How often you should Update Blog post?

Before starting a blog, you should design a roadmap to make it successful. The roadmap refers to

  • What topic you are going to put there
  • What kind of audience would you like to attract
  • Design and structure of website
  • and for nowadays the most important thing ” Blog update frequency“.

The new search engine algorithm considers date and timing as a crucial factor and if your website traffic depends much on organic search, you must create content according to search engine requirements.

No doubt, the Content is KING but you should keep in mind a king alone can’t win a battle. That means along with the great content you need few other parameters to attract audience. Posting new stuff is one of those parameters. Below, I will explain you how often you should publish a new blog post to get maximum profit.

How often you should publish a new blog post to get maximum profit.

The concept of publishing new post frequently

Suppose you buy a news magazine and read it till the end. There is a second version of the magazine available in the market but with the same content, nothing new, nothing updated. Would you like to buy the second version?
The same concept applies to your blog too. If you are not publishing new content, you are not giving any reason to your reader to visit your blog again.

Search engine effect

If you are publishing new content on a daily basis, it gives a signal to all search engines that your blog is currently active. This might be a minor factor but somehow it helps all your indexed pages to rank better.
Moreover, try to write compelling and engaging content. Force your visitor to read each single line. The more time user spends on your web page the more profit you get as it gives search engine a signal that readers are actually liking your stuff. In other words, you can consider it as a part of search engine optimization (SEO).
High search engine rank position = Lots of new visitors 

Returning visitor

Creating new content regularly will attract those visitors who like your web topics and decide to subscribe it. Every time you publish a post, it will be broadcasted through feed burner or direct email. This will help you get more traffic instantly.
Higher number of subscriber = Lots of returning visitors

How often should I update exactly?

Recommend for those who don’t want any money from their website and doing it as a hobby. 

For steady or almost no Progress: Write 1-2 content per month.
Usually maintained by: Single owner
Post Length: Long 1000-2000 words
Example: Catherine Caffeinated blog

For very slow Progress: Write 1-2 content per week.
Usually maintained by: Single owner
Post Length: Long 1000-2000 words
Example: Bob bly blog

Recommend for part time bloggers who want to earn extra money along with their job.  

For Slow Progress: Publish 1 content per day.
Usually maintained by: Single owner
Post Length: Long 500-1000 words
Example: 3rank

Recommend for webmasters who see website as a business and want to get maximum profit from it. 

For Fast Progress: Publish 2-4 content daily.
Usually maintained by: 2-3 owner
Post Length: Long 300-1000 words
Example: Techgyd 

For very Fast Progress: Publish 6-10 content daily.
Usually maintained by: Team
Post Length: Long 300-900 words
Example: Techcrunch

Bottom line

It’s totally up to you how much website growth you want. We want to share our own experience here; in January 2014 we lost 20% of overall traffic for not adding a single content for 45 days. Between January and February we have added 35-40 new posts and traffic was increased 35% in the month of March. Hope this helps.
Remember: Do not compromise with content quality in intent to achieve maximum growth rate.

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