The Largest Quantum Simulator With 53 Qubits

largest quantum simulator

Physicists have built a 53-interacting quantum magnets, making quadrillion magnet configuration possible. It’s a restricted type quantum computer using atomic qubits to mimic complicated quantum matter. They measured each qubit with an efficiency of about 99 percent. Physicists at the University of Maryland and the National Institute of Standards and Technology have used 53 interacting ...

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NASA To Use Artificial Intelligence For Space Communication Networks

SCaN Testbed on ISS

NASA is planning to infuse AI into space communication networks.  It uses Cognitive Radio to employ underutilized parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.  SCaN Testbed provides tools and resources to test Cognitive Radio in space.  NASA engineers are planning to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to better manage the growing communication networks between ...

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12 Most Deadliest Substances on Earth

Aluminum Phosphide

Medical sciences have come a long way. From indigenous techniques and herbs to sophisticated machines and complex medicines. Worldwide, these medicines are the only reason people live long and strong lives. But it’s not just the medicines that have developed, virus and bacteria have also stepped up in their evolutionary period. You see, medicines and diseases ...

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DARPA Invests $100 Million For Gene Drive Research

Gene Drive Research

DARPA is investing $100 million in genetic extinction technologies.  The Gene Drive program can control disease carrying insects.  It may wipe out diseases like dengue, malaria, Lyme, West Nile, sleeping sickness, etc.  The United States Department of Defense agency, DARPA is investing big in genetic extinction technologies that may wipe out invasive rodents, malarial mosquitoes and ...

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15 Interesting Facts About Stars That You May Not Know

sphere star

Since the emergence of the Hubble Space telescope, we have discovered many distant galaxies, thousands of exoplanets and even peeked in our past, but one thing that astronomers are still not sure about is how many stars actually are there in the Milky Way, let alone in the entire Universe. Like any living things, stars ...

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Excitonium: A New Form Of Matter That Exhibits Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena


Physicists discover a new form of matter called Excitonium, which was theorized 50 years ago. It’s made of excitons, particles formed in a strange quantum mechanical pairing. Momentum-resolved Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy (M-EELS) is used to discover it.  Physicists at University of California, Berkeley and University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign scrutinized non-doped crystals of the transition metal ...

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Google Developed A New Technique To Improve Visual Experience In VR/MR

Foveated Image Processing

Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are all new entertaining platform that immerse users into new and compelling experiences, from professional training to gaming. Almost all giant tech companies have started focusing on VR and MR technologies. By 2016, there were at least 230 companies working on VR related products. Facebook has around 400 engineers working ...

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What Would Happen If Earth Loses The Moon Sooner?

Earth Loses The Moon

According to the current planetary theory, our moon was created around 4.5 billion years ago after a massive collision between the Earth and a slightly less massive Mars like body. That impact caused a chunk of debris to detach from the new born Earth and amalgamate to form the moon. Right after its formation, the total ...

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Google’s AlphaZero AI Masters Chess and Go Within 24 Hours

Google's AlphaZero AI

Board games (like chess) are widely studied field in the history of artificial intelligence. Pioneers like Turing, Babbage, von Neumann and Shannon developed theories, algorithms and hardwares to analyze and play chess game. And in the last couple of years, we have seen similar programs that outperform humans in much more complex game like Go ...

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