The Mega Collection of Free Icon Sets (AI, SVG, PSD, PNG)

Halloween Vector Icons

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a huge rise in popularity of vector icon sets. They are vital for any web related project. Creating custom icons for each project is not practical and it’s time consuming also. This time we’ve come up with the huge collection of free icon sets (in almost all modern formats) ...

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20+ Apps That Can Earn You Extra Money and Rewards


You probably already know that there are some apps that can help you make extra bucks. But, you may not know much about these apps. We’ve gathered some trustworthy money making applications you can use to earn real cash or rewards. These apps will not make you a millionaire, but if they can pay your ...

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28 Amazing CSS3 Effects To Give Your Website a Modern Look

Flat Long Shadow

We can do a lot of things with CSS like, create pretty effects, make models, build different shapes etc. Putting a perfect CSS in your application isn’t hard these days. There are thousands of effects and tutorials available on the internet and that’s too for free. Picking a right combination of ideal effects is really a tough task ...

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30+ Amazing Features of Google Search Box

A box that changed the whole world. A box that worth more than $100 billion. No need to describe what it does. We all know the power of Google Search box. And since its inception, it is getting smarter day by day. The main aim of search engines is to provide the accurate and helpful information of ...

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Funny Tech Questions, Answers & Trolls from all over the Internet

There are numerous online platforms that are helping a lot of people getting answers and advice on various topics over the years. As the editor of 3rank I see dozens of tech related questions every day. Since almost all questions are moderated, most of the embarrassing fun is edited out and unfortunately most moronic questions never see the ...

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22 Effective Tools for Creating Powerful Presentation


A presentation is the best formal method to present your thoughts, planning & work in order to win pitches and influence audience. It is mostly used in cooperate world and educational field to deliver data in form of videos and pictures. A well narration of information can instill a life to plain and boring subjects as well. ...

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26 Modern jQuery Plugins To Make Your Website Better

Hover Effects Builder

Everyone wants their website to run on all devices to grab more exposure and jQuery helps you do the same. It’s a JavaScript library built to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It helps you to create animations, make navigation easy, handle events and develop Ajax applications. The quality and quantity of jQuery plugins never cease to amaze ...

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9 Skills Every Graphic and Web Designer Must Have

Project Management

Web and graphic design are a form of Art and Science. It has now become a large part of people’s daily life. You can’t image Internet without multimedia, animation, music or fancy typography. Total number of websites on the internet is increasing day by day and so does the need of talented web designers. However, ...

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20+ Node.js Frameworks for Developing Web Applications


Node.js is a JavaScript platform that allows you to develop large scale web applications. It uses event driven and non-blocking I/O model, which makes it perfect for data-intensive real time applications. It consists of a variety of frameworks including REST API and generators, MVC framework, full stack framework and lots of server library. These frameworks are created ...

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30 Powerful Photoshop Plugins for Designers – Free & Premium

Perspective Mockups

Photoshop is the most powerful and creative web designing tool, especially if you have the right combinations of plugins. It provides you unlimited possibilities and it’s up to you how you utilize it. Freebies are amazing, but sometimes you need professional tools to handle professional tasks. Photoshop extensions help you design, streamline your workflow and be more ...

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15+ Best Camera App for Android 2014-2015

Camera 2

Android market is touching skies and their apps are getting better and better. Countless apps are available on play store to enhance your experience with device. Today, we will highlight the best camera app for android smartphones/tables. Although, you always get in-built camera app on every device but these apps have little extra features to capture ...

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