16 Most Dangerous Special Forces in the World | 2024 Edition

Special forces or special operations forces are highly trained military units that are well equipped to perform unconventional or unorthodox covert missions concerning a nation’s security interests.

There have been many accounts of unique forces throughout the history of warfare that specialize in covert operations rather than conventional combat. For instance, the Romans used fast, small, and camouflaged ships with specially trained soldiers for scouting and commando operations.

Then, during the War of Crusades, Muslims deployed many camouflaged ships to gather intelligence and raid passing enemy ships. In Japan, ninjas were recognized as a special force.

It is clear that they are no ordinary military units, and so is this list. Below, we have compiled the 16 most dangerous special forces in the world based on their training, weap*ns, and achievements.

Did you know? 

Special Forces selection courses can be tough, and not many candidates make it through the intense training. For instance, the U.S. Navy SEALs BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) training has consistently had a low graduation rate.

16. 9th Paratrooper As*ault Regiment – Italy

Active Since: 20 July 1942

The 9th Paratrooper As*ault Regiment “Col Moschin” is the most respected and elite special forces unit of the Italian Army. It is roughly modeled after the British SAS and is reported to operate in any environment and terrain.

Though the Regiment was established in its current form in 1942, its origins can be traced back to the battles of the Italian Front between Austria-Hungry and Italy during the First World War.

Then known as the ‘9th As*ault Unit’, the Regiment gained the reputation of being a fierce military unit after successfully defending crucial strategic positions on Monte Grappa. Col Moschin was one of them.

Notable Foreign Deployments and Missions

In March 1983, amidst the Lebanese Civil War, several operators from the 9th Paratroopers As*ault Regiment were deployed to Lebanon (a small Middle Eastern nation north of Syria).

Throughout the 1990s, the “Col Moshin” Regiment was deployed to volatile regions of the world, mostly as part of the UN peacekeeping missions.

In 1993, an Italian strike team comprising operators from the 9th Paratroopers As*ault Regiment carried out the ‘Battle of Checkpoint Pasta’ mission against local rebel forces in Mogadishu, Somalia. It was the first time an Italian army unit was engaged in an all-out foreign conflict since World War II.

In the 21st century, the Regiment has been deployed in a support role, patrol, and training missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya on multiple accounts.

Other Special Forces Units in Italy: COMSUBIN is the special forces unit of the Italian Navy, similar to the British Special Boat Service (SBS) and US Navy SEALs. Another esteemed special forces unit of Italy is the Special Intervention Group [english for Gruppo di intervento speciale or GIS]. This unit is renowned for its marksmanship.

15. Special Service Group (SSG) – Pakistan

SSG -PakistanFormer Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s visit to SSG Headquarters | Credit: Business Recorder

Active Since: 23 March 1956

The Special Services Group, or SSG Pak, was formed in 1956 after combining two regiments of the Pakistani Army, namely the 17th Baloch and 19th Baloch Regiment. Previously, the 19th Baloch was raised as a special unit with the help of the United States Army to counter the Soviet Union’s growing military presence in Afghanistan and surrounding regions at that time.

The unit’s initial training methods and field tactics were influenced by the US Army Special Forces, with whom they closely operated against the Soviets in the 1960s and 1970s.

Notable Deployments and Missions

The nature of missions carried out by the SSG Pak since its establishment in the 1950s is mostly geopolitical, prompted by political tensions in the region. In the early 1960s, the Special Service Group made successful incursions on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border for reconnaissance and other covert operations.

SSG Pak then carried out several missions against Indian Kashmir, including Operation Gibraltar, which led to the Indo-Pak war in 1965.

Since the turn of the century, the Special Service Group has been instrumental in counterinsurgency operations inside Pakistani borders. They have successfully dealt with armed uprisings in the Balochistan region, which have persisted since the 1940s.

Other Special Forces Units in Pakistan: The Pakistan Navy Special Service Group is one of the fiercest special forces units in the world, with a high dropout rate.

14. EKO (Einsatzkommando) Cobra – Austria

Established In: 1978

Austria’s EKO Cobra is a police tactical unit rather than a military force. The unit is independent of the Federal Police in Austria and is directly controlled by the Ministry of Interior. The EKO Cobra was raised in 1978 over concerns of the safety of East European Jews in the country, especially after the 1972 Munich Olympics mass*cre.

Before 2002, the unit was known as GEK.

Notable Missions

EKO Cobra has carried out several high-profile h*stage rescue and anti-terr*rist operations since its creation. It is the only police tactical unit in the world to successfully rescue a hijacked aircraft in mid-air that occurred on 17 October 1996. Cobra assisted Germany’s counter-terr*rism unit GSG 9 during the deadly 2016 Munich shooting.

Most of the weap*nry used by the EKO personnel is Austrian-made, including Glocks and Steyr.

13. MARCOS – India

MARCOS-–-IndiaHAL Dhruv helicopter of the MARCOS on Navy Day 2013 at Kochi | Credit: Indian Navy

Active Since: February 1987

MARCOS (officially, the Marine Commando Force or MCF) is the special forces unit of India operating under the Indian Navy. The overall dropout rate of MARCOS is reported to be around 98 percent, meaning only two out of a hundred candidates graduate from its training.

The origin of MARCOS can be traced back to the 1950s when the Indian Armed Forces raised a specialized unit of combat divers that could perform roles such as underwater demolition.

However, they were not entirely efficient. Then, in 1986, the Indian Navy decided to create a special forces unit that could conduct special operations in any environment.

To gain the necessary experience, three officers from the existing combat diving unit were chosen to receive initial training from the U.S. Navy SEALs and later with the U.K.’s Special Boat Service.

Notable Missions

MARCOS was an integral part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force created to put an end to the Sri Lankan Civil War between 1983 to 2009. During Operation Pawan, MARCOS operators successfully captured tactically important ports of Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka. The unit successfully executed several extended missions in Tamil Nadu (India) and the Maldives as well.

Today, MARCOS is mainly deployed in the border regions alongside the Indian Army to conduct covert operations against the Chinese and Pakistani military. It is also responsible for conducting anti-piracy operations in the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

Other Special Forces Units in India: Para SF is another widely respected special forces unit of India. It is part of the Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army, which also includes airborne battalions.

12. New Zealand Special Air Service – New Zealand

New-Zealand-Special-Air-Service-NZSAS Headquarters Troop with the squadron’s mascot (1955) | Credit: NZ History

Active Since: October 1959

The New Zealand Special Air Service, or 1 NZSAS Regt., is the most skilled and sophisticated military unit of the New Zealand Defense Force. Its responsibilities include counter-terr*rist operations, reconnaissance, CBRNE (Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense), and other special operations.

The NZSAS was originally raised in 1955 by the New Zealand government to support the Commonwealth war efforts in Malaya (now Malaysia) during the Malayan Emergency. The unit was disbanded in 1957 but was re-established in its current form in October 1959. It is modeled after the British Special Air Service.

Notable Deployments and Missions

Since its formation, the New Zealand Special Air Service troops have been deployed to several South-East Asian countries, including Thailand (1962), Borneo (1965), Vietnam (1968), and East Timor (1999).

The NZSAS was a component of the Task Force K-Bar, a combined joint special operation task force consisting of SOF (Special Operation Forces) from seven countries that operated in Afghanistan until April 2002.

Between 2009 and 2012, the New Zealand Special Air Service Personnel carried out counter-insurgency operations in the capital Kabul.

During an interview in 2011, retired General David Petraeus (commander of the US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan at that time) praised the unit for their valuable contributions in the war, including several high-risk arrests and weap*n raids.

11. Joint Task Force 2 – Canada

JTF2JTF2 operators during HALO operation | Image Courtesy: Instagram/JTF2.Canada

Active Since: 1 April 1993

The Joint Task Force 2, or simply JTF 2, is Canada’s special operations unit known for its highly secretive nature. It was raised in 1993 specifically for counter-terr*rist operations both inside and outside of the Canadian borders. JTF2 also specializes in h*stage rescue and special reconnaissance.

Notable Operations

Despite its recent origin, the JTF 2 has been involved in several high-profile operations in Haiti and Afghanistan. Their deployment to Afghanistan following the American declaration of War on Terr*r in 2001 was so secretive that even the Canadian Prime Minister was apparently not informed about their movement.

On 23 March 2006, a small team of JTF 2 rescued three human rights workers of the Christian Peacemaker Team, who were abducted in Iraq, along with British SAS and intelligence from the US agencies. Both the Pentagon and the British Foreign Office praised JTF 2’s role in that operation.

Though not officially acknowledged, JTF 2 is believed to have conducted a joint operation with the British SAS and SBS during the Libyan civil war in 2011. Reports of the group being secretly deployed to Kosovo also surfaced in October 2000.

10. GSG 9 – Germany

GSG-9-Germany-GSG 9 operators rappel on a German building | Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Active Since: 26 September 1972

GSG 9, also known as the Border Protection Group 9, is the tactical unit of the German Federal Police. Its capabilities include h*stage rescue, counter-terr*rist, and high-risk arrests. They are also known for developing new tactics and methods for such missions.

The unit was established in response to the 1972 Munich Olympics mass*cre, during which 11 Israeli nationals were killed along with a German police officer.

The situation was extremely critical since the German police neither had the training nor equipment necessary for rescue and counter-terr*rist operations. Within a month of the incident, the German government commissioned the GSG 9 under the Federal police to thwart any similar situation in the future.

Notable Missions

On October 18, 1977, GSG 9 operators successfully rescued all 86 h*stages onboard Lufthansa Flight 181 in Mogadishu, Somalia.

In 1982 and 1993, the group arrested several members of RAF (Red Army Faction, a far-left militant organization). In 2007, three suspected terr*rists were arrested by GSG 9 with a large cache of explosives.

Most of the equipment used by GSG 9 operations is German and American-made.

9. GIGN – France

GIGNGIGN operators during a demonstration | Image Courtesy: Bruno Domenjod

Active Since: March 1974

After the Munich mass*cre in 1972 and the Clairvaux prison mutiny a year before, the French government felt the need for a specialist law enforcement unit to tackle situations like organized crime, domestic terr*rist attacks, and h*stage situations in the future. As a result, the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group was formed in 1974 as a tactical unit of the National Gendarmerie of the French Armed Forces.

GIGN is renowned for its swift responses and advanced combat capabilities during hostile situations and can operate anywhere in the world. The group reportedly has been involved in more than 1,800 missions.

In its current form, the GIGN is organized into six segments. The main as*ault unit, known as the ‘Intervention force,’ consists of four platoons, with each composed of twenty-four operators.

Notable Missions and Operations

Perhaps the most publicized operation of GIGN was a successful as*ault on the hijacked Air France Flight 8969 in December 1994. The as*ault neutralized all three perpetrators without any civilian casualties.

In 1995, GIGN, along with special operations units from the French Army and Navy, successfully captured the notorious French mercenary Bob Denard in Comoros. Additionally, GIGN teams have been sent to Afghanistan for policing and support operations.

8. JW GROM – Poland

JW-GROMGROM unit carrying out ship-seizure training

Active Since: 13 July 1990

JW GROM is one of the six special operations units under Poland’s Special Troops Command and one of the world’s most elite special forces. GROM operators have earned the nickname “The Surgeons” due to their expansive medical training and mission efficiency.

It was established in 1990. GROM took inspiration from other elite forces like the British SAS, United States Delta Force, and SEALs during its initial years.

Notable Deployments and Missions

The existence of JW GROM was not known to the public until it was first reported in the news in 1992 and received widespread recognition in 1995 after its first significant military operation in Haiti. GROM was a critical component of the Polish contingent in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, responsible for securing important assets and counter-insurgency operations.

In Afghanistan, GROM operators were commended for their effectiveness during missions and training Afghan National Police.

7. Sayeret Matkal – Israel

Active Since: 1957

Sayeret Matkal, or General Staff Reconnaissance Unit, is a special forces unit of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). It was created after the infamous Qibya mass*cre and the subsequent dismissal of Unit-101, IDF’s only dedicated special force at that time other than the Navy’s Shayetet 13.

Essentially a recon or intelligence-gathering unit, Israel’s Sayeret Matkal can operate deep behind the enemy lines. It is also tasked with h*stage rescue and counter-terr*rist operations.

Before 1974, Sayeret Matkal was solely responsible for domestic rescue missions but was relieved from its responsibilities after the formation of Yammam, Israel’s National Counter Terr*rism Unit.

Notable Missions and Operations

The success of Operation Entebbe in 1976 demonstrated the reach and capability of Sayeret Matkal to the world. On July 4, About a hundred Israeli commandos, including Sayeret Matkal operators in the main as*ault role, stormed Uganda’s Entebbe airport and rescued more than a hundred h*stages.

6. Special Air Service Regiment – Australia

SASRMembers of SASR during the 2007 ANZAC Day march in Brisbane

Active Since: 25 July 1957
Nicknames:Snake eaters,” “chicken stranglers.”

The Special Air Service Regiment, or SASR, is one of the most respected special operations forces in the world. It is a component of the Special Operations Command of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and was created on 24 July 1957 (as a company) based on the principles of the British SAS. It gained regimental status in 1964.

After its establishment, SASR gradually gained field experience from various special forces units of the Services Reconnaissance Department that were operational during the Second World War.

SASR operators are trained to conduct covert and surveillance missions with small teams and conduct full-scale raids in large groups. Alongside a specialist counter-terr*rist capability, SASR’s other responsibilities include training local forces and rescuing Australian nationals from h*stage situations.

Notable Deployments and Missions

SASR has been deployed in Borneo (1965), Vietnam (1968), Cambodia (1997), Kuwait (1998), and East Timor (1999) as part of the UN Peacekeeping force. In Afghanistan, it played a key role in multiple military operations, including Operation Slipper and Operation Anaconda.

5. Delta Force (1st SFOD-D) – USA

Delta-ForceFounder of Delta Force, Charles Beckwith, in 1980

Active Since: 19 November 1977
Nicknames: CAG, Task Force Green

In recent years, the name ‘Delta Force’ has become synonymous with the special forces. It has practically become a household name. However, it was not supposed to be this way. Delta Force, officially 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, is a secretive special operations force raised to engage high-value targets and perform counter-terr*rism, h*stage rescue, and recon operations.

The idea of such a unit was suggested by Charles Beckwith, a Special Forces officer, who had served as an exchange officer with the British Army’s Special Air Service (22 SAS Regiment) during the Malayan Emergency. He proposed a highly adaptable and autonomous force that specializes in covert missions.

In an interview, former Delta Force operator Paul Howe talked about the high attrition rate of his Delta selection course. Out of his two classes totaling 240 candidates, only 12 to 14 completed the course.

4. Alpha Group – Russia

Active Since: 1974
Nickname: Alpha Group (Alfa)

Some of you might be wondering what about ‘Spetsnaz’? You should know that Spetsnaz is a general term used for all the Soviet/Russian special forces.

Alpha Group, officially known as Directorate “A” of the FSB Special Purpose Center, was established by the Soviet KGB in 1974 to execute counter-terr*rist operations and provide a security layer for the Soviet leadership.

At present, Alpha Group officially operates under the Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia’s internal security agency. The Alpha Group operators are considered one of the most aggressive in the world.

Known Operations

During the Soviet era, the Alpha Group took part in armed interventions in Afghanistan, Lebanon, and the Baltic region. Domestically, it has taken part in almost every major anti-terr*rist/h*stage operation, including the Moscow theater siege in 2002 and the Beslan school siege in 2004.

3. Shayetet 13 – Israel

Active Since: 1964
Nickname: HaShayetet (The Flotilla)

Shayetet 13 is the special forces unit of the Israeli Navy, extremely proficient in counter-insurgency, maritime sabotage, search and rescue, and recon missions. It is one of the oldest and most respected special operation forces in the world, on par with the likes of the British Special Boat Service and US Navy SEALs.

Notable Operations

Since its formation in 1964, Shayetet 13 has been involved in nearly every major Israeli war, including the Six-Day War (1967) and War of Attrition, during which it assisted Sayeret Matkal against Egyptian forces.

Shayetet 13 operators took part in the 1973 Israeli raid on Lebanon in which IDF forces, with assistance from Mossad (Israeli Intelligence agency), attacked several high-ranked leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Black September in Lebanon. It is considered a part of Operation “Wrath of God,” launched by Israel in retaliation to the 1972 Munich Mass*cre perpetrators.

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2. Navy SEALs – The United States

dangerous special forces - NAVY SEALU.S Navy SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team members performing lookout training | U.S Navy 

Active Since: 1 January 1962
Nickname: “The Teams”

Navy SEALs, short for United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land Teams, were created in 1962 as a part of the Naval Special Warfare Command and the United States Special Operation Command. Although one can trace their roots to World War 2, the Vietnam War of 1961 saw the actual birth of the modern-day SEAL.

Notable Deployments

In the last few decades, Navy SEALs have been deployed in active war zones, including the Iraq invasion in 2003. Operation Neptune Spear was, without a doubt, the greatest achievement of the Navy SEALs.

Their training methods are incredibly harsh and often described as ‘brutal.’ An average SEAL candidate spends more than a year in a remarkable physical and mental training program before getting enlisted.

1. Special Air Service (SAS) – United Kingdom

Nickname: “The Regiment”
Role: Counter-terr*rist, reconnaissance, special operations

The Special Air Service (SAS) is one of the oldest and perhaps the best special forces that serve Britain. It was formed in 1941.

The Special Air Service is composed of three units: 22 SAS Regiment (the regular unit), 21 SAS (Artists)(R), and 23 SAS reserve units (reserves). 22 SAS regiment has four active squadrons: A, B, D, and G. Each squadron contains more or less 65 men, categorized into four troops. Each troop has a separate headquarters section that is guided by a captain.

Notable Deployments

British SAS played a significant role during the War in Afghanistan. During a joint rescue operation with U.S special forces, code-named Jubilee, the SAS operators successfully rescued the h*stages without any casualties in Badakhshan Province in Afghanistan.

The importance of the British SAS can be judged by the single fact that many of the powerful special forces overseas were initially based on SAS principles. One good example is the American Delta Force.

More to Know

What makes a Special Forces unit “dangerous”?

The term “dangerous” refers to a unit’s capability to successfully execute high-stakes operations. There are several key elements that make a Special Force unit dangerous: 

  • Mission success rate 
  • Intensive and specialized training 
  • Ability to adapt to different environments, from dense urban regions to harsh and remote terrains
  • Ability to gather intelligence discreetly and conduct surprise operations
  • Effective utilization of advanced technology, including surveillance tools and specialized weaponry
What are the requirements to join the Special Forces?

While the requirements to join Special Forces vary between countries and among different branches of the military, there are some common criteria associated with joining these elite units. 

Generally, candidates undergo rigorous physical fitness assessments and psychological evaluations. Physical training involves regular exercises to maintain fitness, refine skills, and stay updated on the latest tactics and technologies. 

Mental resilience, adaptability, and a strong sense of teamwork are crucial traits for aspiring Special Forces members. In addition to this, candidates must meet certain health and medical standards. 

How are Special Forces funded, and what is their budgetary allocation?

The funding for Special Forces is included in the overall defense budget of a country. It is subject to the national security priorities, strategic objectives, and policies of the respective government. 

For example, the government may allocate more resources to specific missions, advanced communication systems, surveillance technology, or execution of training regimens. 

The specific details of the budget are often classified. This is done to protect sensitive information, maintain operational security, and prevent adversaries from gaining insights into capabilities and strategies. 

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      • Where’s Gurkha’s most deadliest military army

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        You’ve Got It All Wrong, Elefante. The Gorkhas Are An Elite Special Forces Regiment Who Are Known As The Gorkha Rifle Regiment. They Use The L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle As Their Rifle With Other Ordinary Military Stuff Like Magazines, Grenades, etc. Their Signature Weapon Is The Khukri, Which Is A Nepali Designed Extremely Sharp Dagger Knife. They Are The Best In The World When It Comes To Martial Arts, Hand To Hand Combat & Knife Combat. In Britain And Nepal, They Are Just Normal Army Regiments. But In India, They Come Under The Territorial Army Forces In The PARA Special Forces Of The Indian Army And PARA SF Is Also One Of The Best Special Forces In The World.

        If I Were To Choose The Top 10 Special Forces In The World, They Would Be:–

        1. Delta Force (USA)
        2. Navy SEAL’s (USA)
        3. PARA SF (India)
        4. NSG (India)
        5. MARCOS (India)
        6. Sayeret Matkal (Israel)
        7. Shayetet 13 (Israel)
        8. SAS (UK)
        9. Spetznaz (Russia)
        10. Alpha Group (Russia)

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          1 SAS britian
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          3 spetsnaz Russia
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          5 Marcos India

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          That’s because you’re a moron from America; the yanks kill each other in numerous friendly fire incidents SAS are factually better SBS are factually better it’s not even a discussion

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          The Gorkha Rifles are NOT Special Forces, they’re light infantry.
          If you have to do a ranking, do it properly, don’t just put India up like they actually seen combat.

          1- U.S.N. Naval Development Group (DEVGRU/SEAL TEAM 6)
          2- U.S.A.R. Intelligence Support Activity (ISA)
          3- C.A. Joint Task Force 2 (JTF-2)
          4- U.S.A.R. Combat Applications Group (CAG/SFOD-D/DELTA FORCE)
          5- F.R.N. Commandos de Marine
          6- U.S.A.F. 24th Special Tactics Squadron (24th STS)
          7- U.S.A.R. Ranger Regimental Reconnaissance Company
          8- F.G.N. Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale (GIGN)
          9- U.K.S.F. Special Air Service (SAS)
          10- F.R.A. 1er Régiment de Parachutistes de Marine (1RPIMa/SAS)

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    • John Gabbard says:

      They are a part of the British Army that’s like saying the Cherokee warriors need recognition when they are American

    • How can the SAS not b #1, the majority of the other special services including Delta and Seals have copied and or adopted Training, Tactics, Principles etc.etc

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      Are you deluded they were trained by the SAS best fighting force that will ever exist is the SAS and the SBS

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    Whether you like it or not, NAVY SEALS is RED!!! They are HYPEREXTRATRAINED!!!, unlike the dummy bustards like SAS, etc.

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      Woah… how ’bout you try the SAS training program and shout at the drill instructors about how “dummy b*st*rds” they are

    • No the SAS get tortured to see if they dont tell them who they work for or what their plan is and only 10% make it out and I’m not saying this because I’m British I’m saying this because I’m right

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    In your article “16 Most Dangerous Special Forces in the World | 2019 Edition” dated: February 1, 2019; there was an omission (I’m sure many folks had suggestions!). It is unclear how the list was developed, sources/citations were not present. If the list is revived for another year – please consider looking into the USMC “Force Recon”.

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      Force Recon isn’t even special ops they’re basically elite group of Marines who are special ops capable.

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    British SAS, SBS are the blueprint for SF work.
    They set the bar others try to reach and yes, I’m from hereford.
    Shout out to Aus SAS and NZ SAS also.

    • They were the originals…. yes. Let me ask you this… does the first car eve made hold a candle to today’s automobiles? Of course not. Being first does not mean being best. British SAS is several steps below many of these outfits… if for no other reason than it’s staffed by Brits… now known as some of the most fragile and weakest people on the planet.

      • Bless. Your inferiority complex is showing.

      • You show your disrespect in your letter, and ignorance in your knowledge you put a car as a human being the SAS are in perpetual training, where the list is made by an American, we expect that, America must be best even when they are not, one could ask, why do you always need or want the UK with you in war, if we are so fragile and weak, wake up and smell the coffee , if you dont need us let us know ((someone stupid))

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        What a fool you are.

        You ask any SF soldier they’ll all say they are the best.

        But they’ll all admit that the sas and sbs are the best of the best.
        You only hear about missions that are considered ok for the world to know.

        But the actual Work of them is so ultra secret that it’s known only to the squad that is involved.

        All the other western sf are modelled on sas training and doctrine. Why???

        Because it’s the best.

        You don’t model your training on something shite.

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        Everything you’ve just written is absolute rubbish. You just displayed your ignorance publicly. Sorry for your loss…

      • Roger Stevens says:

        Come here and say that to my face. I be from Cornwall I be the only county in England though we are not English’s that was never conquered or subjugated by anyone ever even the Roman’s . We cornish by birth British by mistake but NEVER English. The first ever dukedom of Britain not only did the Norman’s recognised us as a separate people so did the Saxons as for those Scandinavian cowards the Vikings they feared to tread there even begging us to help them fight the Saxons, the male heir to the British throne is always the Duke of Cornwall. Even Tolkien used our battle cry in his book lord of the rings exchanging Kernow ( Celtic name for Cornwall ) to thoran Oakenshield that cry was the last thing thd famed Roman 9th legion ever heard before being eradicated from this planet and that was .. flee flee for the sins of Cornwall are upon you.

  • Lots of European bias here. Kinda ridiculous honestly. To assert that British SAS is a step above the SEALs and several steps above Delta is patently absurd… and only a European nutswinger would think that.

    • NoneOfYours says:

      You really are bu**hurt.

      Your muggy Delta Force and Seals are not fit to wipe the arsehole of an S.A.S operator.

      P.S you, an American, want to talk about weak people after the cringe worthy, embarrassing, cucked display your countrymen have put on the world recently?
      I’m embarrassed for you.
      The American male, especially the white American, is the most pathetic, cucked, appeasing, fragile beta on earth.

      • Particularly crispy baked potato says:

        You go ahead and say that to the face of a delta force operator or a seal. They’d probably laugh, but I doubt they’d waste the energy to hand you your teeth. The SAS does not deserve the top spot on this list. It may be the oldest, it’s not the best. A seal, delta force, marine force recon, or army special forces soldier would mop the floor with an SAS guy. It’s as simple as that. More drilling, more exercise, and arguably better quality training. You say that they aren’t even fit to “wipe the a**h*le of an SAS soldier?” Then who did the sas model it’s current training methods off of?

        • Pete simms says:

          The SAS EASILY takes the top spot. By far the best troops on the planet and what is more, many other special forces around the world actually model themselves on the SAS

        • Thomas Waters says:

          Talk is cheap, I remember when America called in the SAS to find away into a building of sorts, and after the inspection told them that to get into here you will have to kill many people, and thats axactly what happened, reading onr list od special forces the seals rated top, there is one group of soldiers I would put against your Seals, and would not give much chance for the seals, the Gurkha soldiers, their stealth, endurance and bravery is legend, they are certainly in the special forces category…

        • NO ONE, ACCEPT THEY WERE , THE LRDG, WW2 Long Range Desert Group, that played hell behind enemy lines playing hell with Rommel’s stores and ammo dumps, Rommel had a very high respect for those guys. and you really do have a shitty attitude to your Ally…..

        • Proud & British says:

          Pity you don’t have any respect and talk such r*b**sh.

          The best and most dangerous fighter in the world is by far the British Gurkha. So ask a Gurkha which army he would prefer to join and it will be the British army. Then from the best of the best Gurkha’s will seek to join the number by far Special Forces in the world the SAS. That is why it is copied by so many countries. It’s not about just training on a parade ground and running 20 miles with an ammo pack on your back that’s been going for 50 years it’s about using hearts and minds the latest technology and the best experience in the world with so many operations using both the SAS and SBS from the UK and training our friends in the British commonwealth.

          • Hlo those ghurkhas are from india yours British bettallion was impressed and inspired from our indian ghurkhas they kept some of our soldiers in british army and then they have made their ghurkhas inspiring from us

        • Shenanigans says:

          I find it rather comical you say that, do yourself a favour and watch the USA vs SAS, where an active US SF gets smashed in less than 2 rounds by a retired SAS operative.
          Then there’s the recent military exercise where the UK managed to ‘nuke’ the US multiple times and the US flopped.
          If you’re going to spout your ridiculous diatribe at least try to make it convincing.

      • Rain line says:

        You’re the one that sounds b*tth*rt here. Also, rather funny to make judgments about a whole society based on the actions of a few individuals. Next off, you go ahead and tell what you just said to the face of a delta or seal operator. They’d punch you in the face so hard you’d fall to the ground, and then you’d get back up so they could stuff a handful of your disease-rotted teeth back into your mouth and hit you again even harder. Reality check: the seals and delta force are just better than the SAS. You put either out, and it’d be a fair fight, pretty close to even, but the seal or delta guy would win. Older doesn’t equal better. Maybe the SAS was the best in the 80s and 90s, but they sure as hell aren’t anymore. After all, the training programme of both the seals and delta are based upon that of the SAS, only augmented to be even more challenging. If the training regimes are harder, the troops will be better.
        Also, pro tip, if you’re going to call other males pathetic, chucked, appeasing, fragile betas, the least you can do is just say b*tth*rt without censoring b*tt. Moron.

    • Jason Wood says:

      Your funny ha ha , why do Americans always think they are the best, ha ha that’s so funny, if you really want to get down to it American’s are basically British and European because the I only people that are really Americans are the native Indians, so who did you say was the best again ha

  • Typical indians, always putting out false info and upgreading india. Those morcos, australia and New Zealand are not even in the top 20 and he has put them in top 10

    • bu*ls**t, don’t downgrade other forces when you are a mere nobody yourself

  • Naeem Asghar says:

    Jouranlist Increase your knowledge dont place Pakistan at 16th number its is the best

  • Gurkha,realy……one of the best fighting forces of all time ,a great friend to the British and a brother and sister to our great commonwealth, people don’t realise that India is now a superpower and I as a ex serving soldier feel proud to be part of our great family.

  • Benjamin Paul says:

    HAHA! Marcos above the GIGN, The Grom, and the SSG. Can you please tell which major military experience does MARCOS have? Oh! You are an Indian. Absolutely rubbish!

    • Rohit Banerjee says:

      can you tell me which major military experience GROM or GIGN have? Are you freaking kidding me? lol. Anyway most MARCOS ops are classified, if i had to choose an Indian unit with more known ops, it would be the PARA SF.

  • muhammad umar says:

    hahahah…gorkhas who
    were beaten by NLI Pakistan in 1999… and ssg should rank first as they are battle harded and dont forget ssg had occupied 22000ft height in siachen after capture that we pushed back indian from agra an taj like many posts …

    • You have learnt what your country’s army has taught you. I feel sad for you poor kid

  • Many of the special forces has tasted their speciality in warfare in Afghanistan , such as Uk’s , US , Germany , Poland , France and more . What was the outcome ? Any great achievements?
    Not at all . They all ended up in zero outcome .
    But the Afghan special forces such as APU
    They are highly trained but not really well enough equipped .
    They have shown many good progressive actions against international terr*r groups . And the outcome is excellent .
    Why their name is not included in here ?
    I need your fed backs .
    No bad language .

    • The most valid reason is because of mujahideen.No one can fight against Islam

    • Mcpl.Devereaux says:

      Who do you think trained you ? Jtf2 and csor. Any notable achievements? Yes one casualty since 1993. And longest sniper kill at 3600 meters.

  • Yeah sure 3rd most dangerous israeel force is killing innocent childs and womens in palestine …. woooww just woow

    • Look at him cry, LOOK!!
      HAHA pathetic.

  • Rustam zazai says:

    Afghanistan special forces are in top 10 because they are fighting every single day and have best ACHIEVEMENTS compare to other forces

  • ahmed alelayawi says:

    What about iraqi special operations force
    The ones who defeated the most powerful terr*rist organization in history (isis) !!!!

  • Where’s Para SF… INDIA….

  • Where the Egyptian forces 999and777

  • Sir where are the Para SF(Red devils) of India. They are the best of the best. Why didn’t you include them? We all know that in 1965 war Pakistani SSG was defeated by the Parachute regiment of India. I want a genuine reason for it.

  • My uncle was a colour sergeant in 3 para, possibly more, we don’t know…he was killed in Ireland in the early 80’s. As regards the Gurkhas, he always said given the choice of going into battle with a platoon of paras or 2 Gurkhas, he would choose the 2 Gurkhas every time. Fearless and loyal warriors

  • SF-Srilanka also a best Special Force they should be number 3

  • Srilanka army fight with face to face because of bravery

  • I feel sad there is no 707th special force here

  • Sri Lankan special forces must be included.

  • SLHACKERS says:

    Where is Sri lanka special Froces?

  • Sri Lankan Special Force is the best special force in the world!

  • Frederick Lara says:

    What about the Mexican army special forces group. Lol. They should be Numero Uno.

    • Mcpl.Devereaux says:

      They all joined cartels hahahahah

  • Thewan Perera says:

    why srilankan special forces aint here

  • David Jones says:

    Oh, come on, don’t beat around the bush – tell the American what you feel about him.

  • Pushkaraj S. Bane says:

    There is no basis for the rankings. Operational experience and missions are nowhere taken into account.

  • this is not even come close

  • Indian Navy MARCOS are equal to US Navy seals, Commandos of Marcos wear US Navy seals trident badge. MARCOS comes very next to the US Navy seals….

  • Number 1 is the Israeli forces that no one knows about.

  • Special Air Service is far and away the toughest special forces in the world however there are MANY other special forces that are also exceptional. Gurkhas should be second, they are an exceptional fighting force.


    • SAStearsuanewone says:

      The author is correct . The British SAS are not just the oldest but they train all others . Who was deployed in Bosnia ? How did 8 SAS soldiers take a platoon of 200 argentinians ? Who do you think is training the Ukrainian army ?
      You guys are hilarious-India ? Pakistan ? Sri Lanka ? Just stick to cricket .

  • I could not understand how this guy ranked all this. SSG special force of Pakistan is one of the best force and should be at least in the top ten in the world. Correct your knowledge.

  • Special ops says:

    well, I like your choice, but why not mention the Iranian Embassy siege for SAS? without a doubt, that’s one of their most famous?

  • Digvijendra Pratap says:

    Thank god 9 para sf is not in the list, they are the deadliest and the best thing is no one knows it except very few people like me. Which makes them deadlier for the enemies.

  • Hildegarde says:

    I would have to rate the Australian SASR well above shayatet, alpha and delta, on the US site, we are the mighty, what THEY have to say about the SASR is that they were the most feared soldiers in Vietnam, possibly even above the seals and maybe on a par with the British SAS, the Australian SAASR did NOT evolve from the British SASR like a lot specualte either!

  • Kamlesh Mehra says:

    How can u put new zealand , Austria Poland forces in upper level from Marcos
    this list didn’t justifying the dignity of these forces

  • Jai bharat mata ki jia says:

    You all forgot about indian para command

  • i feel like the SBS should get some recognition as they are seen by many to be more physically and mentally fit than the SAS. I suppose they are more specialised so the SAS may be better overall but surely they should make it onto this list

    • I thought it was that all civilian force that works for a shadow American company that is completely funded by private American companies. The same ones that interdict a
      ll satellite transmissions. Which gives the US government plausi ble denial. I do not believe it has a name, just operatives

  • Where is SPECIAL TURKISH ARMY PART- “BORDO BERELI’s”. Also Turkish secret army team win 4 times again and again NATO special race and Nato delete special race for this tranings….

  • To everyone arguing here the fact of wether ur special forces ranks in this list or not depends on their acheivements war experience kills, causalties successful ops etc and not how hard they’re trained let’s say marcos I am indian so i won’t get fired on for citing it ,
    Say they record the hardest training in the world and they pissed their pants ok their first mission, high causuality rate no or less display of successful or deployed operation, gained useful objectives the world won’t give it a rank like the law the world needs evidence

  • Bob Johnson says:

    I hardly doubt Russia is even ranked now. They certainly were not a factor in Ukraine. The other vaunted force from Russia was completely destroyed by what was local resistance. Pretty incredible.

  • Vin Diesel says:

    Where is Vin Diesel and the other guys from Fast and Furious? I’ve seen those films, they never get shot and seem to be called upon to tackle the greatest of all threats rather than any military branch. I’m pretty sure those films are factually accurate in all areas and should be on this list.

  • Medimedes says:

    I feel honored to even have our spec ops mentioned As a Canadian Not even i know much about how powerful JTF2 can be and They are Ranked as high as america’s Navy seals and British SAS on several areas.
    Its the secrecy.

  • Alexander Gerrand says:

    The SAS actually has “E” Squadron as well, but they are so secretive most people don’t even know they exist. As far as I am aware they work with MI5 and MI6 but that’s pretty much all that’s known about them.

  • I am join to marcos comando is my dream

  • lol how is israel on this list?

  • Joseph Martin says:

    Yet all these “special forces ” were sent packing by the Taliban.

  • This site is made by europian countries so they cheat like childrens

  • Rich Preston says:

    Sri Lanka’s LRRP or Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol is a covert operation (black ops) unit of the Sri Lanka Army. This unit is operated under the Directorate of Military Intelligence of the Army and it is composed of personnel from the Commando Regiment and Special Forces Regiment. LRRP is one of the deadliest units on Earth and they were the 1st to capture the leader of the LTTE which is one of the most dangerous organizations. Even Indian forces were not able to destroy LTTE. That’s the truth.