Blogging Tips and Tricks to make an Excellent Blog

Blogging Tips and Tricks to make perfect blog

You might familiar with the definition of term BLOG – “Personal informational site published on the World Wide Web containing discrete contents (post)“. Advantages of Blogging Improves your Writing Skills as well as way of interaction with your audience Simplest way to join online communities You can build your own network and trust online And of course if your blog ...

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Top 10 Great Inventions Made By Kids

The Algae Mobile

Kids are considered more creative and inventive than elders. They are natural innovators. Some of them turn their small ideas to a multi-millionaire company. Some of the following kids invent new things by luck while others really do hard work to shape their dream. These kids are idol to inspire anyone who wants to get into ...

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10 Illegal Things to Make With a 3D Printer

A Working Gun - Illegal Things to Make With a 3D Printer

3D printing revolutionized the printing technology as well as manufacturing process. It is an additive process as it is done by combining layer by layer of different materials. Many varieties of materials are used in 3D printing and you can make many wonderful things using a 3D printing. Today’s 3D printing technology is so advanced ...

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List of Best Dofollow Keywordluv and Commentluv Blogs

the list of Dofollow Keywordluv and Commentluv Blogs

If you are searching places to submit your article or comment, then you have landed on correct destination. The very first Question arises, Why should I Comment/submit article on other blogs? It helps you to Increase Backlinks to your site Get indexed on search engine Increase your Website Traffic Build a good relationship with other bloggers ...

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10+ Best and Highly Reputed Universities in the World

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

You may be wondering how we can decide the top Universities in the world. Actually it’s quite simple, we consider the six major factors Publication Influence Faculty Inventions and Patents Employment Education These are some terms which must be taken into account while deciding the rank. Out of the top, most universities are from the ...

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10 Great Inventions of the Middle Ages


The Middle Ages were considered the time of great discovery which start from 5th AD to 15th AD centuries. Middle Ages are also known as the Dark Ages and medieval technology belongs to the technology used in Europe. At that time, civilization saw some major advancement in technologies. There were numerous of advancements that were made in the ...

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Top 12 Mega Machines that are Extremely Powerful

Liebherr T 282B Haul

A machine is anything that makes the human task easier. Technically, it is a combination of small components that takes energy to perform a specific task.  Look around, you are surrounded by hundreds of machines. Earphones, Air conditioner, fan, calculator, phone, computer, bulb, suitcase, charger, purifier, stove, the list is endless, they all are machines. ...

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How to Download a Website for Offline Viewing

Want to access your favorite website without internet connectivity? Fortunately, there is an easy solution for that. Connectivity error is rare but sometimes it causes the huge loss of money as well as time. And it is also true that you can’t access internet everywhere. Now you don’t have to stop your work because of connection problem. The ...

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10 Places Where Google Glass is Banned


Google Glass is not a simple lens, it is a battery powered head up display. It is considered as one of the most valuable wearable technology that completely changed the world. It is like a Smartphone attached with your glasses. It has an HD camera, GPS, mic and the best feature is voice controllable. It ...

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7 Effective ways to build High Quality Backlinks

No need to tell how important backlinks are, to get huge amount of traffic. Even most of the Google ranking factors are based on backlinks. The old methods Commenting on blogs Guest posting Forum links Although, these kind of methods helps you, but not in sufficient manner. You can’t rank very high if are using only ...

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Top 10 Lost Treasures Ever Found on Earth


Humans have a long history and they have always left their marks all over the world. Sometime they hide their precious treasure to protect it. Now, after hundreds of years, many of them were discovered and some are dated from ancient times. In the past few years, many notable treasure hoards were found and many ...

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