Scientists Guide Sound Waves Through The Tube Maze

Scientists Guide Sound Waves

Scientists used special loudspeakers to control the sound wave at specific points in the tube maze.  The technique can be used to control quantum matter waves and light waves.  On a daily basis, we deal with different kinds of waves that are diverted in complex manners. For example, a beam of light passing through a ...

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Nanoparticles Can Be Color-Coded Based On Their Size

Nanoparticles Can Be Color-Coded

New color-coding technique can be used as a quick visual marker to establish the size of nanoparticles.  The colors are distinguishable enough that one can determine a size difference of at least 8 nanometers. Color-coding is used in almost all fields, whether it’s electronic components where color-code indicates the value/ratings of resistors, inductors, capacitors, or a simple ...

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AI Can Identify And Analyze Defects In Nuclear Reactors

defect analysis components of AI

Researchers applied machine learning-based model to electron microscopy to analyze defects in materials used in nuclear applications.  It can identify and locate different types of defects, including stacking fault tetrahedral, grain boundaries, dislocation lines and loops, with superior accuracy.  Developing materials that can withstand the force of nuclear power is crucial for maintaining the integrity ...

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12 Best Linux Distros You Should Try In 2018

Ubuntu - Best Linux Distros

Are you getting tired of Window and Mac based systems due to various reasons and want a change without compromising quality? Well, you have an obvious choice; Linux. Linux came into the big picture in the early 1980s, when many developers started using in their projects and gave birth to various distros or distributions. Soon it became the heart ...

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AI Can Fix Extremely Noisy Images Without Ever Observing Clean Ones

AI Can Fix Extremely Noisy Images

Neural networks can automatically enhance your pictures without ever being trained on what a noise-free photo looks like. It can be used in low-light photography, magnetic resonance imaging and physically-based image synthesis.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take your low-light, pixelated or grainy photos and remove the artifacts and noise without using photoshop. A ...

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New Smart Bandage Can Monitor And Deliver Drugs To Improve Healing

new Smart Bandage

The smart bandage can monitor the conditions of chronic wounds and deliver appropriate drugs.  It has pH, temperature and oxygen sensors fabricated on parchment paper. All components are selected to keep its cost low.  Chronic non-healing wounds, like bed stones and diabetic foot, affect more than 6.5 million Americans every year. According to a research, it costs ...

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15 Largest Banks In The World By Total Assets | 2018 Edition

Citigroup - largest banks in the world

Banking institutions are indispensable to any nation’s economy and financial setup. They provide borrowing/saving opportunities and other important facilities to the general public and corporate entities. Every year, S&P Global Market Intelligence publishes its annual report on banking and financial services, highlighting the 100 largest banks in the world based on their total assets. For ...

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New Window Coating Can Insulate Heat And Generate Electricity

new window coating - Multifunctional semitransparent organic photovoltaics 

A unique window coating technique can improve the energy efficiency of an average household.  The semitransparent photovoltaics are lightweight and colorful films capable of turning windows into heat insulators and electricity generators.  The trend of environment-friendly building, often referred as green building, has increased the popularity of advanced window coatings that keeps cooling or heating ...

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