30 Interesting Space Facts That You May Not Know

space facts pulsar

For space lovers like myself, there is almost nothing as fascinating as the idea of getting to know new things about the universe. Five years ago, I didn’t have the amount of enthusiasm about the space and activities that I have right now and much of that change is due to the hunger of giving our ...

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17 Best Physics Game of 2017 | For All Platforms

Spintires MudRunner 

The laws of physics aren’t just used in scientific research and development, but also to entertain you. It can be a crucial element of game design. Physics in games can make things like explosions, falling of objects, and war scenes more exciting and spectacular than conventional animations. It can even convey emotion, like when you pull ...

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15 Best Chess Engines of 2017 | Based On Their Ratings


The chess engine analyzes thousands of moves and makes decisions on the best moves, without interacting with users. The strength and smartness of chess engine increase every year. This is due to hardware processing power that makes it possible to calculate greater depths in less time. Also, programming techniques have improved a lot, making the engine to be ...

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15 Stunning Facts About Saturn Planet

facts about saturn planet

The modern astronomy has gifted us with the great pleasure of knowing our far-off planetary neighbors with more details than ever before. Whether it’s Jupiter’s intimidating Great Red Spot or Saturn’s mesmerizing planetary rings, we now have much better understandings of outer planets in our solar system than anytime else in the entire human history ...

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20 Most Useful Java Cheat Sheets For Developers | 2017 Edition

Java Elements 

First appeared in 1996, Java is one of the most popular programming language for developing application software and deploying it in cross-platform computing environment. It is widely used in smartphones, embedded devices, supercomputers and enterprise servers. Currently, Java is the third most popular language on Github, after JavaScript and Python. We all know the importance ...

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15 Most Interesting Facts About Jupiter Planet

jupiter's magnetic field

According to the Roman mythology, Jupiter is the king of gods, after which Jupiter is named. If you put that in the context of the planetary setting in our solar system, this name is fully justified as this giant gas planet is the biggest planet in our solar system. One crazy fact about its size ...

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13 Powerful Nuclear Form of Usual Things

Chrysler TV-8 Nuclear Tank

During the World War II, the nuclear power was widely abused. Scientist and engineers were keen to extend their power with the help of the indestructible force. Although, most of them were not as successful as they were expected, they show the extent of human imagination and will power towards their nations. Today we introduce ...

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Microsoft Vs Apple: Stats and Facts

Microsoft VS Apple

The Microsoft vs Apple is one of the most controversial topics for more than 3 decades. It’s a war that has raged across time and space. Which is better? Is there even a true winner? Some of these questions cannot be answered, but this page will provide some interesting facts and statistics of world’s two ...

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14 Advanced Robots With Extraordinary Skills

advanced robots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very complex subject. We don’t really know what to expect when AI is finally here. We all have seen in the sci-fi movies that robots running on AI think themselves vastly superior to the humans. The most of the part seems true because even human don’t know what they are building, ...

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15+ Ruby Frameworks Every Developer Should Know


Ruby is a dynamic, object-oriented programming language developed in the mid 1990s by Yukihiro Matsumoto. It is designed for programmer productivity and fun. The language supports multiple programming paradigms, automatic memory management, large standard library and more. Ruby frameworks are super useful tools when it comes to web app development, they can help you develop effective web application ...

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17 Advanced Alternative Search Engines of 2017


Google tends to be a giant gorilla in the room during all SEO discussion. The reason behind this is its dominating market share – according to netmarketshare, Google holds more than 90% of mobile and tablet, and around 80% of desktop global search engine market share. However, it isn’t the only option. There are literally tons ...

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