20+ Helpful Python Cheat Sheet of 2018

Started as a weekend hobby project by Guido van Rossum in 1989, Python is today on of the most used high-level programming languages. It has replaced Java as 2nd most popular language on Github. YouTube, Google, Dropbox, Quora, Instagram and many other popular websites are built on Python. Most coders prefer using Python for developing artificial intelligence ...

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18 Best Augmented Reality Apps of 2018 | For Both iOS and Android

Stack AR

The Pokemon Go craze might have cooled down, but Augmented Reality (AR) applications aren’t going anywhere as world’s leading mobile platforms are now focusing more on AR capabilities. These applications are developed to display surrounding information and digital content tied to physical objects and locations. Augmented Reality apps are gaining popularity, especially after the release ...

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18 Best Linux Games Of 2018 | Premium and Open Source

life is strange

A decade ago Linux was not much popular among desktop users as it was only used on backend servers. Only a handful of users preferred it over other proprietary software. But now the story has changed, as more and more people are using Linux distributions, including me. But what about if you want to play games? I ...

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18 Best Travel Apps of 2018 | For Android and iOS


Who needs a travel agent when you have a smartphone. It is 2017 and you all have enough tools to make your vacations stress-free whether you are traveling for a short weekend or a jam-packed summer trip. From itinerary generators to finding the most affordable hotels and flights, there is absolutely no shortage of apps ...

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12 Best Face Recognition Apps for iOS and Android | 2018 Edition


Three decades ago, mobile face recognition technology seemed more like something out of sci-fi movie. Since then, we’ve come too far. Today, people not only use facial recognition tech for enhancing security of their device, but also for entertainment purpose (like Animoji). Only time can tell how this technology will be implemented in the future. For now, ...

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20 Most Useful Java Cheat Sheets For Developers | 2018 Edition

Java Elements 

First appeared in 1996, Java is one of the most popular programming language for developing application software and deploying it in cross-platform computing environment. It is widely used in smartphones, embedded devices, supercomputers and enterprise servers. Currently, Java is the third most popular language on Github, after JavaScript and Python. We all know the importance ...

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MS Paint for Mac: 10 Similar Sketch Tools of 2018


The legendary MS Paint has been recently replaced by a more advanced tool, 3D paint. For more than 30 years, it came as an inbuilt tool for Windows. Things have changed now, but it is quite hard to completely forget the tool you have used since childhood. One of the major downsides of MS Paint ...

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8 Best Chrome OS Alternatives You Can Try In 2018

Phoenix OS - Chrome OS alternatives

As a Chrome User, I can say that as much as I like Chrome OS’s interface, I miss a certain amount of freedom that I can get from other open source Operating Systems. Well, of course you can always install Ubuntu with the help of Crouton on your Chromebook, but if you are looking for a Chrome ...

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