Top 10 Incredible and Amazing Places in the World

Black Forest

The earth is full of wonders and every day new and amazing places are discovered. Different climate conditions, geographical location offers the widest variety of natural wonders. In the following list some of the places are natural sights while the others are made by humans. All the places are real and you have got to ...

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Top 10 Indian Freedom Fighters | The Original Rebel

Bhagat Singh - Indian Freedom Fighters

Freedom fighters are the great people who brought us glory and freedom from the Britishers on 15th August 1947. Their strategies included both physical and psychological tricks to get independence. On 26th January 1948 Indian constitution was prepared and celebrated as the republic day of India. But some people don’t value their hard work and ...

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10 Biggest Volcanic Eruptions on Earth

Lake Toba - Biggest Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are the result of movement of tectonic plates present inside the earth’s core. As a result of these movements a large amount of the magma is released. It is measured by the volcanic explosive index. All the volcanoes are categorized in three groups i.e. dormant, extinct and active. There are about 1500 active volcanoes ...

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10 Weird and Extra Ordinary Guinness World Records

Most Pierced

We all have heard about the Guinness book of world records which have the standard like shortest, tallest, fastest man/women or strongest, biggest person, etc. But there are also categories for weird, extraordinary and wacky tasks. There are some records which are ridiculous and make you wonder how they do such an unusual activity. The question is ...

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10 Most Expensive Construction Projects Ever

Oakland Bay Bridge

We live in an era where anything is possible, where a small idea turns into mega projects. There is no doubt that the construction industry has amazed us time to time and still getting bigger as well as better. These constructions take you a mile away from earth. They can be considered as a feat ...

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Top 5 Future Wireless Technologies

TPLINKrouter 1

Wireless communication is the transfer of information over long distances without the use of wires in the form of energy like radio waves and acoustic waves. The most common wireless technology use radio wave. There are many applications of radio wireless technology such as GPS, keyboard, headphone and cordless telephone. The world’s first wireless telephone ...

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15 Poorest Countries in the World


There are 204 countries, 809 islands and 7 seven seas, but the earth resources are not equally distributed all over the earth. Some countries are highly developed while others are very poor, even they do not have the basic necessity of life. A poor country faces many problems like diseases, malnutrition, scarcity of food and ...

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10 Effective Ways to Decrease Web Page Load Time

Ways to Decrease Web Page Load Time

What is Page Load Time? The amount of time (in seconds) website/blog takes to load from initiation of page view to load completely in the browser. Page Load Time = Network Server time + Browser time Why to Decrease Page load time? Web page loading speed is the most crucial part SEO. Google consider it ...

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Top 10 Amazing and Biggest Holes in the Earth

Udachnaya Pipe1

There are many strange holes on earth that are geographical phenomenon and most astounding sites in the world. Some holes are made naturally and some are made by humans while searching for the mining wealth. Some people believe that the holes are the pathway to hell and a few believes that these sinkholes are created ...

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10+ Smartest People in the World | Human Supermind

Tim Roberts

The Human brain is the center of the human nervous system enclosed in a hard shell called cranium, one of the most important part of our system. The Human brain is three times as large as the brain of a normal mammal with an equivalent body size. Few people are born gifted by the most precious wealth ...

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6 Ways to Crack your Entrance Exam

Crack your Entrance Exam

Appearing for any Entrance Exam like GRE, CAT, GATE, IAS, IS, JEE, AIEEE, SAT, LNAT etc. requires a lot of months of practice and preparation. These kinds of exams conducted to analyze the depth of knowledge in a particular field and logical thinking of a candidate. Today we show you how to crack your entrance exam. ...

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10 Most Bizarre Religious Traditions and Taboo Around the World

Sky Burial1

All things, those are unacceptable in human society/culture counts as Taboo. Many unacceptable behaviors such as gambling, considered immortal may not necessarily be taboos, it has to generate strong social disgust and dislike. It also needs to be repugnant by the normal public as they never talk about it in conversation. The meaning of taboo varies ...

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