12 Best DIY Electronics Projects For Geeks

Solar Powered Plane

Do It Yourself DIY is a process of building or repairing anything without the help of experts. It includes use of raw materials and spare parts to invent a new working model. Research also proves that DIY is the best method to teach anything to the students. There are numerous things that you can make ...

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15 World’s Most Expensive Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Porsche 918 Spyder

A hybrid electric vehicle is a kind of hybrid vehicles that is powered by a standard combustion engine and an electric motor. The first hybrid electric vehicle, Lohner Porsche Mixte hybrid was developed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1901. The Toyota Prius was launched in 1997 and revolutionized the market of hybrid cars. As the fuel price ...

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12 Affordable and Cheapest 3D Printers For Home Use


The 3D printing technology was first introduced in 1980s and available commercially after 2010. There are many 3D printer companies but the problem is the high price for personal use. This technology is still very expensive but some crowdsourcing ventures have developed it at a less price tag. The manufacturers of these printers have many models and ...

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20+ Useful Online Tools to Create Charts and Graphs


Today’s audience is incredibly visual. They like to receive information in the form of graphics, charts or tables rather than a thousand word report. Fortunately, there are now thousands of tools that help you to present information in a graphical manner. Graphs and charts are one of the best ways to represent information and relationship ...

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11 Women Who Revolutionized The Internet World

Leah Culver

The evolution of the internet began with the development of electronic computers in the 1950s. The internet helped people to get connected with each other. Since the development of the internet, many people contributed their work and revolutionized the technologies used in internet. There are many women in the list along with men. These women were ...

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30+ Stunning Lock Screen Apps for Android & iOS

FancyLock - Lock Screen App for Apple

The best thing about smartphone is you can customize it in any way you want. The market of smartphones has increased at a tremendous rate in the last couple of years. Android and iOS together hold over 90% of the smartphone market. That’s the reason millions of iOS and android apps are available on the ...

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15 Most Expensive Classic Cars Ever Sold At Auction

Bugatti Royale Berline de Voyage

Classic cars are considered as some of the most valuable cars and they are also ranked in the most expensive cars of all time. All the cars are manufactured on the same basic technology, so what makes some of them so special and expensive? There are many factors responsible for the price of auctioned cars ...

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11 Emerging Technologies in Electronics Which Will Change Our Future


This is the era where no one lives without the technology. Inventors have been always trying to originate something new for the next generation. Emerging technologies or near future technologies contains most of the ongoing development projects and innovation in the modern world. These will be the positive technological breakthroughs which will reshape the future. ...

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12 Most Advanced Humanoid Robots You Need To See


A humanoid robot is a robot that has the same body shape of a normal human being. They are built for particular purposes such as interacting with the environment or human in order to help them. Humanoid robots are also known as androids and are designed to replicate human facial features such as eyes and lips. ...

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20 Amazing Tools for Digital Storytelling | Free & Premium


A single story has enough power to change people’s mind. They can inspire us, motivate us, make us laugh and they can teach a great lesson. We all love our grandma stories, but the world has been changed in the last couple of years. The lovely storytelling grandma has been replaced by tablets, smartphones and Desktops. ...

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14 of the Advanced Working Machines Made of LEGOs

Lego Hot Rod

Lego was manufactured as a construction brick toy to entertain children. Lego are more preferred for small children because they are easy to carry and you can make any design whatever you want. At the present time, the situation is improved technologically and designers are trying to make a new Lego creation. Many designers use 3D ...

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30+ Worthwhile Websites Every Entrepreneur Must Visit

Tara Gentile

Being a successful entrepreneur is one of the most risky and toughest jobs in the world, especially if you are at startup stage. You have to do your work with limited people and make your decision on your own. However, this is an area where you quickly learn from your mistakes and your success totally ...

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