The Latest 3D Projection In THIN AIR | A Better Hologram Alternative

3D Projection In THIN AIR

Researchers have developed a free-space volumetric display technique based on photophoretic optical trapping.  It can produce image geometries that are currently unachievable with holograms and light-field technologies.  So far, they have projected colorful 3D prism, butterfly, rings that wraps around an arm, and more.  You might remember the R2D2 projecting an image of Princess Leia in ...

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Transparent Materials Can Absorb Light | An Unusual Optical Effect

Transparent Materials Can Absorb Light

Physicists have made transparent material ‘virtually’ absorb light under certain conditions.  They studied a thin layer of transparent dielectric and measured the sufficient intensity required for absorbing incident beam of light. When the intensity of incident light increases exponentially, the beam of light is neither reflected nor transmitted.  In school, we’ve learned that when visible light ...

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15 Highest Google Adsense Earners in the World

Markus Frind

I have seen many questions on social networking sites like Who is the top Adsense earner? Who makes the massive amount online? How much they earn online? How much Google Adsense pays? For a lot of people, blogging has become a primary source of revenue. If you are reading this, I bet you are one of the bloggers, willing to know ...

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Scientists Create Artificial Synapse To Put Brain On A Chip

Artificial Synapse To Put Brain On A Chip

Scientists build transistor-free analog switching devices using silicon germanium.  The small artificial synapses chip can recognize samples of handwriting, with 95% accuracy. It aims to eliminate the limited scalability of current neuromorphic chips and perform complex tasks that are only possible with supercomputers.   At present, it is quite impossible to beat human brain when it comes to processing ...

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Graphene Nanoribbons Emit 10 Million Photons Per Second | New Study

Graphene Nanoribbons Emit 10 Million Photons Per Second

Scientists observe high intensity light emitting from individual graphene nanoribbons. It’s 100 times more intense than the previous single-molecular optoelectronic device. The color of light, emitted by 7-atom-wide nanoribbons, can be altered by adjusting the voltage.  Graphene nanoribbons (GNRs), strips of graphene with width less than 50 nanometers, are known for their highly tunable band gaps. For the first ...

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Electric Propulsion Technology For Nanorobots Is Now 100,000 Times Faster

Electric Propulsion Technology For Nanorobots

Scientists develop a new technique for controlling the nanorobotic arms by applying electric fields.  The electrical control can be implemented with low-cost instrumentation and it’s contact-free. In future the technology could be utilized in diagnosis and pharmaceutical development.  Researchers at the Technical University of Munich have developed a new electric propulsion technology for nanorobots that ...

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15 Most Interesting Sci-Fi Books To Read In 2018

The Sirens of Titan

Science fiction is called the “literature of ideas” for a reason. Not only it explores the potential consequences of mostly scientific innovation, but it efficiently separates itself from supernatural stuffs, thus making it more of a science and less of a fantasy. So how would you exactly define science fiction? Don’t worry if you didn’t ...

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Microsoft Develops AI That Can Draw Pictures Based On Your Description

drawing bot creating birds

Microsoft’s new drawing bot can create any picture using text-description and captions.  It consists of two machine learning models – generator and discriminator.  The AI can even draw details that are not described, using its own imagination.  In future, this technology can be used to make animated movies based on screenplays. In the last couple of ...

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18 Best Investing Books You Should Read in 2018

Best Investing Books

Investing is for sure a hell of a task and may cause you lose almost everything, but it’s also true that you will gain big if your bet is right. Perhaps this is the reason why people all over the world “play their luck” with stock and securities market. Why not reduce the chances of ...

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