Norman: A Psychopath AI That Sees Death In Everything

Norman Psychopath AI

Developers have built an image captioning AI [Norman] and trained it on extremely violent content from reddit.  As a result, Norman only observes death in whatever pictures it looks at.  This kind of research is important to show how data behind artificial intelligence matters deeply. For some people, the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is a nightmare, may be ...

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What’s New In iOS 12 | 22 Biggest Changes and Added Features

Siri Shortcuts

At WWDC 2018, Apple unveiled its new operating system for iPhone and iPad: iOS 12. Instead of introducing more new features, this time they focused on enhancing performance and removing bugs. While the stable version won’t be available until this fall, the company showcased dozens of improvements and added features to look forward to. Ranging ...

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8 Most Common Encryption Techniques To Save Private Data

The world runs on code and ciphers. From ATMs to mobile, shopping online and your private conversations, cryptography is involved in every moment. In fact, life as we know today would not be possible without it. Cryptography is the science of secret communication where the aim is to transfer the information over an insecure channel in such a ...

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15 Most Dangerous Special Forces in the World


Special forces, or special operations forces are highly trained military units, well equipped to perform unconventional, unorthodox covert missions that are typically related to a nation’s political, economic purposes. There are many accounts of distinct forces throughout the history of warfare, which specialize in covert operations rather than conventional combat. The Romans used small, fast, ...

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Google AI Can Create Short Video Clips From Two Still Images

Google AI Can Create Short Video Clips from 2 images

Researchers develop a fully-convolutional deep network to extrapolate view beyond two input images.  They used a layered representation to show hidden surfaces of input images and predict output views.  The system can handle both indoor and outdoor pictures.  Over the past decade, photography has changed a lot and this change has been driven by smartphones’ better hardware ...

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Photonic Fibers Change Color When Stretched | To Show Pressure Level


The new photonic fiber could serve as a continuous pressure sensor.   It’s fabricated from thin layers of transparent stretchable materials. These multiple layers reflect light, producing different colors.  It could be used in compression bandage to monitor pressure levels.  Compression therapy is used to increase blood flow activity in the lower limbs by gently applying pressure ...

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Computer Model Demonstrates Black Hole Eating A Star

computer model of Black Hole Eating A Star

Researchers build a unified model that shows what it looks like when a black hole eats a star.  This model shows different aspects of tidal disruption events based on observer’s viewing angle. It will help scientists better understand black holes and other celestial objects.  Our galaxy contains about 100 million black holes which are formed ...

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