12 Successful Companies Founded by Ex-Apple Employees

Steve Jobs

A company is all about innovation and dedication which makes it a successful venture. In the last three decades, an extraordinary number of talented and motivated people found there way into the field of technology. Among the big dogs in the field of innovation, Apple.Inc is surely one of the biggest. On numerous occasions employees left ...

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17 Most Popular Historical Places In the World


The world is full of amazing places, man made and natural. Every year. millions of people flock from one part of the world to another to spend their holidays with friends and families and gather new experiences. There are many great Historical places in the world, and it’s difficult to decide which is the most phenomenal ...

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45+ Artistic Invoice Designs For Your Inspiration

industrial designer

Even in this age of automation, invoicing is an essential part of any business. Apart from billing, your invoice may also contain various important information about your enterprise or organization that you want to share with your customers. They are also important to keep track of your accounts and profits. So, we all agree that ...

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25 Most Powerful Countries In The World


No country is perfect, it’s a fact. But it’s also a fact that some nations are better than the others. So today we have prepared a mega list of 25 powerful countries in the world. Well, there are many parameters by which one can rank different nations, so we have tried to evaluate each nation based ...

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22 Scary Games To Play With The Lights Off

Emily wants to play

Scary games have been around for a long time, but in a last few couple of years they have evolved to be considerably more immersive, thanks to technological advances like upgraded graphics and virtual reality. If you are also one of the curious gamers looking for ghosts, demons, zombies and endless darkness, this is where you ...

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30 Incredible Juno Probe Images for Space Fanatics

Juno Probe Images

NASA launched the Juno Probe on August 5, 2011 to investigate some important traits of Jupiter like its composition, magnetic field, gravity field, and other characteristics. It will also search for various clues including how the planet formed, the amount of water present in the planet, about its mysterious deep winds and much more. On July 5, ...

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18 Extraordinary Research Project by Microsoft

See-through 3d Display

Many giant tech companies are working on advanced and innovative project that can completely change the future. Most of these projects have nothing to do with the company’s commercial product, still for the sake of innovation, creativity and intent to change the world, these projects are going on. Some of these research works are hidden ...

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15 Awesome Football Infographics For Soccer Fans

Perhaps the biggest event on the planet, FIFA World Cup is just 1 year away. The 2018 edition is to be held in Russia, and it will be the first ever World Cup in Eastern Europe. Football fans all over the world are growing impatient. But we do have something that might cheer you up. And what’s ...

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25 Strongest Armies In the World – Stats & Figures

Strongest Armies In the World

A good and strong military is essential for any country’s economic and political growth. They not only protects a nation’s boundaries, but also ensure world’s peace. Ever since the World War II, there has been no significant conflict among nations and global stockpile of arms is one of the major reasons for it. But building a large ...

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25 Best WordPress Cheat Sheet for Developers

WordPress Mega Cheat Sheet

WordPress is currently the most popular content management system on the Web, empowering over 60 million websites. It is used by 28% of the top 10 million websites. What makes WordPress more popular is its easy-to-use features, which includes clean permalink structure, automatic filter, search engine friendly articles, easy link management, standardize formatting and styling of ...

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20 Most Expensive Android Apps in the world

Most Expensive Android Apps

If you are searching for the costliest application for your precious device, you are landed on correct destination. We all know in the last few couple of years Android market has expanded at an enormous rate, no need to tell, why? There are more than 2 million apps for the Android platform. 45% of them are ...

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