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The App Store has more than 2 million apps, and since its launch over 100 billion copies of applications have been downloaded. The platform is dominated by free and cheap applications, but there are also some expensive options.

A small percentage of iOS users are willing to fork out for high-quality work, and Apple’s app store contains a small selection of offerings for big spenders. Surprisingly, most of these expensive applications are poorly designed gimmicks and don’t justify the price tag.

The highest price that any developer can charge for an app is $999.99, which takes a little bit of the thrill out of the list. So no matter what happens, you won’t find anything for over $1000. Still, it’s fun to see what people are charging for what kind of services. Presenting the most expensive apps for iPhone and iPad.

21. Crestron Mobile Pro G – $99.99

Crestron Mobile Pro G

Crestron is a home automation app that allows users to control entertainment and environmental system from their iPhone and iPad. It uses Wifi or 3G communication to keep you connected in the home, office and on the go. The interface is quite simple – you can view room, device status, select movies/music, adjust volume, climate, lighting, and security.

20. XA1 – $179.99


XA1 is a realtime spectrum analyzer for iPhone and iPod touch. It is designed to give realtime feedback for the audio spectrum, so when you perform audio-related work, the app will help you with a visible reference for your sound. It features low latency, 5-octave keyboard, peak mode, filter bandwidth adjustment and more.

19. Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 – $299.99

Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2

This is a set of fun activities bundled together into one game. It consists of a pinball machine, clown punching bag, puzzle game of fighting for food and space, laser and muffin guns to defend misty bubble homeland from killer beez, and more.

18. SafeSession Voice Encryption – $299.99

SafeSession offers mobile secure VoIP calls via Internet channel. That means, your phone conversation is protected by voice encryption algorithms. However, you can talk in secure mode only if the person on the other end has also installed the app on his device.

17. Barcelona vs Madrid – $299.99

Barcelona vs Madrid

A dubious-looking football game available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It claims to have “most realistic graphic and simulation” but reviews describe it as “nothing special”.

16. Agro – $299.99


Agro helps agronomists by taking the headache out of filing paperwork and keeping track of inspection. It allows you to store client details, chemical requirement, crops, and pests.

You can create and email professional paddock inspection reports to each client, and simultaneously email local suppliers to prepare and hold chemicals required. However, the app seems overpriced for something that could probably be organized on a spreadsheet for free.

15. TouchChat AAC with WordPower – $299.99


TouchChat is a full-featured communication app for people who have difficulty using their natural voice. It is specially designed for individuals with Autism, ALS, Down Syndrome, apraxia, stroke, or other conditions that affect a person’s ability to use natural voice.

Words and phrases are spoken with a built-in voice synthesizer or by playing a recorded message. Text generated with TouchChat pages can also be shared on social networking websites, and text from other applications can be copied to TouchChat so that it can be spoken out loud.

14. Mobile Cam Viewer – $349.99

Mobile Cam Viewer

Mobile Cam Viewer lets you control your live security and surveillance cameras, video servers, webcams, NVR, DVR anytime and anywhere from your cell phone. The app supports various webcam models, and multiple users can view the same camera at the same time.

13.iDIA – $399.99


iDIA (stands for Diagnostic Imaging Atlas) is a client education software, which makes it easier to validate your diagnostic findings and justify in-hospital and referral procedures. It includes all the animation and illustration content from the main DIA program, and 150 client education handouts covering common pet health topics.

12. DDS GP Yes! – $499.99


DDS GP is designed for dentists to improve the presentation of dental conditions and treatment to patients. The app teaches the best way to explain treatment plans, and techniques to help influence patients to make good health care decisions. It consists 37 audio tracks of over 80 minutes, written and narrated by the internationally known speaker Dr. Paul Homoly.

11. Tap Menu – $549.99

Tap Menu

Tap Menu is a picture based app that helps you make your own menu or book for your restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, content table index, etc. It doesn’t use any web or database server – just design your own menu pictures and upload them into Tap Menu app by iTunes.

10. BATAK Touch- $599.99


BATAK Touch is an app for physiotherapists who are looking to increase the range of client service. It is ideal for testing reaction, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity skills in various areas including physical and mental rehabilitation, stroke recovery, disability, arthritis, drug testing trails, occupational health, infant dexterity, and corporate wellness.

8. Verituner -$599.99


Verituner is an advanced piano tuning app for professional piano technicians. The app automatically calculates your tuning to perfectly match each piano’s unique scaling. It features aural quality tuning, accurate pitch raises, historical temperaments, adjustable stretch, and more. The automatic hands-off operation helps you tune quickly and eliminates tedious pre-tuning measurement steps.

7. EP Cook Book -$999.99

EP Cook Book

EP CookBook lets you connect with Electrophysiology Professionals all around the world. Their official website (arrhythmia.solutions) has forums, news, case presentations, and a variety of other information.

For a company that charges $1000 for their app, their about section on the official website seems vague – not mentioning any physician by name or any kind of academic affiliation.

6. QSFFStats – $999.99


QSFFStats lets you keep track of flag football stats for all passing leagues. It is specially designed for the company’s website. The app contains multiple team lists, and you can set games according to date, time, location and field.

5. MapCog Spectra – $999.99

MapCog Spectra

MapCog Spectra is a test that helps to detect if a person has an attentional disorder. It measures attentional lapses in ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders, based on the latest research on attentional systems detected by brain imaging. However, their official website doesn’t appear to have any data published in peer-reviewed journals that show the app is validated in the literature.

4. Ignition – $999.99


Ignition works with LogMein software to provide remote access to computers, data, files and applications. It allows you to transfer files, wake up sleeping computer/server remotely, and print over the air.

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3. Dentsio – $999.99


Dentsio market itself as the first iPad app for daily dental practice. It allows dentists to include a single application basic patient data, data on general health, bacterial plaque control and oral hygiene, orthodontic treatment plan, budgets, dental and periodontal charts, and all records such as pictures, radiographic and laboratory analysis, etc.

2. VIP Black – $999.99

VIP Black

Described as “the millionaire app”, VIP black is an exclusive lifestyle application. Members of this app receive VIP treatment, extra-special experiences such as surprise gifts, complimentary upgrades, priority access, welcome packages, and other unique privileges across iVIP Ltd’s global range of luxury partners and services.

This includes an on-demand concierge, exclusive hotels, butlers, personal trainers, butlers, and private jets. Upon download, you are required to certify that your net worth is more than one million Euro.

1. CyberTuner – $999.99


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CyberTuner is a professional piano technician’s tuning tool. What makes this app so expensive – the ease of use, clarity of functions, intuitive and thoughtful design, flexibility to tune the way you want with unbelievable accuracy, as well as the programming by registered Piano Technician member of the PTG. The app has got a 5-star rating by 70 people who reviewed it.

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