11 Most Mysterious Signals From Outer Space

KIC 8462852

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence was only made possible after the discovery of radio waves. Though the radio waves was mathematically predicted initially by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1867, while observing the wavelike properties of light, it was Heinrich Hertz who successfully demonstrated the electromagnetic waves in his laboratory. You probably be surprised by ...

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Measuring Brain’s Electrical Activity Using Fluorescent Sensor

Measuring Brain's Electrical Activity

Researchers have come up with a new method to measure brain’s electrical activity, without electrodes. They built Archon1, a light-sensitive protein, that ejects a fluorescent signal after it’s delivered into a brain cell.  Neurons communicate with each other through electrical events known as “action potentials” and chemical neurotransmitters. They enable the brain to harmonize thoughts, sensation, emotions ...

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18 Fascinating Facts About Sleep Paralysis

bad dream - Facts About Sleep Paralysis

In humans, most mammals and even birds, sleep occur in repetitive cycles, in which the body fluctuates between two different phases; REM sleep and non-REM sleep. REM sleep or Rapid eye movement sleep, as indicated, is a distinctive sleep phase which is characterized by rapid movement of the eyes, minimum muscle tone (residual muscle tension) and tendency ...

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AI Beats Top Lawyers In Spotting Risks In Everyday Business Contracts

risk spotting

In a new study, AI beats top class lawyers in evaluating legal contracts.  The AI developed by LawGeex has been trained to identify issues on numerous legal contracts.  On average, lawyers achieved an accuracy rate of 85%, while the AI achieved 94% accuracy. LawGeex, a legal Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, conducted a new study, where ...

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SpinLaunch Aims To A Use Large Catapult To Send Payloads Into Space

SpinLaunch Aims To A Use Large Catapult

A startup named SpinLaunch is developing an alternative rocket-based space delivery system. They employ a rotational acceleration technique, harnessing angular momentum to blast cargo into space.  The price of single launch would be reduced to under $500,000. What if you could blast payloads into space using a catapult, instead of relying on chemical rockets. Call it ...

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Artificial Eye Built With Adaptive Metalens and Supporting Muscle

The metalens can focus, perform image shift and control aberrations caused by astigmatisms, all at the same time.  The lens and muscle together have a total thickness of 30 microns. The metalens’ shape is controlled by an electric signal to form the necessary optical wavefronts.  Researchers at Harvard University have built an adaptive metalens that ...

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15 Most Valuable Brands In The World | 2018 Edition

Apple Store

In this age of consumerism, brand value plays a crucial role to push any company ahead. A better brand value, not only plays an important part in determining the firm’s future growth potential, but also dictates basic things like sales and gives an upper hand against a rival company. Want to know an interesting fact about ...

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SpaceX Internet Satellites | 10 Things You Need To Know

SpaceX Internet Satellites

The massive internet satellite constellation of SpaceX is now one step closer to the reality. SpaceX has successfully launched its first broadband internet test satellites (in second attempt). While the primary mission of the launch was to carry Earth-observation satellite, called Pax, developed by Spain, the payload of Falcon 9 also included Space’x first two internet ...

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