12 of the Deadliest Construction Projects in History

Hawk Nest Tunnel

Since the last century, thousands of people have sacrificed their lives by involving themselves in astounding construction works. It is now very common that serious accidents and deaths occur during construction. Most of the countries have strict regulation regarding safety rules. We all learn from our previous mistakes, the only good thing about these accidents is, ...

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10 Worst Space Shuttle Launch Failures

Soyuz 1, 24th April 1967

Space research is an important thing to study all the aspects of Big Bang Theory. It’s really a tough task and needs advanced space exploration technologies. There are numerous space organizations around the world and many space missions have been successfully completed. Also, out of thousands of space missions, a few hundreds of them have failed. ...

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15 Best Fighter Jets in the World


Fighter aircraft are a major part of all military and it also shows the power of any country. Since the inception of the fighter jets, there has been lots of development in last few decades. Now, the fifth generation aircraft are being used that features latest technologies. The following list includes only those aircraft that are currently in ...

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10 Greatest Scientist Ever who completely Transformed the World

Stephen Hawking

You probably know some scientist had their own extraordinary methods of experimentation and some others were thought as an idiot in their time. But those are some cases of misunderstood genius who changed the shape of the world. They have countless contribution in the advancement of human civilization. Many of them dedicated their whole life in ...

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10 Extreme Body Modifications that are Completely Insane

Scarification-Extreme Body Modifications

Whenever you hear the word Modification, the things that come into your mind are pictures of cars, bikes or any other physical stuff. But I am going to show you something different here. This article will show you how much desperate some people are to alter their appearance. Let’s start with the list of Top 10 Extreme and ...

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9 Laws of Technology That Changed the World

Maxwell's Theorems

Every year, we see numerous new products and most of them are developed from old technologies. Several countries produced many influential scientists who completely changed the world by their inventions. Few scientists gave their theories on their name which are still used in technology development in major areas. The world has changed a lot in ...

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30 Longest Bridges in the World | Amazing MegaStructure

Liangshui River

Time to highlight another awesome man made mega structure i.e. bridge. It is a structure built to span physical obstacle such as water, valley for the purpose of providing passage over the physical obstacle. Do you know that around 30% them are built in China. Well, there are lots of surprising data you will find below. ...

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12 Types of Alternate Fuel Sources (for Present and Future)

Liquid Nitrogen

Due to scarcity of petrol, its price is increasing at a tremendous rate every year. There are many types of energy sources that are renewable and environmental friendly, currently available for use. These energy sources also provide an alternate way for a clean source of energy. Now scientists are developing green sources of energy to ...

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10 Emerging Technologies of 2014

Body Adapted Wearable Electronics

This is the era of gadgets and technologies and there is no doubt on the fact that we all love digital gadgets. Technology needs regular developments and produces several products and some of them are true milestones. Emerging technologies are the near future innovations that present development and research in technology. Few technologies are emerging ...

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40+ Best Google Chrome Apps | All Free

Earth 3d map

We all are big fans of Google Chrome Browser and the reason is minimalist design, high performance and capability to integrate extension and apps to enhance its feature. At present, Chrome is the most popular browser holding over 45% of worldwide usage share of web browser. It also allows developers to create their own app ...

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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in America


The world is full of scary and terrifying places. Whenever we observe some odd activities in any abandoned place, we recognize it as an unnatural power. Experience some paranormal activities such as screaming sounds, invisible footsteps and many other things that you have only seen in your dream. Some experiences are mysterious while others are ...

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30+ Amazing WordPress Themes based on Bootstrap


Bootstrap has become the most popular front-end framework on Github. At present, it is the best and most flexible CSS, HTML and JS framework for developing responsive themes. It has made front end development a lot easier and faster. Another reason behind its popularity is, it is open source which is hosted, developed and maintained on ...

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