10+ Powerful Tools to Create your own Infographics

piktochart - Tools to Create your own Infographics

Visual communication is the most efficient way to explain complicated ideas. Sometimes a single image is more useful than thousands of words. In fact, we use around 10 images per article to explain well our content and in one year, we have analyzed that people loved to learn from creative and compelling infographics. Our posts ...

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10 Scariest Horror Movies Based on Real Life Stories


The term “horror movie” was first used for the movie “Dracula” of 1931. Since then, lots of movies have been made on horror and thriller theme. Mostly all the movies are fictitious and some of the most successful movies are inspired by real life accident. Truth can be more dangerous than fiction and in the ...

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10 Weird and Interesting Facts About Poop

Facts About Poop

It’s a good time to read smelly post. When people talk about poop, only one thing come in our mind, the morning number two. Except schoolers, most of the people don’t talk too much about poop. All of us like to keep our bathroom secret but they are really weird and interesting. We don’t want to make ...

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15 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egypt

Facts About Ancient Egypt

Whenever you hear the word “Ancient Egypt”, I think harrowing and spooky are the best words to describe your feeling. Egypt is one of the most visited countries around the world and most visitors came here to see ancient history and sculptures. As you see live mummies and scarab beetle in Hollywood movies, but there ...

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15 Amazing Things You Can Make With 3D Printer

guitar 3d printed

The 3D technology has been founded in 1980s and available commercially in 2010s. It can be used for making any models, manufacturing prototype and household products. 3D printing is done by combining layer by layer of different materials. A various variety of materials are used in 3D printing such as plastics, metal, food material, resin ...

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Top 10 Famous Inventions By Women

Automatic Telephone Switching Network

May be the necessity is the mother of invention. Throughout the history of the 21st century there are many famous women inventors who have played an important role in the world of innovation. Numbers of women are increasing linearly in the field of discovery and inventions. According to the statistics, in the 20th century, only ...

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10 Famous People Who Died While Performing

Steve Irwin

As you know, live performance is demanding and exhausting and the performers have to show their abilities. While performing, some get hurt and in extreme cases some die. Some of them died on stage publicly and others while filmed. Most of these entertainers suffered from injury and died in the mid performance. They would never ...

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Top 6 Free Website Worth Checker

You put a lot of effort every day to design a website. Content generation, back linking, Social interaction, Optimization and the list go on.  Uff, not an easy job! But after putting a tremendous amount of hard work, you might wanna check what the current value of your brand is? The value shows, where do ...

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10 Extremely Successful People Without Formal Education

Dhirubhai Ambani

People who have partially or wholly self taught education are known by the name autodidacts. We are not telling you to quit education or not to get any degree because every person must be qualified to get a decent job. Nowadays education is very important, the more education you receive, more you gain knowledge, more you ...

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10 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs in the World

Debbi Fields

New generation women across the globe are trying to prove themselves. Few women entrepreneurs have contributed a lot to the society and influenced others. The number of self employed women has been increased very fast in the last three decades and most of the businesses is home based. According to statistics, as of 2012, there ...

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12 Worst and Deadliest Diseases in the World

Bubonic Plague1

Since 19th century, the science and medicine has extinguished and eradicated many diseases. And there are also many diseases which have to be suppressed. Every year, millions of people around the world die due to some deadly diseases. There are some exceptional diseases many people suffering from around the globe. Do you know the number ...

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10 Worst and Most Brutal Punishments of Ancient Time


Extrajudicial punishments are those punishments which are carried out by the state’s official authority without having legal process. Middle Ages were considered a time of punishment and harsh torture. In ancient time, people used some of the most brutal methods of execution. That time, people accused of crimes didn’t go through any type of court system. ...

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