Top 10 Nations That Spend the Most in Space Research

Space research

Space research and space exploration uses is the most advanced strategy/techniques and it represents the technological development status for each country. There are many space organizations working on space to explore it and to find out the hidden facts. Do you know that billions of dollars spend every year but the question is whether this ...

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Top and Different Types of Touchscreen Technology

Today’s technology is very vast if we talk about the personal device assistant. Frank Beck and Bent Stumpe developed the transparent touchscreen in 1970s and now all the mobile phones use the advanced technology of touchscreen. What is touchscreen technology? A touchscreen is an electronic visual display that the user can control through a single ...

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Top 10 World’s Largest Insects on Earth

Giant Weta1

On earth more than 80% of species are occupied by insects. There are around 900,000 different kinds of insects living on earth and about a million still waiting to be discovered. Most of them are very disgusting and scary but they are very important part of this environment. The largest insect ever lived on earth ...

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Image Optimization Tips and Tricks for Better SEO

Most of the bloggers didn’t know the role of image for generating organic traffic. Sometimes even webmasters are so focused on their written content SEO that they underestimate the role of images. Today our article is based on Images present in the content and how to get more visitors through it. Believe me, your images ...

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10 Fastest Train In The World | The Supersonic Speed

Eurostar 3012

The very first steam power engine invented by Richard Trevithick in 1804 and now the new technologies completely changed the way of transportation. Everyone wants to travel as soon as possible to reduce the time and this is happening due to the super-fast trains. With the help of science and technology, today the fastest train ...

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Top Upcoming Screen Less Display Technology

Upcoming Screen Less Display Technology - eye tap

Technology is making a huge modification in existing machines or tools in order to solve problem at higher level and make life comfortable. Screen less display is one of the most interesting subjects in technologies and research on this is increasing by exponential scale day by day. It is a system of transferring information/data though an ...

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10 Best Ways to Increase Alexa Rank of your blog

how to increase alexa ranking

Does Alexa Rank really matter? Let’s find out!! Most of the blogger thinks that Alexa Rank has nothing to do with web traffic or blog status. This is a huge misconception among few fresh webmasters. In fact, Alexa is given the highest priority after Google Page Rank. Many visitors and even advertisers judge your site ...

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10 Fastest Steel Roller Coasters for Thrilling Experience

Steel dragon 2000

Everyone loves the feeling of thrill or excitement and roller coaster is the best way to get it. Many people go to the amusement parks to get unforgettable and thrilling experience of speed. The trend of Roller coaster was started in the late 18th century. Now, with addition in technology and engineering design many popular, latest, ...

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Top 10 World’s Biggest Financial Crisis

The Great Depression

A financial crisis occurs when there is an unbalance in the economy of any country. It can affect the fall in output, currently down etc. Some crisis has been occurring since BC and continued on different levels. Now everyone wants money, and those who already have enough, wants a little more whether they care to admit it ...

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10 Flightless Birds in the World | Amazing Creature

Top 10 Flightless Birds - Cassowaries

Those birds which can’t fly are categorized in flightless birds. But they can run or swim fast instead of flying. There are about 40 species in this category. They have smaller wing bones as flying ones. The best known flightless birds are kiwi, ostrich and penguins. But we are going to fill you with more ...

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10 Verified Ways to get Quality Backlinks to your Blog

get Quality Backlinks to your Blog

What are Backlinks? Backlinks are incoming links to a web page or website. In technical terms it is received by a single web node from another web node. Why Backlinks are important? Their significance lies in SEO (search engine optimization). They indicate the importance and popularity of page or website. Backlinks are also one of the major factors in determining PageRank (by Google) ...

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