Even Incredibly Dense Neutron Star Falls Like A Feather

Dense Neutron Star - PSR J0337+1715

Researchers test Einstein’s general relativity theory on a triple star system that is 4,200 light years away.  They found that both neutron star (heavy and dense) and white dwarf star (less massive) fall towards an outer dwarf at the same rate.  Any acceleration difference between inner white dwarf and neutron star is too small to ...

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New LCD Technology Could Increase Viewing Angle Of The Display

New LCD Technology to improve viewing angle

Researchers propose multidomain displays to improve viewing angle and color rendition.  It works with liquid crystal polymers, poly(di-n-alkylsiloxanes).  It can facilitate fabrication procedure and open new doors in the field of printed and organic electronics.  The liquid crystal display (LCD) market has fully appreciated the benefits of the liquid crystal state of matter, combining mobility and order, ...

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12 Best Free Movie Download Apps Of 2018 | Fully Legal

Tubi TV

The expansion of media services like Netfilx and Hulu gives rise to a new trend in entertainment industry. More and more users now prefer premium services over traditional television channels, where they can legally watch anything anytime they want on multiple platforms. There are hundreds of services that provide their users access to popular movies and sitcoms ...

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Artificial Intelligence Can Smell Illnesses In Human Breath | Including Different Cancers

Artificial Intelligence Can Smell Illnesses

New convolutional neural network can analyze compounds in the human breath and detect illnesses. The technology makes the whole process fast, less expensive, and more reliable. It can be used in forensics, medicine and environmental analysis. Artificial intelligence (AI) is creating a lot of buzz these days. Developers are integrating AI into almost everything: whether ...

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A Galaxy 11 Billion Light-Years Away Has Milky Way-Type Dust Particles

Milky Way consists of very high amount of carbonaceous dust, and now similar type of cosmic dust has been observed in galaxies 11 billion light-years away from Earth.  This comes from a recently detected ultraviolet carbonaceous dust in a gamma-ray burst, GRB180325A.    Galaxies are gravitationally bound systems comprised of numerous individual parts such as stars, ...

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New, Efficient Coating Technique Makes Natural Fabrics Water-Repellent

water repellent coating technique

The new coating technique makes natural fabric water-repellent, and it works better than existing methods.  The fabrics have passed repeated washing tests and harsh abrasion tests without any degradation and damage to the coating. Waterproof fabrics are usually synthetic fibers that are coated or laminated with waterproofing materials like silicone elastomer, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), fluoropolymers, and ...

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14 Best Free Movie Download Sites Of 2018 | Fully Legal

TUBI - completely legal website for movies

In this age of digital consumerism, almost nothing is free of cost especially entertainment. And even if there is, they are generally considered pirated or illegal. Over the last decade or so, many media streaming sites have emerged that provides streaming services and allow users to download their favorite movies and television shows but at a cost. ...

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15 Brightest Stars In The Sky | Based On Apparent Magnitude

Alpha Centauri - brightest stars

The brightness of any stellar object or any object in space is measured by the apparent magnitude of that body. Well, that’s just one way to do it. Apparent magnitude is the level of brightness witnessed by an observer on the Earth. Brightness and the magnitude value have an inverse relationship, i.e. more the brightness less ...

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How Big Are Neutron Stars?

How Big Are Neutron Stars - new constraints on radii

Astrophysicists determine new constraints on radii and tidal deformabilities of neutron stars.  They compared 2 billion theoretical models with gravitational waves captured in 2017.  This allowed them to deduce the size of neutron stars within a range of 1.5 kilometers: it varies from 12 to 13.5 km.  A neutron star is a collapsed core of a massive star ...

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AI Algorithms Render 3D Hair with 30,000 Strands In Real-Time

HairNet for rendering 3D Hair

Researchers develop a neural network that can produce full 3D hair geometry from 2D image.  The network is capable of rendering up to 30,000 strands of hair in milliseconds. It can smoothly sample and interpolate variety of hairstyles, including wavy, curly and straight.  Rendering realistic hairs on machines is probably the toughest task when digitizing ...

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AI And Quantum Mechanics Can Increase Magnetometer Sensitivity

Increase Magnetometer Sensitivity

Researchers develop a new method to measure magnetic fields using quantum system and machine learning techniques. They reach a sensitivity that is 6 times higher than what can be achieved with conventional techniques.  There are certain limits to how precisely one can measure things. Take an X-ray image for example, it’s quite blurry and requires an ...

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