Top 12 Biggest Inventions of Ancient China


Chinese has always been considered one of the most talented and creative people in the world. China contributed many inventions to the world. And some of the inventions you may be familiar with. No other ancient culture has contributed more than the Chinese culture contributed to the advancement of human progress. Now most of the Chinese inventions ...

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10 People Who Have Extra Body Parts

Extra Head

The human body is a complex structure of many body parts performing their unique and special functions. Some of our body parts are not useful for us such as small toe finger and the appendix. You might have heard about a person with eleven or twelve fingers. But few people have born with extra head, ...

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10 People Who Claimed to be God

Apollo Quiboloy

There are plenty of people out there with a Messiah complex. Also, there are many people who become atheist and do not believe in God. But there are also some human who claimed to be a God or part of God. Most of the time these claims were nothing but just a hoax and sometimes people ...

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10 Worst and Deadliest Wars in Human History

World-War II 1939-1945 - Deadliest Wars in Human History

Since the inception of human race, there have been many events when one group proved their dominance upon the others. In the ancient times, the power was estimated by their ability to win wars. Millions of people have died throughout history through wars caused by territory disputes or greed. In the following list we represent you ...

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10 Microscopic Gadgets For Better Future

top 10 Microscopic Gadgets

The tech trend of the future has already begun. From an electric bike to a bionic arm, there are many innovative technical gadgets evolving every day. We know we have to use Eco friendly gadgets for developing a better tomorrow and the following list contains some micro gadgets which may be responsible for developing a ...

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10 World’s Biggest Engineering Projects | Man-made Heaven

sky cities

We live in an era where anything can be imagined and can be built. Advanced satellites, Floating hotels, massive underwater bridges and tunnels, skyscrapers are some compelling creatures made by human. But these projects were never easy to finish, they all gone through a great compilation including, accident, failure, cost overruns and even complete disaster. ...

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The 7 Biggest Challenges Every Entrepreneurs Face


Nowadays it is very easy to become an entrepreneur, but also the toughest time to become a successful entrepreneur. A billionaire said that “A business has to be involving, it has to be fun and it has to exercise your creative instinct”. For any type of business, the most essential part is the customers. The first ...

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Top 10 Useless Inventions of All Time

Air Conditioned Shoes - useless invention

Throughout the world, there are many inventions which changed the human life. Meantime, some things have been created that were unimpressive, irrelevant and pointless. There are many inventions which are considered useless, but actually bought by many people. The Japanese are considered as the most creative people in the world and most of the following products have ...

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15+ Trending Programming Languages | Coder Career

top Programming Languages influence Network Graph

These days, tech sector is spreading at an astounding rate. That’s why programming skills are in high demand and no doubt one of the highest paying jobs too. Your resume will get more attention if you are master in any one of these coding skills listed below. The software industry is highest paying sector, making ...

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Top 10 Richest Politicians in the World

Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum

Politics is an art of managing the affairs of society and is one of the jobs that don’t need any college degree. So now, more and more people want a seat in legislative assemblies to earn a decent salary. These politicians also have many other businesses or some other sources of income. The following article is an attempt to familiarize ...

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10 Most Powerful and Successful Indian Women

Naina Lal Kidwai

Those days are gone when men are always used to be a dictator and women are considered nothing. The new generation women across the world proved themselves beyond doubt. India has always been rich in every field including arts, media, science and corporate world. It has given birth to some of the most extrovert and extraordinary ...

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10 Largest Buildings in the World | Giant Structure

Sands Cotai Central 1

The whole world has noticed the modern architecture that has been advanced over in some last decades. Nowadays, anything can be imagined and built with the help of science and technology, but these projects were never easy to build. There is no doubt that the construction industry has amazed us time to time and still improving. From ...

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