14 Near Future DARPA Projects


The American Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA was established on February 7, 1958 under the Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower. During its initial period it was known as the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The advanced agency was created solely to serve the US military with formulating and executing new research and development ...

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16 Latest Forensic Science Technologies


The technology is emerging at an enormous rate and it is infiltrating every aspect of our lives. Solving crimes has become futuristic in its initial stage only. From trace evidence chemistry to retinal scanning, forensic technologies are so advanced at solving crimes that they seem like a scene of the science fiction thriller movie. The ...

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Top 10+ Space Research Organisations in the World

Indian Space Research Organisation

Space Research (or sometimes called space exploration) is the scientific studies on earth’s outer space which involves advance material science, earth science, physics, mathematics, medicines and biology. There are numerous space organisations working on our planet to explore and find out the mysterious matters present in our space. Each organisation has certain rules and policies ...

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50+ Google Material Design Resources for Developers

Material Interaction

Google introduced the new design language “Material design” at the Google I/O conference on 25th June 2014. It focuses on grid based layouts, padding, floating action buttons, responsive transitions, depth effects like lightning and shadows. Unlike real paper, material design can expand and reform intelligently. With the addition of tactile surfaces, fluid motion and bold graphic ...

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15 Best CCleaner Alternative for Windows, Mac and Linux


We all want our machines to respond fast, no matter how old it is. One of the most popular application that helps us to make our machines quick is CCleaner. It cleans all junks from your computer, including temporary files and invalid/expired registry entires. Not only it does this, it can automatically delete the browser’s ...

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20 Best Android Apps to Learn Science and Mathematics

Chemistry lab

There is a tremendous amount of information present on the Internet that is enough to make you smarter without spending a penny, and that too on your Android smartphone. The device you are holding in your hand is an incredible educational tool, and app developers are taking advantage of the power of those mobile devices ...

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What’s New In Java 9 | 19 Added Features and Changes

What's New In Java 9

Finally, Java 9 (formally called Java Platform Standard Edition version 9) has been released for private and commercial use. It’s the biggest upgrade to Java platform standard edition, coming after 3 and a half years. The last update was Java 8, released in March 2014. Java 9 was previously delayed multiple times because of modularity controversy. ...

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24 Most Influential Web Designers / Developers

Matt Mullenweg

The web design industry is changing very quickly and there are some people who are setting the bar higher with their extraordinary skills, works and contribution to the web design community. If you want to be successful, find others who are already being successful at doing what you want to do. The article is for ...

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15 Notable Hacker Groups and their Famous Hacks of All Time

Legion of Doom

Hacking is a field to find an imaginative solution to a problem, primarily began for political/personal gain or for sending a message to the world. Hackers were very notorious in the 1990s due to lack of computer security. Still, we hear the news about hacker groups who took down several government websites and block the network. ...

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14 Famous Conspiracy Theories That Will Shake Your Beliefs

The Reptilian Elite

Whenever something shocking occurs in our lives, most of the times any simpler explanations of it just aren’t satisfying. We try to scrutinize and dig deeper to find appropriate explanations for that. Sometimes those theories are based on facts and sometimes they are not. In academic terms a conspiracy theory is just an explanatory or speculative ...

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10+ Most Interesting Facts About Quantum Computers

Latest quantum computer chip

Quantum computers are not supposed to check your emails, update status, or do normal software/hardware tasks. Instead, they are based on something more complex – Quantum Mechanics. Quantum computer deals with particle much smaller than the size of atom. At such smaller scale, rules of physics do not make any sense. This is where exciting ...

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