20+ Useful Online Tools to Create Charts and Graphs

Today’s audience is incredibly visual. They like to receive information in the form of graphics, charts or tables rather than a thousand word report. Fortunately, there are now thousands of tools that help you to present information in a graphical manner.

Graphs and charts are one of the best ways to represent information and relationship between any two entities. These days, you don’t need any graphic team to create infographics. In fact, you can design creative and compelling graphics, all by yourself with the help of powerful and advanced tools available on the internet. Today, we are presenting a few helpful online tools to create charts and graphs quickly. So let’s start increasing user engagement and interest towards your content.

22. Hohli Charts


Hohli is old yet effective tool to create 3d charts without putting a lot of effort. You can create lines, pie charts, bar charts, scatter plots, radar charts and Venn diagrams. It lets you quickly edit the chart data, background, title and chart size. Upload and edit your own chart or create from the existing ones.

21. ChartGo


ChartGo is easy to use online graph maker tool. You just need to edit chart settings and data, that’s it. The tool offers 4 types of charts: Bar, Line, Area and Pie chart. It also includes 9 inbuilt templates to help you get started.

20. Haiku Deck


Haiku Deck is a great tool for creating slides and charts. It supports only Stack and doughnut charts. It also includes various built-in themes, fonts and layouts. The tool is very easy to use and the chart looks modern and quite attractive.

19. Chart Maker

Chart Maker

If you wanna make graph within a minute, Chart Maker would be a good choice. No annoying ads, no login, no survey. Just put the data and hit the button “get chart”. You will be provided with a Google APIS URL having your chart. Here, you can make Line, Pie, Bar, Venn diagram and Scatter plot.

18. Cacoo


Cacoo lets you create flowcharts, wire frame, sitemap, network and UML diagrams. It is packed with drag drop stencils, alignment tool, snapping features, duplication shortcuts, connectors and labors. Cocoo also allows you to edit diagrams simultaneously with your client, team or friends. Moreover, you can embed online documents and export your work in PNG or iframe format.

17. Rich Chart Live

Rich Chart Live

Create interactive, high impact, flash chart direct from your browser. It includes various professionally designed charts, layouts and animations. All you need is import data from spreadsheet and select a template. That’s it. However, the tool is not free to use. Price starts at $4.95.

16. RAW


RAW is a great tool for creating unique, professional and complex charts. Unlike other tools it is not easy to understand. You have to spend at least 5 minutes to get familiar with its working pattern. You need to enter the data or import spreadsheet, select from given 15+ inbuilt graphs, map your dimension and finally customize visualization. You can embed the final work to your website or download it as vector, image or data model.

15. Plotly

plot ly

Plotly is a user friendly tool where you can create up to 50 private files. It includes various interactive charts and data visualization tools that work smoothly. This is a platform where you can see and comments on charts created by other members. The finished work can be exported in SVG, PDF or EPS format.

14. DIY


DIY (stands for Do IT Yourself) is a simple online tool for creating interactive graphs and charts from either static or dynamic data. The tool supports Unicode text character and data streaming without reloading the webpage. Various kinds of charts are available including pyramid, bubble, line, range, polar, stock, radar, funnel and more. You can export your work in various image formats or embed it in your blog/website.

13. Online Chart Tool

online chart tool

It’s a renewed chart tool through which you can create plenty of 2d graphs such as area, bar, line, pie, radar plots, bubble, meter and scatter charts. It also provides various fonts and shapes to make your chart more attractive. Moreover, this is a free tool where you can create or edit your project and share it with your friends.

12. JS Charts

JavaScript charts

As the name suggests, it’s a JavaScript based chart generator that requires no additional server modules or plugins. You will have to include the script and create your chart in JSON, JavaScript array or XML. It’s easy to integrate and packed with 3 common charts: Line, Bar and Pie. You will get a few advantages if you are familiar with JavaScript. The tool is also available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.

11. Highcharts


Highcharts lets you create interactive charts and maps in pure JavaScript. You can use this tool if you are planning to design any stock or timeline related chart. It supports almost all modern types of charts including spline, area, pie, bar, scatter, areasplinerange, angular gauges and polar charts. Highcharts is free for non-commercial projects and doesn’t require any plugin.

10. Google Charts

Google charts

Google Charts is a powerful and easy to use tool that includes various data tools and rich gallery of interactive charts. They provide interactive dashboard to control and connect multiple charts easily. Here you can create almost all kinds of charts including histogram, tree, area, bar, pie, org, sankey, trendline, timeline, table, scatter charts and much more. It is completely free cross browser compatible tool that supports dynamic/live data.

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9. Lucidchart


Lucidchart is an advanced online tool that lets you create almost all kinds of charts including Network, ERD, Circuit, Server rack, Wire frames, Venn diagrams, sitemaps, iOS/Android mockups, UML, Flow chart and more. It includes hundreds of examples and because this is completely a web based tool, no additional plugin or download is required. You can work together with your friends and when finished, export your project in PDF, webpage or image format.

8. ChartBlocks


ChartBlocks is an amazing freemium tool packed with easy to use and powerful editors. You can import spreadsheets, database and customize your chart using ChartBlocks interface. All graphs and charts are built on HTML5 technology that works on any browser and device. Moreover, they are rendered as scalable vector graphics that allows you to use charts on retina screen and for high quality printed documents. In the free version you can store 50 charts and datasets. Price starts at $8 per month.

7. Creately


Creately provides more than 100 templates to get started with. Here you can create flowcharts, interactive sitemaps, wire frames, UI mockups, UML diagrams, Mind maps, network diagrams, Gantt charts, Database or ER diagrams, Venn diagrams, Business process modeling diagrams organizational charts and infographics.
Creately is filled with various editors and features such as preset connectors, drag drop shapes, context toolbar, real time collaboration, discussion threads, 40 types of diagrams and over 100,000 diagram examples. You can import links, emails, visio files and export your work (when done) in PDF or SVG format along with working links.

6. amCharts


amCharts is a new tool that helps you to create attractive 2d and 3d charts. Here you can create line, column, bar, doughnut, pie, scatter, bubble, angular, gauge, pyramid, funnel, radar and candlestick charts. Appearance and feel of the charts can be completely customized. It also displays the real time source code of the chart you are currently working on.

5. Easel.ly

easel ly

Easel.ly is primarily an infographics tool but you can also design charts using your creative mind. It includes some inbuilt charts like area, line, scatter, pie charts and you can also upload your own design. Moreover, the tool is filled with various themes, objects, icons, backgrounds, maps and shapes to make your chart more attractive.

4. InfoActive


InfoActive is a simple tool for creating infographics and charts with drag drop, rock and roll features. Here you can create flexible charts with live stream of data from Google spread sheet or import a csv. Don’t just create an ordinary graph, but tell a story through your chart by combining maps, icons, texts, themes and attractive filters into living narratives.

3. Venngage


Venngage allows you to create beautiful infographics, data visualization and engaging reports. There are hundreds of icons and charts available with simple drag drop features. Here you can create line, area, bar, column, multi series, stack, bubble and summary charts. When done, share your work on social network or export it in PNG or PDF format.

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2. Infogram


Infogram is a modern tool that allows you to create interactive visualizations. It provides more than 30 types of charts including Line, Area, Bar, Column, Scatter, Bubble, Treemap, Wordcloud, Pictorial, Hierarchical, Table, Financial charts etc. Moreover, you can integrate live data sources to all charts.

1. Piktochart


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Along with creating charts & graphics, Piktochart allows you to deliver information beautifully. It contains easy to use editors, hundreds of categorized themes, thousands of images & icons in library, resizable canvas, interactive maps and design driven charts. When done, make high resolution print, share it online or embed it in your website/blog. The premium version starts at $29 per month.

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  • http://charte.ca – online tool for creating charts from user-supplied spreadsheet data:
    – interactive charts: move the mouse or tap to highlight/navigate;
    – drill-downs support: see examples on the website;
    – publish your charts to the cloud or save them locally;
    – very easy to embed: the chart is just a standalone SVG file that can be viewed in any modern browser;
    – fast and convenient: create your chart literally within seconds;
    – free.