How Big Are Neutron Stars?

How Big Are Neutron Stars - new constraints on radii

Astrophysicists determine new constraints on radii and tidal deformabilities of neutron stars.  They compared 2 billion theoretical models with gravitational waves captured in 2017.  This allowed them to deduce the size of neutron stars within a range of 1.5 kilometers: it varies from 12 to 13.5 km.  A neutron star is a collapsed core of a massive star ...

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AI Algorithms Render 3D Hair with 30,000 Strands In Real-Time

HairNet for rendering 3D Hair

Researchers develop a neural network that can produce full 3D hair geometry from 2D image.  The network is capable of rendering up to 30,000 strands of hair in milliseconds. It can smoothly sample and interpolate variety of hairstyles, including wavy, curly and straight.  Rendering realistic hairs on machines is probably the toughest task when digitizing ...

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AI And Quantum Mechanics Can Increase Magnetometer Sensitivity

Increase Magnetometer Sensitivity

Researchers develop a new method to measure magnetic fields using quantum system and machine learning techniques. They reach a sensitivity that is 6 times higher than what can be achieved with conventional techniques.  There are certain limits to how precisely one can measure things. Take an X-ray image for example, it’s quite blurry and requires an ...

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12 Best TeamViewer Alternatives Of 2018

TigerVNC - teamviewer alternative

TeamViewer is without a doubt one of the most popular desktop sharing application available right now. It allows users to access and control systems remotely. People around the world use it to conduct online meetings, provide assistance in real time, among other things. System developers also use such platform for easy deployments. But like every other thing, ...

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Are We Alone In the Universe? Probably YES | New Study

Are We Alone In the Universe

Astrophysicist reevaluated Drake equation using current scientific knowledge and astrobiology literature.  They concluded that there is substantial probability (up to 85%) that we are alone in the observable universe.  The astonishingly large number of stars in the universe suggests that somewhere in the distant galaxy an intelligent form of life could be warming itself. Yet we haven’t ...

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Scientists Discover 1,016 Specific Genes Linked with Intelligence and Neuroticism

Brain Genes Linked with Intelligence

Scientists have identified 1,016 specific genes and 205 regions in DNA associated with intelligence. The study deepens our understanding of neurobiology of cognitive functions, and genetically linked psychiatric and neurological disorders.  Intelligence — a construct that includes problem solving abilities, language acquisition and spatial manipulation — is at the forefront of genetic research. Scientists usually ...

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Bitcoin Owners Are Oligarchs With Hidden Community

Researchers analyzed the structure of the group of bitcoin owners by observing transaction made from 2009 to 2013. The study reveals that bitcoin owners are oligarchs, and most of the wealth is concentrated in hands of small group of users. Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009 as an open source document by an anonymous developer under ...

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A New Type Of Algorithm That Exponentially Speeds Up Computation

Exponentially Speeds Up Computation by new algorithm

A new algorithm exponentially speeds up computation by drastically decreasing the number of iterations required to solve a problem. It performs far better than conventional (sequential) algorithms on large scale datasets, such as social media analytics and clustering genetic data.  Thousands of optimization problems (problem of finding the best solution from all feasible solutions) like ...

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DARPA Is Using AI To Develop Better Batteries and Explosives

automated chemical synthesizer

DARPA has developed machine learning-based tools to produce new molecules. The program, named Make-It, can speed up the process of chemical discovery for several military products and applications. One of the toughest challenges of modern-era organic chemistry is teaching computers how to plan chemical syntheses. Despite years of research, we haven’t been able to achieve ...

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15 Best Android File Manager And File Browser Apps of 2018

File Expert

A powerful file manager app is very important for any Android device. It helps you locate folders and downloads, manage your device’s storage, transfer files, make changes to internal files and much more. In other words, a competent file manager lets you take command of your device entirely. However, due to some obscure reasons, they ...

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FaceShop: A Sketch-Based Editing Framework

Faceshop web interface

FaceShop is a new image editing software that allows you to edit photos by ‘sketching’ a few strokes on top of them. It enables inexperienced users to perform complex edits and create realistic pictures within minutes. Users share millions of photos and videos everyday across popular social media networks. On Facebook, nearly 136,000 pictures are ...

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How Dark Matter Affects The Speed Of Gravitational Wave?

Dark Matter Affects The Speed Of Gravitational Wave

New calculations suggest that dark matter influence propagation of cosmic gravitational wave.  The effects are too small to be measured by exiting or near-future detectors.  For more than half a century, dark matter has remained one of the greatest mysteries in modern science. Dark matter and dark energy are two missing pieces of our universe that ...

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