12 Interesting Facts About Dreams

Lucid Dream

Dreams can be mysterious, perplexing, monstrous and sometimes eye opening. Many scientific groups conduct research and experiments to examine better human dreams. The study of dream is known as oneirology. Scientists are trying to get more information about human psychology through dreams. Where do they come from? What do they mean? This study is under progress ...

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10 Things iPhone Does Better than Android

design - Things iPhone Does Better than Android

Apple’s product announcements are always been a huge deal. It’s not less than any big party or show concert. Whether you are a casual user, developer, technologist or stock broker, it matter at all, from personal to business consumers. On 9th September 2014 Apple launched the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. And now, Android developers are ...

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Top 10 Future Innovations For Better Life

Hotels on Moon

Over the last few decades, advancements in technology have made many things possible and real that were hard to imagine a few years ago. Recently, many new innovations in technology are introduced and there are many others that will come soon. Now in the 21st century, 3D printing technology, smartwatches and head mounted gadgets are the ...

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Most Easiest Ways to Get Instant Quality Dofollow Backlinks


What are Backlinks? Backlinks are nothing but numerous incoming links to your blog. For example: if you link a word to rankred.com then we are getting a backlink from your site. It is also known as incoming, inward and inbound link. Types of Backlinks There are 2 kinds of backlinks i.e Dofollow and nofollow. A Dofollow link ...

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15+ Best Google Glass Apps | Free

race yourself

It’s long enough since Google glass launched, so you all must be well aware of this device. It is a revolutionary product by one of the leading tech companies in the worlds, Google. If you already have or planning to buy a new one, this list is absolutely for you. Below we have listed few ...

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45+ Best Chrome Extensions You Must Have

Awesome New Tab Page

Google started working on a browser in 2006. The aim was to deliver a fast and simple user experience. Today, Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. In 2009, Google enabled extension by default on Chrome’s developer channel. At present, Chrome is packed with thousands of extensions with almost all sorts of functionality ...

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40 Interesting Facts About Technology and Web

We are living in the era where life is revolving too much around technology. We all got so engrossed in recent technologies that we have never looked behind the history of the technology and the weird facts related to it. Technology and internet have become an important part of our lives and if you are ...

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15+ Best Online Racing Games

Dirt track

The best thing about the online game is they are short, fast, fun, interesting and they don’t require any heavy graphic card support to run. If you a racing game fan but don’t have much time to play long career bases PC games, then this list is for you. To fresh you mood we are representing ...

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Top 20 Epic Logo Design Fails Ever


The one important marketing tool that affects the business is Logo. Logo defines the brand and almost all companies are known by its logo. It’s the first thing that sticks in people’s mind. Let me give you a demo, think of any popular company, say Google or Apple. What’s the first image that came into ...

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10 Efficient and Verified Ways to Increase Website Traffic

10 basic Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Do you have a website or blog? It’s just a lonely and an empty place if you are not getting visitors. Is it like a playground without children? Don’t worry, your site is not gonna be empty place any more. How to bring traffic to your website? How much traffic does my site get? How to get more website traffic ...

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15 Best 3d Modeling Software for PC | Free


3d Modeling is the process of designing any 3d dimension (x, y, z) surface in mathematical representation.  The final 3 dimensional piece created via specific computer software is known as a 3d model. It involves 3 processes i.e. 3d Modeling, 3d Animation and 3d Rendering. Before proceeding to the list, let me tell you some ...

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