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10 Oldest Things Ever Found on Earth

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Do you know that our universe is 14 billion years old and the earth seems like a teenager among it with the age of 4.5 billion years. Human beings are also animal but our knowledge and the tools we use separate us from other animals. Humans evolved thousands of years back and now archaeologists have been digging up their tools. Some of these things show us that ancient civilization was more advanced than we think. In the list given below, we represent you few oldest things ever found on earth. Most of these examples are the traces of human civilization.

10. Oldest Wooden Wheel – 5150 years old

Oldest Wooden Wheel - 5150 years oldPhoto credit: Illinois

The oldest wooden wheel is also known as the Ljubljana Marshes Wheel as it was found in Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia. A team of Slovene archaeologists found it in 2002 and Vienna Environmental Research Laboratory proved that it is 5150 years old. The wheel is 28 inches in diameter and made of ash wood. In 2011, the place is reserved as a UNESCO world heritage site to protect the prehistoric pile dwelling site.

9. Oldest Building – 4850 BC

Oldest Building - 4850 BCPhoto credit: wikimedia

The Cairn of Barnenez is a monument located in northern Finistere, France. It is considered as the oldest building in the world, dated about 4850 BC. It is also known for the prehistoric art dated to 3rd BC. The Barnenez Cairn is 72 meters in length, 25 meters in width and 8 meters in height. One cubic meter area of Barnenez Cairn contains 1500 kg of stone and whole monument is built from around 14,000 tons of stone. It has eleven chambers and each has separate passage.

8. Oldest Shoe – 5500 years old

Oldest Shoe - 5500 years oldPhoto credit: wikimedia

The Areni 1 is the oldest leather shoe that was found in 2008 in the Areni 1 cave complex, located in Armenia. According to the researchers, the use of shoes began around 35,000 years ago and this shoe is 5500 years old. It was found in perfect condition due to the dry climate in the cave and a thick layer of sheep dung protects it from outer moisture. Its shoe laces were also preserved and in good condition. Now it is under preservation and will be displayed at the History Museum of Armenia.

7. Oldest Sculpture – 400,000 years old

Oldest Sculpture - 400,000 years oldPhoto credit: wikimedia

During a dig in the town of Tan-Tan in Morocco in 1999, a team of archaeologists found a sculpture that was later described as the oldest sculpture in the world. It was found 15 meters below the surface and dated to the Middle Acheulian period which lasted from 300,000 to 500,000 years ago. It is around six centimeters in height and suggests a figure of human as it have a neck, arms and legs.

6. Oldest Musical Instrument – 43,000 years old

Oldest Musical Instrument - 43,000 years oldPhoto credit: wikimedia

The Divje Babe flute is the world’s oldest musical instrument, found in 1995 at the Divje Babe archaeological park in northwestern Slovenia. It was dated to the late Pleistocene period around 43000 years ago. Actually, it is a cave bear femur bone (11.3 cm) pierced with holes and considered as a form of flute. Now it is displayed as a flute in the National Museum of Slovenia.

5. Oldest Dress – 5000 years old

Oldest Dress - 5000 years oldPhoto credit: UCL

The world’s oldest dress was found in Egypt and it is 5000 years old. It was found at the Tarkhan cemetery during an excavation in between 1911-1913. It belonged to the king Narmer, founded by an archaeologist, Flinders Petrie. Now this dress is kept under preservation in the Petrie museum of Egyptian Archaeology. It is so delicate that even flash photography isn’t allowed inside the museum.

4. Oldest Living Tree – 9550 years old

Oldest Living Tree - 9550 years oldPhoto credit: wikimedia

Old Tijikko is the world’s oldest living individual tree. It is located on the mountain of Dalarna province in Sweden. It stands five meters tall. For thousands of years, these trees look like shrubs due to the harsh environmental condition of Sweden. There are many other examples of multiple trees connected through a common root system such as Pando tree, whose root system can live up to 80,000 years.

3. Oldest Cave Painting – 40,800 years old

Oldest Cave Painting - 40,800 years oldPhoto credit: wikimedia

The cave of the castle contains the oldest known cave art in the world. The cave is located in the Monte Castillo in Spain. It was discovered by a Spanish archaeologist in 1903. All the artwork was found to be dated back as early as 40,800 years ago. They used their hands as stencils and blow paint onto the wall to make the painting. There are more than 150 artworks including few engravings of a deer. Now the site is mentioned under UNESCO world heritage site and under preservation.

2. Oldest Human Fossils – 7 million years old

oldest human foosilPhoto credit: wikimedia

The oldest human fossils were found in 2001 in the Djurab Desert in Chad by a team led by Michel Brunet. Discoverers claimed that it is the oldest known human fossils dated to about seven million years ago. That is the time when our ancestors split from the Chimpanzees. These fossils are also known as Toumai which means “hope of life”.

1. Oldest Stone – 4.4 billion years old

Oldest Stone - 4.4 billion years old - Oldest Things Ever FoundPhoto credit: Discovermagazine

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When earth formed 4.5 billion years ago, most of the minerals were melted by erosion and few exposed on the earth’s surface in few places. Some of these rocks were found in the Canadian Shields, Africa and Australia. The oldest known rock on earth is Zircoin mineral which dated to 4.4 billion years ago, around 200 million years after the formation of the earth. The research is in progress to know the secret behind that, how the early earth cooled from magma and formed the continents within a few million years.

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