What Is Project Trillium? | Arm’s New Machine Learning Platform

Object Detection processor

Arm has announced Project Trillium that features next-generation machine learning and object detection processor, and neural network software.  It will target a wide range of devices, from mobile and home entertainment to sensors and data centers, and beyond. Arm, a multinational semiconductor and software design company, announced a new generation machine learning platform, named Project Trillium. ...

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15 Mind-boggling Facts About The Nervous System

Growing Nerve Cells

The nervous system is simply the part of an organism that brings together and coordinates its actions by transmitting signals to-and-fro from every single part of its body. It detects environmental changes in the immediate surroundings and affects the body and then work as a unit with other body system to respond to such events. The nervous ...

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New Material Can Filter Salt and Ions From Seawater

Filter Salt and Ions From Seawater -Metal-organic frameworks

Metal-organic frameworks can capture, store and release chemical compounds like salts and ions in seawater.  It has a wide internal surface area and sponge like crystals for trapping chemical compounds dissolved in water.  Do you know more than 783 million people in the world don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water? Around 443 ...

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The First 3D Image Of Electronically Excited Quantum Dots

Excited Quantum Dots 3D image

For the first time, scientists have created a 3D image of excited quantum using scanning tunneling microscopy.  The technique can be used to explore other nanostructures, like photocatalytic metal clusters and carbon nanotubes. Quantum dots, nanometer-sized semiconductor particles, are evolving very fast in research development and emerging applications like thin-sheet solar cells, high-speed data transfer, better-quality LCD TVs and ...

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28 Fascinating Facts About Eye | Including Some Myths

Human eye resolution

Just like any other organ in our body, the human eye is also a complex system that provides us with a vision. Eye works on a simple principle; they detect light and then change it to electro-chemical impulses and send it to the brain. The transmission of these signals also has their own tales. The signals are ...

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Stress Can Speed Up Pancreatic Cancer | Through Sympathetic Nervous System

Stress Can Speed Up Pancreatic Cancer

The emotional and psychological stress can accelerate the development of pancreatic cancer.  Stress generates a feed-forward loop between cancer cells and nerves, promoting tumor growth. The patients’ life expectancy can be increased with beta blockers and chemotherapy. A research done at Columbia University Medical Center reveals that stress may speed up the development pancreatic cancer by ...

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Ultraviolet Light Can Kill Airborne Flu Viruses | New Study

Antiviral efficacy of different low doses of far-UVC light

Researchers have successfully tested far ultraviolet C light to eradicate airborne flu viruses without damaging human tissues.  If results are confirmed in other scenarios, it would be safe to use this approach in public locations for preventing the transmission of airborne mediated microbial diseases. One of the biggest challenges to worldwide public health is airborne microbial diseases ...

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15 Most Interesting Facts About Sherlock Holmes

A Scandal in Bohemia - Facts About Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is undoubtedly one of the most admired fictional characters of all time. He might not be the first fictional detective in history, but is arguably the best. Holmes is known for his proficiency in chemistry, human anatomy, observation and logical reasoning, which he employs during investigating breathtaking cases. His fame and popularity also led many to ...

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A Tiny Motor Powered By The Laser Beam | Microscopic Engine

tiny Motor Powered By The Laser Beam

A sphere (micrometer-scale) is trapped in a liquid mixture using optical tweezers, and under specific conditions it rotates around the laser beam.  The sphere’s rotational speed increases with the increase in laser power.  The behavior can also be controlled by adjusting the temperature and criticality of the mixture.  In the last couple years, scientists have ...

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Can We Cool The Dark Matter? | An Astronomical Puzzle

how can we Cool The Dark Matter

Researchers introduced a new model, in which dark matter consists of charged particles.   This would allow dark matter to radiate energy and create compact objects like dark galaxies or dark stars.   The universe is full of things that we still don’t understand. One of such mysterious things is dark matter that occupies around 27% ...

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