How Many Cancer Cells It Takes To Trigger Metastasis?

How Many Cancer Cells

Researchers determine the number of cancer cells that trigger the spread of tumor in different body parts.  They found that many common metastatic tumors can be triggered by a range of hundreds to thousands of colonizing tumor cells.  According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 1.6 million new cases of cancer get diagnosed every year, about ...

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Explaining Quantum Physics Through Poetry

Quantum Physics Through Poetry

A poet tries to represent the laws of a topological quantum computer through poetry.  The poem translates the quantum physics in both its visual structure and word choices. Poetry is a nuanced form in which language is used for its aesthetic qualities instead of semantic and notional content. The language is used in a way ...

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Creating A Temporary Hole In The Cloud To Boost Satellite Communication

Hole In The Cloud via lasers

Researchers want to blast holes in the clouds to transmit information at high rates.  To do this, they will use ultrashort high-intensity laser filaments.  The technology doesn’t leave any negative impact on the atmosphere.  Today’s long-range information is transmitted by either radio waves (via satellites) or underground optical fiber. However, the flow of information is ...

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A New Way To Measure Extremely Low Pressures

ultracold trapped atoms to measure lower pressure

New cold-atom vacuum standard can accurately measure low-pressure levels.  Researchers are currently testing individual modules and a working prototype will be available soon.  It will be the first absolute sensor to operate in ultrahigh and extreme-high vacuum. There are many methods to measure pressure/vacuum. Several research labs are using new technologies to remove a large number ...

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Researchers Discover New Uranium Compounds With Unique Properties

New Uranium Compounds

Researchers spotted 14 new uranium hydrides that have superconducting properties.  UH7 is the highest-temperature superconductor that shows superconducting features at -219° C.  The temperature can be raised to even more levels via doping. Uranium is a radioactive element. It has an unstable nucleus, with half-lives varying between 4.5 billion years and 159,200 years. In fact, it was ...

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Scientists Grow Functional 3D Human Neural Network from Stem Cells

3D Human Neural Network

New 3D model of human brain tissue can accurately mimic brain’s functional and structural features.  It allows scientists to measure cellular properties, and visualize behavior and growth of individual cells in the brain.  With billions of neurons connected by trillions of synapses, human brain is one of the most complex things in nature. The interconnections of ...

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18 Best Android Games To Play in 2018

Asphalt 9 - Best Android Games

The mobile gaming industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and it’s now bigger than ever. While there is no doubt that iOS has a better selection of games, Google Play Store has evolved drastically from its infancy in the last few years. The number of gaming apps available in the Play Store in 2018 (first ...

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First 3D Images Of Microscopic Cracks In Alloys

Microscopic Cracks In Alloys 3D image

For the first time, researchers develop a technique to capture 3D images of microscopic cracks in nickel-base alloys caused by hydrogen or water exposure.  It will help engineer develop microstructures with extended material life, saving costs on repairs and replacements. Microfractures in metal alloys cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they can extend ...

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New AI Detects Breast Cancer By Analyzing Mammographic Tissue Density

AI Detects Breast Cancer in Mammogram

New deep learning model analyzes breast tissues in mammograms and accurately estimates density ratings.  These ratings are an independent risk factor for breast cancer.  The model takes less than one second to process one mammogram and it could be easily scaled throughout hospitals.  In the United States, breast cancer death rates are significantly higher than any other ...

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