A New System That Changes The Color Of Light Inside A Waveguide

change light color wave

Researchers develop a system for converting one wavelength of light into another, even if they don’t have same phase or momentum. It relies on a metasurface made of silicon nanostructures, integrated into lithium niobate waveguide. It efficiently works over a wide bandwidth range.    Building integrated photonic circuits, which use light instead of electron to ...

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How Different Types Of High-Energy Space Particles Were Formed?

origin of High-Energy Space Particles

Scientists develop a model that tries to solve the half-century-old enigma of origin of ultra-high particles in the universe.  The model explains the origin of extreme-energy cosmic rays, high-energy gamma rays and high-energy neutrinos, and how these three cosmic particles are interconnected.  The model links the origin of these particles with black-hole jets embedded in their ...

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12 Billionaires Who Are Now Broke | Filthy Rich To Bankrupt

elizabeth holmes - Billionaires Who Are Now Broke

As hard it is to make, maintaining a billionaire status is not an easy job. But many billionaires still do lose their entire wealth in a matter of months. But what could possibly cause those losses? Well, most of such losses are a direct result of illegal actions such as money laundering, stock manipulation and other financial crimes, ...

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Supermassive Black Holes Eat One Star Every Year | New Study

supermassive black holes

Astrophysicists discover a model that explains the mysterious behavior of eccentric stellar orbits surrounding suppressive black holes.  A supermassive black hole swallows one star every year in a post-galactic merger period. This is 10,000 times more often than other estimations.  Researchers at University of Colorado at Boulder have discovered a technique that explains a longstanding ...

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12 Most Innovative Startups In United States To Watch In 2018

relativity space

America is known for its rich entrepreneurial culture and it is backed with a long-standing history of venture success over decades. Companies like Facebook and Twitter are just a few of them in 21st century alone. One major reason behind this is the level of optimism in this particular community and of course nation’s favorable economic ...

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Discovering Drugs Is Now 10 Times Faster | High-Throughput Screening

Reaction and MS product analysis of reaction mixtures in microtiter plate format

A new technique holds promise for high speed reaction screening while using minute amounts of chemicals (low µg level).  It provides information valuable in scaled-up synthesis, including solvent and pH optimization.  It can reduce analysis time for 100,000 reactions from two months to about a day. Researchers at Purdue University have developed a methodology that ...

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