Scientists Identified 15 Genes That Determine Our Facial Features

Genes That Determine Our Facial Features

Scientists used a data-driven approach for facial phenotyping that exploits partable as well as integrated data contained in 3D facial images. The study has a wide range of applications from early diagnosis, treatment planning in craniofacial surgery, to biometrics and forensics. The human face consists of distinct features like mouth, chin, nose and eyes, whose shape, ...

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Toyota Builds New Magnet For Electric Motor For High-Temperature Conditions

New Magnet For Electric Motor

Toyota develops a new magnet for motor that uses less neodymium.  They have replaced some part of neodymium with less expensive rare earths, cerium (Ce) and lanthanum (La).  It provides an equivalent level of heat resistance and coercivity, while decreasing the neodymium amount up to 50 percent.  Toyota Motor Corporation revealed the world’s first heat-resistant, ...

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Archos Revealed The First Electric Scooter Powered By Android

Citee Connect

Archos announced the Android powered electric scooter, Citee.  It has a 5-inch display in the middle of handlebars.  The Android Oreo OS runs on a quad-core processor, has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of flash memory, and supports 3G.  A French multinational electronics company, Archos has announced the first electric scooter powered by Google Android ...

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SHERLOCK Paper Test Strip – Advanced Tool For Detecting Disease

Sherlock paper test in action

The new CRISPR-based tool, named SHERLOCK, can detect many diseases and infection like dengue, HPV and Zika.  It can check the presence of target molecule(s) in a given sample, without requiring any additional expensive equipment.  A team of researchers from Harvard University and MIT have developed an inexpensive, highly sensitive CRISPR-based tool named SHERLOCK, and a ...

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8 Best Linux Distributions for Gaming in 2018

Best Linux Distributions for Gaming

There was a time when you had to go with Microsoft Windows if you wanted to play games. But, as always, times have changed. Linux, the free and open source operating system is more popular today than it has ever been. Sure, it still has a long way to go before it hopes to replace ...

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Google Develops AI That Predicts Heart Disease By Scanning Your Eyes

Google AI That Predicts Heart Disease

Researchers used deep learning technique to predict risk of cardiovascular diseases by scanning retina.  The AI detected heart diseases in patients with decent accuracy, comparable to human experts.  The field of artificial intelligence is growing so fast that even analysts are having trouble keeping up with the development. Google has now developed an AI that uses ...

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Different Types of Galaxies In The Universe

Hubble Tuning Fork - Different Types of Galaxies

What is a galaxy exactly? In simple words, a galaxy is a system of stars, stellar remnants and other celestial objects, bound together by gravitational force. Galaxies can differ in shapes and size and each of them orbit around their own center of mass. Our knowledge about the galaxies, including our Milky Way, has evolved from ...

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Programmed DNA Nanorobots Can Reduce Tumor

Molecule-sized nanoparticles can now destroy cancerous tumors by blocking their blood supply.  The technology is demonstrated in mammals with breast cancer, ovarian, melanoma and lung-cancer mouse models.  The nanorobots began damaging tumor within 24 hours after injection, leaving no negative effect on healthy tissues.  Nanomedicine is a new field of medicine that utilizes the potentials ...

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Is There Anything Called Dark Photons | The Hypothetical Particle

Hypothetical Particle dark photons

Several researches are going on to find evidences of a hypothetical particle called dark photon.  So far, physicists have come up with no proof.  However, upcoming experiments will be more precise and sensitive to dark photon decay.  You might be aware of dark matter. It doesn’t emit any light or interact with observable electromagnetic radiation, ...

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