Gold Nanoparticles Can Enhance Solar Energy Storage

Enhance Solar Energy Storage

Gold nanostars could help increase solar energy use and combat climate change. When coated with a semiconductor, they produce hydrogen from water 4 times more efficiently than previous demonstrations. Colloidal gold nanoparticles have been used for decades due to their vibrant color producing capabilities after being introduced to visible light. These unique optoelectronic characteristics are now ...

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The First Comprehensive Measurements Of Particle Beam

Measurements Of Particle Beam

A new method generates the first measurement of all 6 parameters of a particle beam.  This will help scientists build efficient, high-powered particle accelerators.  Particle accelerators are machines that use electromagnetic fields to propel charged or neutral particles to near speed of light. They are used in several fields, including high-energy physics research and cancer treatment. ...

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New Simulation of Water Can Capture Every Tiny Detail In Real-Time

Simulation of Water captures tiny details

A new model bridges the gap between realistic water wave simulation and efficient computing.  It encodes the waves with different physical parameters to simulate small details at large resolutions.  It can be used to enhance the capabilities of games, films and virtual reality programs.   Existing methods of water or wave simulation are capable of providing ...

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16 Fascinating Oldest Things Ever Found On Earth

Sahelanthropus tchadensis

Have you ever thought why researchers hunt for extremely old and almost useless artefacts or engage in years, sometimes decade-long historic excavations in remote parts of the world? Well, the answer is quite simple: to study and understand our past through material culture. This is Archaeology. An archaeological artifact can be cultural properties, architecture, biofact or ...

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Memory Processing Units Can Efficiently Implement AI Algorithms

Memory Processing Units

A new memristor-based in-memory computing device can solve partial differential equations better than existing supercomputers.  Researchers demonstrated a simulation of a plasma reactor with better throughput and power efficiency. You may have heard of an electric component called memristor: it’s a non-volatile module that controls the flow of electric current in a circuit. It turns out arranging these ...

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New Class Of Endoscopic Imaging Catheter To Better Identify Diseases

new class of Endoscopic Imaging Catheter with metalens

A new form of endoscopic imaging catheters, named nano optic endoscopes are far efficient than existing catheters.  They could be used in any complex medium to obtain high-quality focusing and detect diseases, including cancer.  Diagnosing internal organ diseases mostly relies on biopsy samples taken from infected areas. However, the existing endoscopic imaging methods cannot precisely ...

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Optical Neural Network Realized On A Silicon Chip

Optical Neural Network on silicon chip

Researchers created a silicon chip that precisely spreads light signal, demonstrating a new neural network design.  The light eliminates interference caused used by electrical charge, and can travel faster and farther.  Developing energy-efficient and highly compact interconnects has been a key research goal for integrated photonics. They have a wide range of applications, including effective telecommunications ...

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Conventional WiFi Can Detect Bombs, Weapons And Explosive Chemicals

WiFi detecting objects

Researchers develop a new method that allows conventional WiFi to detect dangerous objects.  It uses channel state information (CSI) from off-the-shelf WiFi to determine the risk level of suspicious materials.  This inexpensive method can be easily deployed in public places.  The portable dangerous items like homemade weapons have posed a rising threat to public security. ...

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WB5: A New Superhard Material With Exceptional Mechanical Properties

new superhard material

Researchers predict a new material made of tungsten boride, named WB5.  The material is thermodynamically stable at zero pressure and zero Kelvin temperature.  It has a 45 GPa of Vickers hardness and can possess nearly 4 MPa * m0.5 of fracture toughness.  Substances that have Vickers hardness greater than 40 GPa are called superhard material. Most superhard ...

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7 Best VPN For Chrome Broswer in 2018 | Free Extensions

SaferVPN - Chrome extension

A Virtual Private Network or VPN secures the internet connection of your device to make sure every single data in and out of your system is encrypted and protected from potential data thefts. It also helps users to bypass security measures put in place by site administrators and governments. There is no doubt that the ...

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