10 Near Future Military Technology

Stealth mode technology - Near Future Military Technology

We always focus on futuristic gadgets and inventions, then why not futuristic wartime technologies. Military technology is also developing with all other technologies. The military weapons continue to grow and their capacity to destruct is also increasing. The strategies and weapons for the war has been changed and now every military planning to make their ...

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10 Famous Ancient Roman Architecture Designs


Roman architects are considered as one of the best and talented architects in the world who taught the world many cool engineering tricks. They used the classical architecture methods where the whole building is based on the columns. In the ancient time, they invent many tricks to build dome, concrete roads, heated floors, aqueduct and ...

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15 Worst Computer Viruses of all time | Explained


Nobody wants a virus in their system as it could be more than a nightmare. It’s like a cancer for computers. Different viruses cause different damages, some of them force you to delete your precious data, change the data without letting you know, hang the network and some of them can even destroy your hardware. If you are ...

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10 Most Inspiring Famous Failures

Walt Disney

Nowadays who are residing on the top, never got smooth success after success. It’s natural when you reach the point of failing you are highly depressed and feel like to give up. If you fall then it’s your choice whether you want to get up and move on or not. It takes a lot of inspiration ...

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10+ Best Programming Software | for writing code


These days, most of the technologies running on code. Coding is the most flexible, explorable and versatile technique through which you can develop anything. The most amazing thing about writing code is, you don’t need to spend or invest anything. All you need is just a computer. Through coding you can literally change the world ...

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15 Best NEW Android Apps| Free

Hello Vino

This is the roundup of few latest Android applications, games and wallpapers. No matter what you are looking for, you will always find the answer here, along with something new and interesting stuff. There is no need to explain how Android market has increased at tremendous rate in the last couple of years. So let’s jump to the ...

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15 Influential and Successful Tech Entrepreneurs

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Many entrepreneurs are considered as the innovators who create many lovable things you use every day. Some of them created a worldwide popular firm. Every entrepreneur has to face some common challenges. To become a successful tech entrepreneur, you have to be motivated. Now there are also many popular women entrepreneurs in the market who are motivating ...

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10 First Technologies Version of Their Kind

Touch Screen - First Technologies

Nowadays, some technologies have been reached their extreme point while others are still in development. Some of the earliest versions of the everyday technologies teach about us the advancements in the field of technology. All the technologies have been evolved from continuous advancement and replacement over a large period of time since their invention. Now ...

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50+ Best Google Chrome Themes | Free Download


Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world. It has more than 45% of worldwide usage share of web browsers. The reason behind this is, it’s fast web page loading capability, cache management system, security and minimalist look. The good thing about this browser is, the majority of its code is open ...

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