20 Best WordPress Subscription Plugins to Increase Traffic

WP PopUp Revolution

You always get various advantages if you are hosting on the most popular CMS, WordPress. The one advantage among them is hundreds of fancy subscription plugins. Lots of new bloggers don’t know the importance of subscription. Every time you publish a new post that will be broadcasted through email. Let me tell you, returning visitors ...

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10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Yachts in the World

History Supreme - Most Expensive Yachts

Most people have purchased yachts just to embrace their life in the ocean and to show their wealth. Few rich people buy it to experience the feeling of spending some days in the ocean with the luxurious features like their own home. These yachts are so lavish and well equipped that they have all the ...

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10+ Portable and Cool Gadgets That You Can Buy

Mini Robotic Printer

There is absolutely no doubt that we all love digital gadgets. In fact, these days it will be very hard to live without them. We have many gadgets around us and each of them has their special use in our life. From ultra HD TV to Smartphones, portable camera to portable washing machine, there are ...

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How to get Google Adsense Approval: The Complete Guide

How to get Google Adsense Approval: The Complete Guide and how we got it

There are hundreds of advertising networks and the truth is you can’t compare any of them with Google AdSense. We have tried numerous top level advertising networks and here the interesting fact: Money earned from 10 highest paying AdSense alternative networks Combined < Money earned from Google AdSense alone For basic information like how much you can ...

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10 Oldest Things Ever Found on Earth

oldest human foosil

Do you know that our universe is 14 billion years old and the earth seems like a teenager among it with the age of 4.5 billion years. Human beings are also animal but our knowledge and the tools we use separate us from other animals. Humans evolved thousands of years back and now archaeologists have ...

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Top 10 Most Inspiring Startups in India


Indian startups continues to grow very rapidly and gaining their position in the global technology platform. Many Indian based startups were acquired by the world’s top companies which show their value in the market. Hunger for success, determination and inspiration are the signs of a successful startup. Whatever business you want to start, you have to ...

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10 Self Made Teenage Millionaires

DAVID COOK, CATHERINE COOK - Self Made Teenage Millionaires

A million dollar business starts with one sparkle of innovation and hardworking determination to give something very useful to the world. The following list features 10 self-made teenage millionaires and most of them are entrepreneurs. Some of them made their first million dollars before the age of 20, this show that age doesn’t matter in the business. ...

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10 Latest Web Design Trends 2014 + Infographics

Latest Web Design Trends 2014 - flat

As a web designer/developer, you are visiting thousands of websites just to get an idea of any new available design. In the last couple of years, numerous compelling designs have been introduced. The web technologies are really expanding at an exponential rate and the W3C standard has pushed the website to the next level. The new ...

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12 Legendary and Greatest Warriors of Historical Time

Spartans - Greatest Warriors

As with the increase in population, we have seen numerous wars for power and land. These wars have produced many deadliest warriors all over the world. All these warriors have their own strategies, armors and unique style of fighting. They were not only a deadly fighter but also proved them as a great leader who took ...

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How often you should Update Blog post?

How often you should publish a new blog post to get maximum profit.

Before starting a blog, you should design a roadmap to make it successful. The roadmap refers to What topic you are going to put there What kind of audience would you like to attract Design and structure of website and for nowadays the most important thing ” Blog update frequency“. The new search engine algorithm considers date ...

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10 Futuristic Technology Ideas That May Come Very soon

Space Tourism

Technology is the most important part of our life that changes the world at every single step. We can’t exactly predict what the future is but the scientists and engineers trying hard to give something new to the world. Upcoming technologies will conquest over the existing ones as they are more advanced and useful for ...

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High Quality Content: What does it really mean?

What does High Quality Content really mean?

If you ask any blogger or SEO expert that how to get on top of search engine, they all will give you a common answer i.e. Create High Quality Content. I know you have heard this zillion times and this cheesy line doesn’t help a bit understanding the whole concept, especially if your website is ...

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