35+ Feature Rich Bootstrap Admin Templates | Free & Premium


The Bootstrap templates always rewards you with speed, consistent functionality, ease of use and sharp design features that works on all platforms. Moreover, the dashboard panel based on Bootstrap can be easily customized by editing a few lines of front-end code, which is by the way perfect for beginners. As a designer, if you are ...

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15 Modern Web Design Trends of 2015

Material design

Change is the only constant in life and the same thing applies to web design. The web technologies are expanding at an exponential rate and the W3C standard has push the website to the next level. The old looks are replacing new ones. With the heavy growth of tablet and smartphone usage, the designs are ...

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12 Accidental Inventions That Changed the World


Science is nothing but perception and this theory is used during many discoveries. Some inventions took several years to develop and few of them evolved in very less time. Sometimes a genius invents something by chance, not by choice. Some of the greatest discoveries have been made by accidents. You can also call them timeless inventions ...

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15 Terrible Web Design Trends You Must Avoid

nasty popups

The internet has come a long way since 90’s and in the last decade, we all have seen many unpredictable changes in the online world. Speaking of web designs, they have gone through a lot. Every year, we discover a new web trend and in the meantime, numerous of designs left behind. A decade ago, ...

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15 Inspiring Stories of Physically Challenged People

Natalia Partyka

Everyone has the strength to become a successful person, whether he/she is normal or not. There are many popular people with disabilities. Some of them are now known as famous scientists, company CEOs, entertainers and athletes. The following people have a no fear attitude and tackled every problem in their life. They never let their disabilities come in their ...

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24 Useful Bootstrap UI Editors for Developers


In August 2010, Twitter released Bootstrap framework as an open source and now it is the most popular HTML, CSS, JS framework for developing responsive webpages. As of December 2014, it is the number one project on Github. It helps you to make front-end web development easier and faster. It utilizes the two very popular CSS ...

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14 Smart Home Innovations You Never Heard Of

Nest Learning Thermostat - Smart Home Innovations

Do you ever think of living in a smart home? Wouldn’t you want to control your home wireless? One day, we will live in a smart house with all advanced automation features. Smart home innovations include many things that make your home digitally smart. It covers lightning control, home automation and smart security system. It improves the ...

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13 Worst Engineering Disasters of All Time

Tacoma Bridge

Along with great achievements, the Engineering world has also faced numerous failures. A well-constructed engineering project needs precision whereas shortcuts in engineering design can result in unexpected design failures. These kinds of small mistakes lead some biggest disasters that cause loss of million dollar properties and thousands of lives. The only good thing is we ...

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40+ Useful JavaScript Frameworks for Developers


JavaScript is a dynamic programming language developed by Brendan Eich while working for Netscape Communications Corporation. It is generally used as a common script web browser and supports imperative, functional and object oriented coding styles. However, building a standalone project on JavaScript is quite time consuming and difficult. To deal with these difficulties various JavaScript Frameworks have been developed. All ...

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