32 Modern Website Layouts With Geometric Elements For Inspiration

The ordinary squares from web design layout elements are already started to transform in triangles, rhombuses, hexagons and circles. Nowadays, unique sliders, gallery sections, bold fonts and blank spaces are used to catch user attention so used with common grids and rectangles. However, using unusual shapes and geometry in web designs doesn’t guarantee success as they need to be very well balanced to avoid a bad visual hierarchy or to overload it with unnecessary components.

Contemporary designers are taking a 45 degree turn when it comes to flat/material design and improvising with unique shapes and angles. They have altered the predictable form of design into eccentric yet eye-catching shapes. Not only are designers using them for icons and badges, but they are also being integrated with branding and other collateral in a creative way.

The article contains some of the most beautiful website layouts using geometric elements, especially hexagon. These examples show a good balance criteria and proper usage of the latest CSS techniques.

32. Builtbybuffalo – A hexagon web design

31. Andrei Gorokhov – Dark theme for user interaction

30. Hexicons – Hexagon iconography by Daisy Binks

29. Joyce Van Herck – Unordered triangles

28. Cappen – Bold, intense and slick design

27. Anet Design – A hexagon concept

26. Chien Jaune Studio – A smart use of triangle shape in menu

25. Dunlop – Dark theme with images

24. Mokhtar Saghafi’s Portfolio – Bright color design with big background

23. Growth Marketing Werks – Hexagon hover effect

22. Lacca – Perfect use of rectangular boxes

21. Fenix Music – Interactive music web design by Dominik Wasieńko

20. Activation Clock – Circular style “coming soon” template

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19. Fernando Conti – Shapes with gradient color

18. Themis WordPresss Theme – Rhombus on front page

17. Bark Design – Layers of bright color

16. Case 3d – Colored shape on big background

15. SonicomED – Unusual geometry by Alex Tokmakchiev

14. Newcastle Now – Geometry on photos

13. BigBangWP – Hexagon with rounded corners

12. Vitalmar – Cooking web design

11. Nasty Creatures – Shapes with no sides

10. Bevisionare – An example of every major polygonal shape

9. Nerisson – Mixture of triangle and square shape

8. Fonts of Chaos – Fonts displayed beautifully in square boxes

7. Passeig De Gracia – Big hexagons used in slider

6. Delete – An abstract art that combines colors, shapes and swashes

5. Nap Luxury Guest House – Bunch of asymmetric elements

4. Android Icon – A hexagon theme designed by Kadir

3. Itaú Internacional – Dark theme with sharp elements

2. Simone Marcarino – Concept of dynamic shapes

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1. Wybieramyklienta – The Pentagonic Theme

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