Cars That Brought the Revolution in Automobile Industry

Citroen DS

A powerful V16 engine, front wheel driving mechanism, an engine without pistons – developing these is not a matter of one day. It literally took 400 years to develop and create the car of our dream with all the modern technologies. We have arranged most of the cars from the past to present that brought ...

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20 Most Successful Investors In The World

Prince Alwaleed Bin talal

When it comes to the world of investments, just three words come to mind: overwhelming, risky and yet lucrative. Investing is by no means an easy job as there are countless considerations and infinite risks to take care of. But thankfully, from Benjamin Franklin to modern day pundit Dave Ramsey all have shared their priceless ...

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8 Free Web Apps For People Who Make Money Online


Do you earn Money by making videos, or through Facebook pages or even selling on fivver or any other freelancer site? If yes, then article will help you benefit a lot. We have prepared a list of 8 tools which are free and easy to use. On our daily basis, there are things that need to be ...

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26 Worst Stock Market Crashes In History

Eurozone Crisis

Do you know the first ever share market was established in 1602 by the Dutch East India company under the name of Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Today it is known as Euronext Amsterdam. In general terms, it is a sudden and unforeseen collapse of stock prices across a stock market, resulting in a significant loss of ...

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23 Richest Engineers in the World | 2017 Edition


Engineers play an important role in the development of any society. Their innovations and efforts towards new technology helps make our life more enjoyable and comfortable. Since that’s the case, good engineers are always in demand, which leads many of them to become extremely wealthy. But not all of them become billionaires. Do they? Being ...

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22 Creative CSS Hover Effects

Card hover effect

Applying hover effects on texts, links, or images is not something new. However, with the rapid enhancements in various web technologies, the basic things on the internet have changed a lot. And the hover effect is no exception here. The latest technologies like CSS3, LESS and SVG pictures have shown us a lot of unique ...

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40 Best Websites to Download Free STL Files for 3d Printing | 2017


The trend of 3d prints is growing; more and more users are looking for new and fun projects they can 3d print at home. You can also start once you get a 3d printer. All you need is material and 3d blueprint to print your product. The 3d blueprint comes as .STL format (stands for STereoLithography), which contains data describing the layout ...

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15 Best Malware Removal Tools of 2017


These days, malware attacks are increasing a lot, so it becomes quite mandatory to use a good anti-malware program, especially if you are using your desktop for office work. No matter how careful you are about your machine, a single malicious script is enough to destroy all your work. There is a common saying – ...

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Earth’s Backup? Can We Really Do It?

backup for earth

Life on Earth has never been ‘invulnerable’. For the past few million years, our planet has been on the receiving end of many catastrophic events that eradicated a substantial portion of life forms from its surface. Scientists believe that these previous extinctions were caused either by violent volcanic eruptions or major asteroid impacts. They are ...

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