35+ Impressive App Icon Designs for Inspiration


The app could perform better if developers focus on great interface. Design involves the entire user experience – from the main page to the menus and setting pages all the way down to the application icon designs. The look of an icon matters more than you may think. If it doesn’t look good, there’s a ...

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15 Powerful and Fastest Bikes In the World

Dodge Tomahank

Bikes for the Bikers are just like the Maxwell’s equations for a physicist, they just can’t live without it, that simple. Apart from the fact that we should thank him for his contributions even now, we should also be grateful to different companies and firms for producing these hot two wheeler chicks. Moving ahead, we can say that ...

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15 Most Advanced High Tech Cities in the Modern World


What comes first in your mind whenever you hear about “high-tech city”? Do you relate it by the state of the art technology or in more common saying downloading anything in lightning fast speed? Yes, it revolves pretty much around that, it is hard to explain in a few lines, it’s really a broad concept. But out of all, ...

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20+ Puzzle Websites to Sharpen Your Coding Skills


Programming is a lot about creativity and your ability to come up with new interesting ideas. We all spend our most of time tackling common problems, which is why our mind usually suffers with a disease called “lack of creativity”. Deciphering codes or solving puzzles is a fun way to develop your logical and problem ...

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What’s New in PHP 7: Things You Should Know

PHP performance

If you are a developer, you probably know the feature-complete beta version of the new PHP 7 is out. The 7.0.0 version contains many cool features and functionalities. However, we recommend you to not use it in production environment, until you get the stable version, which is expected in November ’15. You are free to test ...

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10 Beautiful Concept for a Redesigned Facebook

The Conceptional Approach

Facebook looks great with the app editions of its service for iOS, Android and Windows, but the desktop interface has fallen behind new design trends. Facebook serves a very particular user experience with some good elements, and other not-so-impressing elements. Rather just sitting around and complaining, some designers took matters into their hands. They have ...

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35+ Unique Gadgets For Geeks (Available Online)

Black Scorpion Computer Mouse

There is no doubt that Internet has changed the way we learn, communicate, shop, in fact it has changed the whole living style. In a last few couple of years, the online marketing has grown at a tremendous rate. The great thing about online store is, it takes care of all types of audience. There ...

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51 Curious Human Body Facts

blood vessel

Do you ever think of how many bones we have or how we get to know the tastes of several different food or other things related to human anatomy? The human body is a very complicated system consisting of millions of cells organized and functioning dynamically altogether. These complexities can be better understood with the ...

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Logo Evolution of Biggest Football Clubs in the world

F.C Barcelona

In today’s corporate world, a logo means almost everything for any company. Even in the footballing world, a logo is vital for establishing club’s identity, promoting its philosophy and to give an extra boost to the club’s financial aspects. A logo or crest, if designed efficiently, can convey its uniqueness to the people and can ...

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How 25+ Big Companies Got their Names


Every famous company has rumors about how they got or earned their name. There are always appropriate reasons or some logics behind those names. For example, most of us don’t know what exactly Yahoo stands for; actually it’s not a word but an acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. Cofounders selected the name because they liked ...

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24 CSS3 and HTML5 Animation Tools for Designers

Magic Animation - css3 animation tool

People tend to easily observe the things that are moving. The smart and clever use of animation can enhance the user experience of a website by simply drawing attention to the important elements that your users need to quickly notice. Building animation can sometimes be time consuming and complicated. However, animation libraries and tools can be excellently used ...

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