23 Most Expensive Apps For iPhone [Of All Time] | 2024 Edition

The App Store has nearly 1.9 million apps, and these apps have been downloaded more than 150 billion times. About 60 billion of those downloads have been games, and 90 billion have been apps.

While the App Store is dominated by free and affordable applications, there are some ridiculously expensive options available too.

Interestingly, many of these high-priced apps are poorly designed gimmicks and often fail to justify their hefty price tags. However, there are also some quality ones with sophisticated designs and advanced functionalities that have required extensive development efforts.

The highest price that any developer can charge for an app is $10,000. Yet, for prices exceeding $1,000, developers need to make a special request. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see the range of prices developers set for their services.

Presenting the most expensive apps ever featured on the App Store. These apps primarily target iPhone and iPad devices. While most have been permanently removed, some are still available for download.

 Did you know? 

In 2022, App Store developers collectively earned $1.1 trillion in revenue within the App Store ecosystem. Of this amount, $910 billion came from the sale of physical goods and services, $104 billion from digital goods and services, and $109 billion from in-app advertising. 

23. Crestron Mobile Pro G – $99.99

Category: Lifestyle and Utilities

Crestron is a home automation app that allows users to control entertainment and environmental systems from their iPhone and iPad. It uses Wi-Fi or 4G/5G communication to keep you connected in the home, office, and on the go.

The interface is quite simple—you can view the room and device status, select movies/music, and adjust volume, climate, lighting, and security settings.

22. XA1 – $179.99

Category: Music 

XA1 is a real-time spectrum analyzer created specifically for iPhone and iPod touch users. Its primary purpose is to provide instant feedback on the audio spectrum, aiding users in their audio-related tasks by offering a visual representation of sound.

Key features include low latency, a 5-octave keyboard, peak mode, and adjustable filter bandwidth.

21. Pharmacotherapy Principles – $189.99

Category: Medical

This app is filled with evidence-based methods that teach you how to develop, execute, monitor, and analyze medication therapy. It has everything you need to understand the pharmacotherapy principles and their applications.

More specifically, the app has six sections (including the introduction part). Each section is written or reviewed by physicians, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists recognized by authorities in their fields.

20. Zollinger Atlas of Surgery – $209.99

Category: Medical

Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgery has been one of the most trusted sources of its kind for over five decades. It covers preoperative preparation, incision and exposure, procedure, as well as postoperative care.

It is also packed with more than 1,800 pictures depicting key actions surgeons must consider during operations. The latest edition covers advanced operations, such as robotic surgery, endovascular procedures, and laparoscopic surgery.

As for user experience, the app is extremely simple to use. Users can quickly navigate from one section to another, search for specific topics, and alter the text size for easier reading. All searches and bookmarks are stored in the personal library.

19. Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 – $299.99

Category: Games

This is a set of fun activities bundled together into one game. It consists of a pinball machine, clown punching bag, puzzle game of fighting for food and space, laser and muffin guns to defend Misty Bubble’s homeland from killer bees, and more.

18. Barcelona vs Madrid – $299.99

Category: Games

A dubious-looking football game available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It claims to have the “most realistic graphic and simulation,” but reviews describe it as “nothing special.”

17. Agro – $299.99

Category: Business

Agro simplifies the lives of agronomists by managing paperwork and inspection records hassle-free. It enables users to store client information, chemical needs, crop data, and pest details.

With Agro, users can generate and send professional paddock inspection reports to clients via email. The app also facilitates emailing local suppliers to arrange and reserve necessary chemicals.

However, the app seems overpriced for something that could probably be organized on a spreadsheet for free.

16. TouchChat AAC with WordPower – $299.99

Category: Education

TouchChat, now discontinued, was a full-featured communication app tailored for individuals who faced challenges in using their natural voice. It was specifically designed for people with conditions such as Autism, ALS, Down Syndrome, apraxia, stroke, and others that hindered their ability to speak naturally.

The app allowed users to articulate words and phrases using a built-in voice synthesizer or by playing pre-recorded messages.

Moreover, text generated within TouchChat could be shared on social media platforms, and text from external applications could be copied into TouchChat for vocalization.

15. Mobile Cam Viewer – $349.99

Category: Utilities

Mobile Cam Viewer allows users to remotely manage their live security and surveillance cameras, video servers, webcams, NVR, and DVR directly from their mobile phones, offering convenience and flexibility.

The app is compatible with various webcam models, and multiple users can simultaneously access the same camera feed.

Previously one of the most costly apps on the iOS platform, Mobile Cam Viewer and similar apps are now available for free. 

14.iDIA – $399.99

Category: Education

iDIA, which stands for Diagnostic Imaging Atlas, is a client education software designed to help validate diagnostic findings and support in-hospital and referral procedures.

It includes all the animation and illustration content from the main DIA program, along with 150 client education handouts covering various common pet health topics.

13. DDS GP – $399.99

Category: Medical

DDS GP is tailored for dentists aiming to enhance their communication regarding dental conditions and treatment with patients. The app provides guidance on effectively explaining treatment plans and techniques to aid patients in making informed healthcare decisions.

It comprises 37 audio tracks totaling over 80 minutes, authored and narrated by renowned speaker Dr. Paul Homoly.

12. Tap Menu – $549.99

Category: Graphics and Design

Tap Menu was an image-based app designed to assist users in creating customized menus or books for various establishments such as restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and content table indexes.

It operated independently without the need for a web or database server. Users could simply design their menu pictures and upload them directly into the Tap Menu app via iTunes.

11. BATAK Touch- $599.99

Category: Healthcare

BATAK Touch was an application designed for physiotherapists seeking to expand their range of client services.

It was particularly useful for assessing reactions, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity skills across different domains such as physical and mental rehabilitation, stroke recovery, disabilities, arthritis management, drug testing trials, occupational health, infant dexterity, and corporate wellness programs.

10. Verituner -$599.99

Category: Music

Verituner is an advanced piano tuning app for professional piano technicians. The app automatically calculates your tuning to match each piano’s unique scaling perfectly.

It features aural quality tuning, accurate pitch raises, historical temperaments, adjustable stretch, and more. The automatic, hands-off operation helps you tune quickly and eliminates tedious pre-tuning measurement steps.

9. ViaCAD Pro – $699.99

Category: Graphics and Design

ViaCAD Pro is packed with various 2D drafting and 3D modeling tools. It is specifically built for photorealistic rendering, 3D prototyping, architectural drawings, interior design, product packaging, and more.

The app allows you to drag and drop elements in polar, rectangular, and isometric layouts, making it easier to edit complex designs. There are multiple viewports, so you can analyze your design from every angle. Plus, you can seamlessly switch between 2D and 3D views while working on your project.

And since it is compatible with AutoCAD, you can assign team members to the same project without forcing everyone to be on the same brand of CAD tool.

8. EP Cook Book -$999.99

Category: Healthcare

EP CookBook offers a platform for connecting with Electrophysiology Professionals globally. Through their official website, users can access forums, news, case presentations, and other valuable resources.

However, despite charging $1000 for their app, the ‘About’ section on the official website appears to lack specific details. It does not mention any physicians by name or provide any academic affiliations, which may seem vague to potential users.

7. QSFFStats – $999.99

Category: Games

QSFFStats, a discontinued app, provided users with the ability to track flag football statistics for all passing leagues. It featured multiple team lists and allowed users to schedule games based on date, time, location, and field.

6. MapCog Spectra – $999.99

Category: Healthcare

MapCog Spectra is a test designed to identify attentional disorders in individuals. It assesses attentional lapses related to ADHD and other neurodevelopmental conditions using insights from brain imaging research.

However, despite these claims, their official website lacks published data from peer-reviewed journals validating the app’s effectiveness.

5. Ignition – $999.99

Category: Developer Tools

Ignition works with LogMein software to provide remote access to computers, data, files, and applications. It enables users to transfer files, wake up sleeping computers or servers remotely, and even print documents wirelessly.

4. Dentsio – $999.99

Category: Medical

Dentsio markets itself as the first iPad app for daily dental practices.

It provides dentists with a comprehensive platform to manage various aspects of patient care, including basic patient data, general health information, bacterial plaque control, oral hygiene records, orthodontic treatment plans, financial budgets, dental and periodontal charts, as well as records such as images, radiographs, and laboratory analyses.

3. VIP Black – $999.99

Category: Lifestyle

VIP Black, often referred to as “the millionaire app,” is an exclusive lifestyle application offering premium experiences and privileges. Members of this app enjoy VIP treatment, including surprise gifts, complimentary upgrades, priority access, welcome packages, and other unique benefits from iVIP Ltd’s luxury partners and services worldwide.

These perks extend to on-demand concierge services, exclusive hotel accommodations, personal trainers, butlers, and even private jets. To access the app, users must certify that their net worth exceeds one million euros.

However, as of 2024, the app is no longer available on the App Store.

2. I Am Rich – $999.99

Category: Lifestyle

“I Am Rich” was among the pioneering apps created to showcase its users’ wealth. Developed by Armin Heinrich in 2008, it lacked any practical functions. Instead, it simply displayed a mantra in large font: “I am rich. I deserve it. I am good, healthy, and successful.”

Due to its lack of purpose, Apple swiftly removed the app from the marketplace within a day of its release. Nonetheless, before its removal, eight copies had already been sold.

1. CyberTuner – $999.99

Category: Music

CyberTuner stands out as a premier tuning tool for professional piano technicians. Its high cost is justified by its user-friendly interface, clear functions, intuitive design, and flexibility to customize tuning with remarkable accuracy.

The app comes with several advanced features like precise pitch measurement, temperament adjustments, and historical tuning data tracking. It provides extremely accurate tuning results, which is crucial for professional piano tuning. 

Achieving this level of precision requires extensive research, development, and testing, which contribute to CyberTuner’s higher price point. 

Developed by registered Piano Technician members of the PTG, the app has received rave reviews, earning a perfect 4.9-star rating from 50 reviewers.

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