11 Emerging Technologies in Electronics Which Will Change Our Future


This is the era where no one lives without the technology. Inventors have been always trying to originate something new for the next generation. Emerging technologies or near future technologies contains most of the ongoing development projects and innovation in the modern world. These will be the positive technological breakthroughs which will reshape the future. ...

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12 Most Advanced Humanoid Robots You Need To See


A humanoid robot is a robot that has the same body shape of a normal human being. They are built for particular purposes such as interacting with the environment or human in order to help them. Humanoid robots are also known as androids and are designed to replicate human facial features such as eyes and lips. ...

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20 Amazing Tools for Digital Storytelling | Free & Premium


A single story has enough power to change people’s mind. They can inspire us, motivate us, make us laugh and they can teach a great lesson. We all love our grandma stories, but the world has been changed in the last couple of years. The lovely storytelling grandma has been replaced by tablets, smartphones and Desktops. ...

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14 of the Advanced Working Machines Made of LEGOs

Lego Hot Rod

Lego was manufactured as a construction brick toy to entertain children. Lego are more preferred for small children because they are easy to carry and you can make any design whatever you want. At the present time, the situation is improved technologically and designers are trying to make a new Lego creation. Many designers use 3D ...

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30+ Worthwhile Websites Every Entrepreneur Must Visit

Tara Gentile

Being a successful entrepreneur is one of the most risky and toughest jobs in the world, especially if you are at startup stage. You have to do your work with limited people and make your decision on your own. However, this is an area where you quickly learn from your mistakes and your success totally ...

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15+ Best Alternative Keyboard Apps for Android & iOS


All smartphone devices come with the default keyboard app but for some typist that’s not enough. Especially, if you are using your phone for texting purpose on a daily basis, then you need a lot of features along with the auto-correction and unfortunately that doesn’t come with default keyboard. However, there are lots of apps ...

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20+ Effective E-Commerce Tools to Increase Your Sales

Spree Commerce

Creating and running an eCommerce site has become very easy task due to the various range of tools available in the market. On the other hand, maintaining and increasing conversation rate has become one of the toughest jobs nowadays. Seriously, what’s the benefit if you’re getting thousands of visitors but they are not ending up with buying ...

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10 Inspiring 3D Printing Startup Companies

3D printer

3D printing is the latest manufacturing technique which continues to grow every day. It uses an advanced type of additive manufacturing process which creates a 3-dimensional object layer by layer. 3D printer allows creating things easy, fast and affordable. The technology can also be used on a larger scale in many industries including medicine, construction, ...

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25+ Famous Logos With Their Price Tag


A logo is the life of the brand and the company. It is a very important thing and business is majorly depends on this factor. This is the first thing that comes into the customer’s mind. Almost all famous companies have an unforgettable logo. Some popular logos are represented by the slogan while others are ...

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Top 15 HD Graphics Games for PC Xbox and PS3

Grid 2

Today, we will introduce some high definition graphical games designed for various electronic equipment. All of them requires extreme hardware configuration and have sold many copies, earning billions of dollars around the world. Obviously, it gives you the awesome experience as compared to their earlier versions but you also have to spend some money to update ...

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