10 Near Future Military Technology

We always focus on futuristic gadgets and inventions, then why not futuristic wartime technologies. Military technology is also developing with all other technologies. The military weapons continue to grow and their capacity to destruct is also increasing. The strategies and weapons for the war has been changed and now every military planning to make their future warrior forces equipped with all advanced technologies. This article deals with some great stuff that would have been considered as imagination a few years ago. Now many amazing military weapons are very common such as combat robots whereas some are still in development. The following list contains 10 near future military technology.

10. Flybot

FlybotPhoto credit: Wikimedia

With the size of a normal bug, a tiny flybot can be sent on a rescue mission or to find chemical bombs in remote areas. A Harvard based Micro robotics Laboratory already created a Mobee, an advanced flybot. It weighs about one tenth of a gram and equipped with a battery, microprocessor, sensor and transmitter. Now various teams of scientists are developing flybots which are powered by nuclear energy source. They decided to use the nickel element to produce power but this project is still under progress.

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9. Sonic Weapon

Sonic WeaponPhoto credit: Wikimedia

Sonic or ultrasonic weapons are a type of weapon that use sound to injure or kill an opponent. These types of weapons are also known as a direct energy weapon where microwave is also used to kill an enemy. Extremely high power sound waves can be very dangerous to the victim and easily destroy their eardrums. A test on mice showed that this weapon can damage lung and liver at 184 dB. These are in limited use by the military and police forces and scientists are still trying to develop its power.

8. Railgun

General Atomics BlitzerPhoto credit: Wikimedia

A Railgun or General Atomics Blitzer is an electrically powered electromagnetic projectile launcher. It has two conducting rails through which a projectile is accelerated to over supersonic speed by the electromagnetic effect and flows down through first rail and come back along the other rail. In 2008, the United States Navy tested a railgun that accelerates a seven pound projectile to hyper-sonic velocity i.e. 8600 km/h. Beyond military applications, railguns can also be used as non-rocket space launch of the spacecraft. This weapon is still under development and scientists are working to turn it into a reality.

7. Plasma Weapon

Plasma WeaponPhoto credit: Wikimedia

A Plasma Weapon is a theoretical weapon which uses high energy ionized gas as a power source. The plasma is produced by superheating lasers and super high frequency devices. This weapon can be very dangerous as it has ability to burn or even melt the target. Still there is no practical example of this weapon and recently Boeing has funded in development of this technology. If scientists make it practical, this is going to be the biggest breakthrough for the near future military technology.

6. Advanced Uniforms

Army UniformPhoto credit: Wikimedia

A soldier’s uniform has always been an important factor in every war. It has to be more advance, both physically and technically. A report states that, in the last decade only those soldiers were saved who got quick medical care. In the last few years, more than 2500 soldiers died between the war place and a hospital. A team of scientists are trying to invent a new military uniform with inbuilt sensor which can sense any wound and transmit the patient information to the nearby medical center. The suit has a minicomputer which gives it a special power to immediately scan the wounds.

5. Hellads

HelladsPhoto credit: Wikimedia

The High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (Hellads) is a powerful under development laser system to shoot down missiles and rockets. This project is being funded by the Pentagon’s DARPA, a research agency. A similar kind of laser weapon was first tested by Israel in 2004. This weapon can produce a powerful 150 kW to knock down the missiles. A working prototype was expected to be available before 2012 but this weapon is still under semifinal development mode.

4. Nanobot Healers

Nanobot HealersPhoto credit: Wikimedia

During the war, soldiers must have to be physically and mentally fit. A surprising statistic showed that a large number of soldiers were evicted from the war because of sickness. In every war, most of the soldiers died of diseases, not by the enemy. A few years back, DARPA began working to create nanobots that live inside the soldier’s body and diagnose their disease. Once a disease has been detected, the nanobots starts diagnosing it so that he can stand against his enemy. The DARPA’s scientists are working on this project to increase the efficiency of every soldier.

3. Antimatter Weapon

Antimatter WeaponPhoto credit: Wikimedia

An antimatter weapon is a theoretical weapon that uses antimatter as a power source and explosive for the weapon. This weapon is hypothetical because of limited available technology and antimatter quantities to produce a weapon. The United States Air Force has funded this project of many destructive applications which will have more explosive energy as compared to fusion reactor. Present technologies are inefficient to produce antimatter. They produced up to 10 nanograms per year and the production cost is much higher than the final product. Only half a gram of antimatter can produce power equivalent to the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb. Now you can imagine the power generated by one kilogram of antimatter.

2. Unmanned Drones

Unmanned dronesPhoto credit: Wikimedia

The current technology used in drones has already revolutionized the warfare. But it has to be more advance to improve the future warfare technologies. Have you ever imagined an unmanned drone flying at more than 4000 miles per hour at an altitude of over 100,000 feet? Such drone is currently under development and expected to debut before 2020. Beyond the military application, these drones can be used in numerous applications such as crowd monitoring, forest fire detection, rescue operation and border patrolling.

1. Stealth Mode Technology

Stealth mode technology - Near Future Military TechnologyPhoto credit: Wikimedia

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Do you remember the invisible cloak in the Harry Potter series? Now imagine it on a big scale. The stealth mode is done on different levels. The primary level is to hide aircraft, missiles, satellites from radar, infrared and any other detection methods. Now scientists are developing a plane that reduces the chances of being detected by redirecting electromagnetic radiations from radars. After the creation of a stealth mode plane, an aircraft will be able to hide its information from the enemy and attack them in their region. It is an important future military technology that may completely change the future.

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