Mobile Phone Radiation Could Damage Teenagers’ Memory Performance

Mobile Phone Radiation Could Damage Teenagers’ Memor

Researchers analyzed the relationship between phone radiation and growth of memory performance.  They found that regular use of mobile phones can damage memory in young people.  Teenagers who hold their mobiles to their right ear were particularly affected.  In the last couple of decades, information and communication technologies have developed a lot, which has caused ...

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DARPA Will Use Laser Light Source To Power Small Aircraft On The Fly

Laser Light Source To Power Small Aircraft

DARPA has selected the Silent Falcon UAS Technologies for its power beaming demonstration.  The aim of the project is refuel/recharge an electric unmanned aircraft while in flight, using a high-intensity laser beam.  Although the notion of wireless power transmission is nearly two centuries old, it remains exciting as ever while developing technology pursues the idea. ...

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Neutron Diffraction Analyzes High-Strength Steel For Vehicle Safety

Neutron Diffraction Analyzes High-Strength Steel

Researchers used neutron diffraction line-scanning method to examine the residual stress in automotive parts.  They used VULCAN instrument to investigate high-strength steel in different conditions.  The demand of lightweight and stronger material for automotive structures is increasing at an enormous rate. Among several reliable materials, advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) have shown huge potential, the market share ...

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New Algorithm Predicts Where Illegal Activity Could Reoccur

Algorithm Predicts Where Illegal Activity

New algorithm, named Ensemble Poisson Kalman Filter (EnPKF), can suggest the area where crime is most likely to happen within the next hour.  It can also tell what resources would be required to address such crimes.  Police and crime branch departments are facing a lot of pressure and constraints on their resources – a fact ...

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New Method For Generating Ultrashort, High-Power Laser Pulses

generating ultrashort high power laser pulses

Scientists generate pulses shorter than the wave period, using an optical parametric amplifier.  It can be used to observe how electrons move within atoms.  Over the past few years, high-energy, few-cycle mid-infrared pulses have attracted a lot of interest due to their numerous applications, including 2D infrared spectroscopy, sub-femtosecond electron emission, time-resolved imaging of compounds, coherent soft ...

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18 Intriguing Facts About World War 1

German flamethrowers

The World War II might be the bloodiest war in the history of mankind, but nothing affected Europe politically, socially and economically more than the WWI. Initially originated from the Balkans, the World War I lasted for four years from 1914-1918. It took millions of lives and costed countries billions and billions of dollars. Do ...

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The High-Performance Long-Lasting Organic Flow Battery

Long-Lasting Organic Flow Battery

Researchers develop a new organic molecule that offers the high-performance, longest-lasting organic flow battery so far.  It has tens of thousands of charge-discharge cycles with a degradation rate of 3% per year. Fossil Fuels are polluting our environment at an extremely fast rate. If everything goes at the pace, we won’t be able sustain human civilization in the ...

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A New Element for Future Quantum Network | Ytterbium

Element for Future Quantum Network - Ytterbium

Ytterbium-based materials can amplify quantum signals to diffuse them over long distances. The material can preserve photons (carrying quantum data) from external disturbances so that they can be synchronized. Quantum cryptography is an attempt to enable users to communicate via more secure techniques than those guaranteed by conventional cryptography. At present, it uses optical fiber over ...

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AI Can Predict Audience Attendance By Analyzing A Movie Trailer

AI Can Predict Audience Attendance from movie trailer

A new machine learning model predicts what audiences will most likely watch a movie based on its trailer.  It uses Collaborative Filtering method to extract trailer features like faces, objects, landscapes, etc.  These features are then combined with attendance and demographic data to the predict audience attendance. Trailers are the most important part of the ...

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The First Snapshot Of Newborn Planet Around The Young Dwarf Star

Snapshot Of Newborn Planet

For the first time, ESO has captured the formation of planet around a young star, PDS 70.  A planet-hunting equipment, named SPHERE, observed the star system at different wavelengths and epochs.  The planet’s spectrum suggests that it has a cloudy atmosphere.  Our understanding of the formation and evolution of planets has developed a lot since the ...

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18 Richest Countries In The World | 2018 Edition

Doha City

What makes one country richer than the other? Is it the abundance of natural resources or is it the total number of billionaire citizens? Well, actually it is none of these, instead there is a universal economic indicator that help us decide which nation is more prosperous than the other. Purchasing Power Parity and Geary-Khamis Dollar ...

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A 3D Model Of A Human Heart Ventricle That Beats, Survives For Months

Bioengineering ventricle attached to a catheter

Researchers develop a 3D model of human heart left ventricle to study disease and test drugs.  To build this, they used gelatin fibers, biodegradable polyester and human cardiomyocytes or rat myocytes.  The heart is examined at various scales in vitro (procedures performed in cells, microorganisms outside their normal biological context), from bioengineered tissues to cellular assays and ...

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