1.7 billion.

7. Yangcun Bridge

Length: 35.81 kilometres
Type: Goodwill bridge
Location: China

Yangcum is a high speed rail bridge that supports the railway track between Tianjin and Beijing in China. The construction was completed in 2007.

6. Manchac Swamp Bridge

Manchac-BridgeSource: Wikipedia

Length: 36.71 kilometres
Type: Twin concrete trestle
Location: Louisiana

Manchac Swamp Bridge is the 2nd largest bridge in the US with the total length of 36.71 kilometres. It is located around the Pontchartrain Lake in the Louisiana. The construction cost is over US$ 7 million per mile.

5. Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Lake-Pontchartrain-CausewaySource: Wikimedia commons

Length: 38.35 kilometres
Type: Bascule bridge
Location: Mandeville

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (simply causeway)  has two parallel bridges crossing Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana, united states. It is supported by 9000 concrete pilings. It was opened in 1956. Before the Jiaozhou Bay bridge this has been the longest bridge over the water since 1969.

4. Bang Na Expressway

Bang Na ExpresswayImage credit: skyscrapercity

Length: 55 kilometres
Type: Concrete pillar
Location: Thailand

The Bang Na expressway is the six lane highway with the length of 55 kilometres. This highway is located in Thailand and crosses the Bang Pakong river.

3. Weihe Grand Bridge

Length: 79.73 kilometres
Type: Concrete pillar
Location: China

Weihe Grand Bridge is a part of the Zhenzhou-Xi’an high speed railway which connects Zhenzhou and Xi’an in china. The construction was completed in 2008 and used for high speed railway in 2010.

2. Tianjin Grand Bridge

Beijng Tianjin- Longest Bridges In The WorldSource: Wikimedia Commons

Length: 113.7 kilometres
Type: Viaduct
Location: Heibi

Tianjin Grand Bridge is a part of Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway. It connects the Langfang and Qingxian. The Construction work was completed in 2010 and opened for public use in 2011.

1. Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge

Danyang Kunshan Grand BridgeSource: pinterest

Length: 164.8 kilometres
Type: Viaduct
Location: Shanghai

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Yeah, it is the king of all bridges. It has a total length of 164.8 kilometres viaduct Beijing Shanghai high speed railway. Construction was started in 2006 and completed by 30 June 2011. It took more than four years and around $8.5 billion of mega budget to build this giant bridge.

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