Top 15 HD Graphics Games for PC Xbox and PS3

Grid 2

Today, we will introduce some high definition graphical games designed for various electronic equipment. All of them requires extreme hardware configuration and have sold many copies, earning billions of dollars around the world. Obviously, it gives you the awesome experience as compared to their earlier versions but you also have to spend some money to update ...

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Top 10 Coolest Robot Designs in the World

ASIMO robot - Robot Designs

Robotics is a part of technology that deals with construction and operation of smart machines. Robots are built to make our life simple through automation. The first automated digital robot, the Unimate, was built in 1961 to carry the hot metal pieces from a die casting machine. Now most of the robots are used in some ...

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What Happens on the Internet Every Minute

What Happens on the Internet Every Minute

What can you do in 60 seconds? Everyone says that the internet moves very fast but the question is that how fast it moves. How much data get shared or uploaded on the internet? Today the number of networked devices is equal to the total population and it is estimated that in 2015 the networked ...

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10 Popular and Common Science Misconceptions

All Bats Are Blind

All of us grow up believing in many scientific myths. From geography to astronomy, there are many accepted facts that are actually wrong. Very few of us know the truth behind these misconceptions. From blind bats to mermaids, there are thousands of scientific misconceptions. You may be surprised to know that these myths are still ...

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10 Popular Inventors Killed By Their Inventions

Marie Curie - Inventors Killed BY Their Inventions

To become an inventor, you need a bunch of discarded stuffs, new imagination and lots of guts to take risks. This is a devastating irony that an inventor is killed by their own creation. Some inventions changed the human history and some are ended terribly. An inventor has to come up with good ideas and turn them ...

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9 Amazing Uses of 3D Printing in Medical Technology3

Printing Stem Cells

3D printing is one of the most developing branches in the field of technology. It has been used to create automobile parts, clothes and day-to-day use accessories. There are many amazing things you can make with a 3D printer but some of them considered as illegal in our society. Now it is contemplated as an emerging technology ...

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15 Popular Technology Myths & Misconceptions You Must Know

More Megapixels means Better Camera - Technology Myths

Is it suitable to charge Nokia phones with Samsung chargers? Like this, there are many unclear questions and myths related to the technology world. Many myths and common technology misconception that people need to know. Some of them are worldwide known and every age group believes them. Below we will try to increase your computing ...

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10 Extremely Successful Companies Started in Garage


Are you a young entrepreneur who wants to start a new business on your own? If you are frustrated by how much time it will take to successfully, hold on and just don’t give up on your dreams because all the big and famous companies always start from a small business. There are lots of ...

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Top 10 Unsolved Scientific Mysteries | Unlocked Answers

Travel through Time1

There are few unsolved mysteries that still exist today. In the twentieth century human has made some extraordinary and technical advancements. The world is full of mysteries and the human beings always have been in a race to find answers of them. People walked on the moon, discovered the DNA but there are still many ...

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12 of the Deadliest Construction Projects in History

Hawk Nest Tunnel

Since the last century, thousands of people have sacrificed their lives by involving themselves in astounding construction works. It is now very common that serious accidents and deaths occur during construction. Most of the countries have strict regulation regarding safety rules. We all learn from our previous mistakes, the only good thing about these accidents is, ...

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10 Worst Space Shuttle Launch Failures

Soyuz 1, 24th April 1967

Space research is an important thing to study all the aspects of Big Bang Theory. It’s really a tough task and needs advanced space exploration technologies. There are numerous space organizations around the world and many space missions have been successfully completed. Also, out of thousands of space missions, a few hundreds of them have failed. ...

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