Your Browsing History Can Be Traced, Even in Incognito Mode

Your Browsing History Can Be Traced

Security experts Andreas Dewes and Svea Eckert revealed that an individual’s browsing history and habit can be traced, even after he/she is using incognito mode. The research was done on over 3 million Germans, out of which some where public figures. If you think no one will get to know about your browsing history and ...

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Earth’s Backup? Can We Really Do It?

backup for earth

Life on Earth has never been ‘invulnerable’. For the past few million years, our planet has been on the receiving end of many catastrophic events that eradicated a substantial portion of life forms from its surface. Scientists believe that these previous extinctions were caused either by violent volcanic eruptions or major asteroid impacts. They are ...

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22 Exceptional Glass Buildings From All Over The World

Basque Health Department

In the wake of 20th century, the new and modern architecture emerged into the main scenario which only became more dominant after the World War 2. The modern architecture or modernist architecture is basically bold and audacious use of glass, steel and reinforced concrete. It brought a radical change in the architectural world, practicing modern styles ...

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What is Fermi Paradox? And Where Are the Aliens?

What is Fermi Paradox

Do you believe in aliens? If you do, you must be intrigued with the question that where are they and why haven’t we heard from them yet? Well, it’s not just you as this question has also troubled space scientists and astrophysicists for a long time. Over the years, based on various calculations, scientists have ...

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5 Dreadful Ways To Destroy The Universe


It was only during the 1920s and 1930s that we were able to discover that the universe is expanding. With Edwin Hubble’s crucial discovery that galaxies are moving away from each other at a fast rate, we arrived at a much complex question that what would be the fate of the universe? Many theories suggest that one ...

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A New Metal 3d Printer | 100x faster and 10x cheaper

desktop metal printer

Founded in 2015, a company named Desktop Metal is promising a new 3d printing system which will be 100 times faster and 10 times cheaper than currently available 3d printing options, including the existing laser technology. The company claims that it is more convenient, safer, cost efficient and practical as compared to the traditional systems. ...

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Facebook AI Robots Shut Down – What Actually Happened?

Facebook AI robot shut down

Few days back we all got a news that Facebook shut down their AI program that started talking to each other in their own language. This happened right after the Elon Musk tweeted ‘Zuckerberg’s knowledge on AI is limited’. It is true that Facebook pulls plug on language-inventing chatbots, but not exactly the way media ...

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18 Incredible Astronomical Clocks From All The World


An astronomical clock is not just any clock that we use in our daily life. They are endowed with special abilities to display astronomical information, such as relative position of the sun, moon, constellations and sometimes planets. It was all because of great minds such as Nicolaus Copernicus and then Galileo Galilei, that in 18th ...

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What if NASA Had The US Military Budget?

What if NASA Had The US Military Budget

Like most of the audience, do you also have a space fantasy (fantasies) which you want to come true? Being realistic, there is only one organization in the entire world that can actually make it happen. And it’s NASA, no brainer here. Yes, there are other successful space agencies, which are either doing advanced space ...

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What If A Black Hole Appears Near You?

A Mini Black Hole in Your Pocket

The concept of a body or an object with such a massive gravitational force that even light could not escape was actually propounded by astronomer John Michell in 1783–84, long before the Robert von Mayer and William Thomson’s Conservation of energy or the law of Black Body radiation by Gustav Kirchhoff in 1860. But, it ...

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40+ Creative Remakes Of The World Map

Remakes Of The World Map

Don’t be afraid, we are not here to give you any type lecture about geography, instead we are going to put forward a pretty easy way for you to learn something about the Earth. The maps that you are about to see here is actually creative remakes created by talented designers from over the world. ...

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