What’s The Mystery Behind Moon’s Lost Magnetism?

Moon internal structure

Moon had a very strong magnetic field, which gradually faded away with time.  A new model suggests that the Moon’s magma ocean could be responsible for this lost magnetism.  The magma ocean dynamos might have been a usual event in rocky planets like Mars and Earth. Earth’s Moon is nearly 4.47 billion years old. In ...

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Transmission Electron Microscope Can Now See Nanoparticles In 4D

A new type of electron microscope can capture how nanoparticles transform in real time. It provides dynamic, high-resolution, multi-frame videos of nanoparticles as they evolve. This could change how scientists design paints, lubricants, coating and even future drug-delivery systems. The Transmission Electron Microscopy was developed in the 1933. It can image at significantly higher resolution than ...

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30 Intriguing Facts And Statistics About Google

google facts and stats

In this age of technology, where data is more precious than oil, no one affects our life more than the silicon valley giant Google. Google is the brainchild of Larry Page and Sergei Brin, two doctoral students from the Stanford University. Its initial success was largely associated with the PageRank algorithm, which ranks a website ...

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New Algorithm Can Speed Up Material Discovery By 1000 Times

Speed Up Material Discovery using an algorithm

A new algorithm can discovery thermoelectric materials by solving quantum mechanical equations.  It works by predicting material’s electronic transport properties.  Using this method, experimentalists discovered a material that was both stable and efficient. Discovering new materials requires precise computation of basic physical properties and identification of techniques that control performance. This enables fast examination of material ...

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18 Best Photoshop Alternatives of 2018 | Free and Paid Tools

photoshop alternative

Adobe Photoshop is without a doubt the de facto industry standard software for image editing. Its name is so prevalent these days, just like Google, that it has become a verb with words like ‘Photoshop it’, ‘Photoshop the image’ or ‘Photoshopping’. Many of its unique features can’t really be replaced at least for now. However, it ...

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Diamonds Can Be Bent And Stretched, Much Like Rubber

Diamonds Can Be Bent and stretched

Diamonds can be bent, stretched and reformed to its original shape, if grown in tiny needle-like shapes.  It could be stretched by as much as 9% without breaking.  These results could open the new possibilities for diamond-based equipments.  Diamond is the hardest known material on Earth. Most of its superlative physical qualities come from the strong ...

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What’s Outside The Universe? Is Multiverse Theory True?

What's Outside The Universe

For decades, astrophysicists have studied various aspects of the universe. From black holes to the origin of the universe itself. But some have gone far enough to contemplate the unknown or unknowable. Is it possible that something exists even beyond the universe? To answer that question, we first have to define the universe. Most of the ...

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A Laser Beam Can Write and Delete Magnets In Alloys

laser beam can write and delete magnets

Researchers have discovered an interesting way to create and remove magnets in an alloy of iron and aluminum.  They’ve used laser pulses of 100 femtoseconds to switch the ferromagnetic ordering reversibly.  This could have a wide range of application, from optical technology to material processing.  Researchers at the HZB, HZDR and the University of Virginia, have ...

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A New Generic Algorithm To Detect Fake IDs on Social Networking Sites

Algorithm To Detect Fake IDs on Social Networking Sites

Researchers Develop a new method, based on machine learning technique, to identify fake users on social media platforms.  The algorithm is based on the assumption that fake users tend to build inappropriate links to other users.  The results show that the algorithm is capable of detecting both genuine and malicious users.  Identifying fake users has ...

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