12 Fascinating Facts About The Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle facts

It was just an ordinary day at the Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale, Florida on December 5, 1945. The Naval base was preparing for a routine navigation and combat training exercise. There initial flight plan was scheduled to take them due East from Fort Lauderdale for 141 miles, then a left turn due north for 73 miles flying over the ...

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12 Unknown Facts About Albert Einstein

Unknown Facts About Albert Einstein -

Albert Einstein started his journey form Ulm, a city in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany on March 14, 1879. At the age of 16, he showed glimpses of brilliance after obtaining exceptional grades in physics and mathematics while applying for the Swiss Federal institute of Polytechnic. Soon, he became the mozart of the scientific community. During his ...

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12 Weird Diseases That Science Failed To Explain

Marburg Virus

2014 was a year of stress for doctors which left them worried to find the cure of the Ebola disease. The Ebola virus was the mysterious disease for many years and now, there are many antiviral medical treatments available. But, doctors are still working to develop a more powerful vaccine. Thousands of advanced medical solutions ...

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34 Free SEO Tools To Improve Your Marketing Strategy

QuickSprout Website Analyzer

As an SEO expert you need to understand on/off page optimization, link building, marketing, public relations and technology. Doing all these jobs seems quite difficult and overwhelming for a single person. So, how can SEO work smarter and faster? It starts with having the right combination of tools. We have compiled a list of helpful tools, covering ...

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100+ Creative and Funny 404 Error Pages


Not very much, but it is important to have a 404 error page on a website for SEO as well as reader’s perspective. In most cases, it is not your fault when user found any broken page, but still providing useful data in 404 pages is a healthy idea. Ideally, a good 404 error page ...

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11 Famous Uncracked Code | Mysterious Ciphertexts

Dorabella Cipher

For thousand of years, cryptography have been used for secret communications. The ciphertext or codes are a confidential way of writing any sensitive information. During the World Wars, such types of code were widely used for transmitting crucial information over long distances. But, the development of cryptography has been paralleled by advancement of cryptanalysis-the “breaking” of codes. ...

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21 Best PHP Frameworks for Modern Web Development


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the most popular web programming language used by over 240 million websites. PHP is popular because of its interactive functionalities, HTML and data integration support, and easy-to-learn feature. Just like other popular programming languages, PHP also has some useful frameworks that can enhance your development process. Why you should use a ...

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51 Interesting World War 2 Facts

William Hitler

The World War 2 has always been a hot topic for the modern historians who were trying to understand the prevailing political and economic structure of the contemporary world. Wars always have a massive impact on the society for years to come, then whether it was Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident or the battle of Stalingrad ...

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Internet Images you CAN and CAN’T use on your Website

Which Internet Images you CAN and CAN'T actually use on your Website without breaking any copyright law

Today we are covering very sensitive topic i.e. which internet pictures you can actually use on your website without breaking any law. Why I am calling this topic sensitive? The reason is if you don’t pay a little attention, you can suffer a lot. Read the facts: Using a Google image cost a blogger $8000 penalty ...

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36 Useful PHP Libraries for Programmers and Developers


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is used as a general programming language for web development. It’s a server site scripting language that powers roughly 240 million websites. The PHP source code can be implemented with HTML code, or it can be used with various web frameworks, template engines and standalone graphical applications. Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress are few ...

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18 Toughest Entrance Exams and Interviews in the World

For students, career is much important than anything else, and this is the era where you can find many students bundling themselves into library, opening their notes to inspect the preparation for the dreaded exams. How to get-in one of the best institutes for a bright future and how to prepare for their entrance exams creates ...

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