27 Free VPN Services for Better Security and Privacy


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) secures your computer’s internet connection to make sure that all of the data you are receiving and sending is encrypted and secured from malicious attacks. It creates an extra layer of security when you browse the internet, and also helps you bypass the restrictions imposed by authorities/government. A good VPN ...

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What’s New in Android O – 17 Added Features and Changes

Battery Life

Google has released a developer preview of its next Android operating system ahead of its annual I/O conference. The first build is available for Nexus and Pixel device, but must be installed manually and is not intended for customer use. The version O brings along a host of new features and improvements over its predecessor, ...

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15 Powerful Automated Testing Tools and Frameworks for Java


Most programmers spend a lot of time debugging Java code. For most of us, it is not a complex task, but writing test cases manually is a time consuming process. Fortunately, there are many automated testing tools and frameworks that can significantly improve the workflow of Java development. Why Automated Testing? When you release an ...

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14 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools To Identify Duplicacy

Viper Plagiarism Scanner

Plagiarism checker follows a systematic process to track copied element within your content. It is essential if you are going for academic assignment where a unique material is required to submit. You should be aware of the serious consequences plagiarism brings. Some institutes are very strict about this matter – they won’t hesitate while suspending, or ...

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15 Biggest and Worst Floods Ever in History

Yangtze river flood

We humans, since our existence are trying to control a greater force called nature from one way to another. In prehistoric times, our ancestors learned about fire and used fire for their basic needs. The same fire caused destruction whenever misused or ill-handled. This is what we know now as the balance of nature, when ...

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16 Best Android Apps to Block Spam Calls and SMS

Truemessenger - Best Android Apps to Block Spam Calls and SMS

We all have a few annoying people in our contact list who constantly call you and you don’t want to answer. Fortunately, Android app ecosystem provides different applications to block unwanted calls and messages. You will not receive any calls or texts from the blocked number. Some high-end Android phones do offer this feature built-in, ...

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30+ Horrifying Medical Instruments that are no Longer in Use

Skull saw

The bionic eye, fecal transplant, 3d-printed organs, robot doctors, heart-saving hormone – we all are living in a modern world that our ancestors couldn’t have imagined. Technology is really chaining very fast, especially when it comes to the medical field. Scientists and researchers are continuously developing new methods to fight illness and daily health issues. Today’s ...

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21 Surprising Facts About Civil Wars


A series of civil wars occurred in the 1st century Roman Republic which is recognized as the first ever interstate war occurred in the world that we know today. Since then, there had been countless interstate conflicts and many of them totally changed the course of the nation’s history. In a study, commissioned by the World Bank ...

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