11 Most Profitable Small Businesses

A few decades ago, small businesses were targeting only limited audience and therefore limited profit they got. But now, market profile has been completely changed and small businesses can also target same as the big companies. They also have loyal clients because they are capable to provide real customer experience. Now there are numerous small businesses that are actually extremely profitable. These businesses sometimes maintain the country and make a large contribution to the GDP. The following businesses are ranked randomly. Have a look at 11 most profitable small businesses. If you know any other small business which made millions, feel free to share with us.

11. Errand Service

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In today’s lifestyle, not everyone has the time to perform their daily tasks. Errand service means to perform something on someone else’s behalf. Almost every physically disabled person is unable to do their daily activities and needs someone else. This business includes some social works and it totally depends on you that what kind of services you are providing. This business can be operated part time from home and you can also provide services online.

10. Travel Agents

Travel agents

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Travel agent’s job is to plan and sell transportation for travel agency customers. Most of these agents work for private airlines. Their other duties include arranging flights, collecting and processing payments. There are several types of travel agencies and it’s up to you to choose the best one for you. A major advantage of this job profile is, you can work from anywhere you want. Becoming an independent travel agent is not an easy job but you can earn well.

9. Child Care Business

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If you love children and can handle them then this is one of the best small businesses for you. This is a great way to earn while living along and enjoying with children. This type of business is more common in the United States. There are two options – open a legal childcare business or home based childcare business. It depends all on you whether you want to just create a job for yourself or want to earn millions of dollars. The output depends on the startup input amount.

8. Freelance Writer

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A freelance writer or freelancer is a person who is self-employed/entrepreneur and sometimes they are representing a company. Some freelancers write articles and reviews on trending news in different areas such as technology and science & engineering. Most of the freelancers are self-taught and learn from their experience. You can find them in almost every type of organizations including film making, music, computer programming, translating and many other industries.

7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual AssistantPhoto credit: Wikimedia

A virtual assistant is a self-employed or an entrepreneur who provides technical, administrative and social services from a home office. They generally work for small businesses and there may be an individual or a company. Some of their services providing areas are medical, web development, web marketing, food and elder care. It is estimated that there are only 25,000 virtual assistants across the world and the number is continuously increasing.

6. Recycler

RecyclerPhoto credit: Pixabay

This is an important business to save our nature. I am not telling you to become a garbage collector. If you want to start a new business and also support Green Movement then this could be the best opportunity for you. Every year, tons of electronic gadgets are produced and only a few percent of them recycled. It’s up to you to decide which type of recyclable materials is most profitable for you. For more profit, start a small recycling plant in your backyard. This is a great way to earn profit by doing a favor on earth.

5. Online Stores

Online Stores

In this era, E-commerce market is one of the biggest and most profitable businesses around the world. There are many firms which are making billions of dollars annually even they started their business with fewer dollars. In the beginning, you have to spend some money to expand your small online business. Once you start getting profits, you can spend more money on marketing and other campaign. It’s your choice whether you start this business by selling your own stuff or sell products of other businesses. If you wanna earn big, don’t be lazy, start online business today and choose a domain name that matches with your products.

4. Social Media Consultant

Social_commerce_worldPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Social media is one of the important parts of marketing. A social media consultant provides suggestions on how to better utilize social media to launch and develop new business. Nowadays, every type of industries and businesses are using social media to improve their sales. The number of small scale business is increasing at a tremendous rate; you have a great opportunity to become an entrepreneur.

3. Home Based Food Service

Home Based Food ServicePhoto credit: Wikimedia

Having a food service business is a fun and sometimes creative too. I am not telling you to open a restaurant because it can be expensive to maintain them. Now there are many ways to get into the food service business from home. Do you know the Dabbalwala (Lunch Box) from Mumbai provides the world’s best service of homemade lunch? They deliver over two million lunch boxes per month.

2. Website Designer

Website DesignerPhoto credit: wikimedia

A Website designer designs and creates different kinds of websites. The internet world is expanding at an exponential rate, so the need of web designer is also increasing. A good and talented web designer can be hired by many industries or he/she can work independently. To become a successful website designer, all you need is the understanding and the deep knowledge of all programming languages. The best thing about this job is it involves a massive earning and you can do it from home without getting under any kind of pressure.

1. Small Business Resource Center

Small business resource center - Most Profitable Small BusinessesPhoto credit: Wikimedia

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No matter what kind of business you wanna start, there are lots of decisions to be made in the beginning of startup. What kind of software or what kind of outsource will you use? How much time would it take to get established, how many employees you want? Here comes the role of Business Resource Center. They answer these kinds of questions. They also help youngsters to become an entrepreneur. If you are going to start an online business, they will give some helpful suggestions according to your budget. The number of entrepreneurs and small business has been increased in the last couple of years, due to which profit of business resource centers is touching skies these days.

Remember, time plays a very important role in all business. Do it before it’s too late.

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