26 of the Most Interesting Psychological Experiments Part-I

The Marshmallow Test

Why exactly people act or react the way they do. Psychologists all over the world are still in the process to fully understand this phenomena. However, it is also true that the existing knowledge about the human behavior is a result of a century long study and experiments. These experiments certainly contributed to psychological society in ...

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30 Useful Steganography Tools To Hide Secret Information


Steganography is the science of hiding secret data inside larger and harmless looking files, like picture, sound, text, etc. For example, the hidden message may be invisible ink between the visible lines of private letters. What are the advantages of Steganography over Cryptography? Cryptography is the practice of securing the content of a message alone. On ...

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India’s First Private-Sector Satellite Launch Fails | ISRO Report

Failure of ISRO PSLV

The ISRO’s (Indian Space Research Organization) PSLV C39 mission failed on August 31. The space agency was working on the network of 7 satellites for “India’s own GPS system” for over the last 4 years. The 1,425 kg satellite named IRNSS (short for Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) 1H was developed to replace 1A (launched in July 2013). IRNSS ...

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Cars That Brought the Revolution in Automobile Industry

Citroen DS

A powerful V16 engine, front wheel driving mechanism, an engine without pistons – developing these is not a matter of one day. It literally took 400 years to develop and create the car of our dream with all the modern technologies. We have arranged most of the cars from the past to present that brought ...

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20 Most Successful Investors In The World

Prince Alwaleed Bin talal

When it comes to the world of investments, just three words come to mind: overwhelming, risky and yet lucrative. Investing is by no means an easy job as there are countless considerations and infinite risks to take care of. But thankfully, from Benjamin Graham to modern day pundit Dave Ramsey all have shared their priceless expertise ...

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26 Worst Stock Market Crashes In History

Eurozone Crisis

Do you know the first ever share market was established in 1602 by the Dutch East India company under the name of Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Today it is known as Euronext Amsterdam. In general terms, it is a sudden and unforeseen collapse of stock prices across a stock market, resulting in a significant loss of ...

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Your Browsing History Can Be Traced, Even in Incognito Mode

Your Browsing History Can Be Traced

Security experts Andreas Dewes and Svea Eckert revealed that an individual’s browsing history and habit can be traced, even after he/she is using incognito mode. The research was done on over 3 million Germans, out of which some where public figures. If you think no one will get to know about your browsing history and ...

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Earth’s Backup? Can We Really Do It?

backup for earth

Life on Earth has never been ‘invulnerable’. For the past few million years, our planet has been on the receiving end of many catastrophic events that eradicated a substantial portion of life forms from its surface. Scientists believe that these previous extinctions were caused either by violent volcanic eruptions or major asteroid impacts. They are ...

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22 Exceptional Glass Buildings From All Over The World

Basque Health Department

In the wake of 20th century, the new and modern architecture emerged into the main scenario which only became more dominant after the World War 2. The modern architecture or modernist architecture is basically bold and audacious use of glass, steel and reinforced concrete. It brought a radical change in the architectural world, practicing modern styles ...

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What is Fermi Paradox? And Where Are the Aliens?

What is Fermi Paradox

Do you believe in aliens? If you do, you must be intrigued with the question that where are they and why haven’t we heard from them yet? Well, it’s not just you as this question has also troubled space scientists and astrophysicists for a long time. Over the years, based on various calculations, scientists have ...

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