20+ Node.js Frameworks for Developing Web Applications

Node.js is a JavaScript platform that allows you to develop large scale web applications. It uses event driven and non-blocking I/O model, which makes it perfect for data-intensive real time applications. It consists of a variety of frameworks including REST API and generators, MVC framework, full stack framework and lots of server library. These frameworks are created to save your precious time and effort. We are listing all useful Node.js frameworks (in no particular order); if you know JavaScript, you should use one (or more) of these frameworks. Select according to the nature of your project.

21. Sails


Sails is realtime MVC framework that makes it easy to build custom, enterprise Node.js apps. You should use this, especially if your project is related to building chat system, multiplayer games or real-time dashboard.

20. Kraken


KrakenJS is secure and scalable layer that extends by providing structure and conventions. It keeps your code organized by splitting up the configuration and it makes it easy to keep track of almost everything and to easily swipe out components.

19. ActionHero


ActionHero is scalable, reusable and quick Node.js API server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks. It works on lower level, communicating directly with TCP and wire protocols. Furthermore, clients connected to the ActionHero server can consume API, static content and communicate with each other.

18. SocketStream


SocketStream is a framework for real time web applications. It integrates the efficient module to increase productivity, provides a sensible place to put everything and has support for Jade, Stylus and other transpilers.

17. Express.io


Express.io is a simple framework that allows you to build incredibly complex real time application with few lines of codes. It is designed to be a superset of Express and Socket.io.

16. Koa


Koajs is smaller, more expressive and more robust foundation for APIs and web applications. It supports error handling in a much better way and allows you to ditch callbacks. Also, it provides an elegant set of methods that make writing servers simple and fast.

15. Restify


Restify is a node.js module that allows you to build correct REST web services. It places special emphasis on profiling and debugging so you can drill down and optimize the performance of server. It automatically creates DTrace probes whenever you add a new route/handler.

14. Opalang

Opa Language

You can use Opa Language for rapid and secure web development. It allows you to write front-end and back-end code simultaneously, within the same module. Database queries can also be written in the same language. It comes with a type-checker that automatically verifies your code, looking for errors and inconsistencies. Moreover, the Opa Slicer automates the calls between client and server.

13. Flatiron


Flatiron is adaptable framework, maintained by an open source community and has sponsorship from nodejitsu. It supports URL routing, templating, data management, modern hybrid streaming, multiple transports and tons of plugins to enhance its functionality.

12. Sleek

Sleek js

Sleek.js is an open source MVC framework designed by Cubet Techno Labs. It focuses on better performance plus maintenance and its architecture follows the common MVC format which makes it simple to handle and create better websites with pluggable modules and themes support.

11. Mojito


Mojito is MVC application framework build on YUI 3 that allows you to build high performance, cross platform applications. It can run on both client & server and you can use a combination of configuration and MVC architecture to build apps.

10. KeystoneJS


This is Node.js CMS (build on MongoDB and Express.js) for developing data driven websites, applications and APIs. It contains auto-generated admin UI and simpler code to save your time and make managing your data easy. The platform also supports dynamic route, session management, automatic encryption, form processing and sending template based emails.

9. Derby


DerbyJS is a full stack framework composed of several standard node.js module for building modern web applications. It allows you to effortlessly synchronize data across client and server and organize code into components with designer friendly HTML template.

8. Kiss


A simple and sexy framework for Node.js written in CoffeeScript. It is object oriented and uses Django-like templates from swig. It compiles on the start, and for styling use Stylus.

7. Loopback


This is an open source Node.js framework, build on top of Express and optimized for building scalable applications for web mobile and other devices. You can easily access data from Oracle, MYSQL, SOAP and other REST APIs. It supports both dynamic and static data model and there is in-built security layer with access control list.

6. Stapes


Stapes.js is a simple, flexible and lightweight framework that gives you necessary building blocks to create a kick-ass app. It can be used together with AMD module loaders, CommonJS loaders or simply as an old fashioned global variable.

5. Mean.io


Mean.io is a full stack framework which gives you a quick and organized way to develop web apps using modules like Mongoose and Password pre-bundled and configured. Overall, it’s a well-made replacement of Traditional LAMP.

4. Pomelo


Pomelo is scalable, fast, distributed game server framework for Node.js. It is packed with numerous basic development framework and various related components including tools and libraries. Along with multiplayer games, it is suitable for real-time applications like chat, message push etc.

3. Total


Total.js is a web application framework for building rich web sites and web services. It doesn’t have any dependencies, fully compatible with all client side frameworks and packed with good documentation and many examples.

2. Meteor


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Meteor is an open source platform which is used to build fast, secure and delightful applications. You’ll be able to build top-tier web property with radically less code. It’s up to you whether you want to write apps in pure JavaScript or send the data over wire (rather than HTML) or use popular source libraries.

1. Socket.IO


Socket.IO is perfect for building real-time bidirectional communication apps. With this framework, you will be able to build instant messaging or chat service, real-time analytics and other related apps. It works on every platform, device, browser and focuses on speed and reliability.

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