30 Powerful Photoshop Plugins for Designers – Free & Premium

Photoshop is the most powerful and creative web designing tool, especially if you have the right combinations of plugins. It provides you unlimited possibilities and it’s up to you how you utilize it.
Freebies are amazing, but sometimes you need professional tools to handle professional tasks. Photoshop extensions help you design, streamline your workflow and be more productive. We are presenting both premium and free Photoshop plugins that will help you speed up your designing task.

Note: Few of the listed products have free as well as a paid version.

Free Extensions

30. LayerCraft


LayerCraft is used to export UI assets from layers. It allows you to scale document by 200% (or even 300%), duplicate it, trim transparent pixels, and cut-out selected layers.

29. GuideGuide


GuideGuide makes it easy to place guides and create grids in your documents or selection in Photoshop. The quick guide buttons let you add guide at the midpoint or edges and you can use grid notation to create any type of grid you want.

28. Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator

If you want to check how your design looks with default text without actually typing, you should use Lorem Ipsum. It’s a generator plugin (for Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Illustrator) that generates random words or phrases.

27. Lorem Picsum

Lorem Picsum

Lorem Picsum does the same work, instead of text, it generates random pictures. The images are derived from popular TV shows and movies.

26. Font Awesome PS

Font Awesome PS

This is a beautiful collection of Font Awesome icons for Adobe Photoshop. All you need to do is search for icon and click to create a new layer which you can easily customize.

25. Sinedots


This is a simple plugin to create complex patterns or backgrounds. The current version features an improved interface, blend modes and color support.

24. Social Kit

Social Kit

Social Kit plugin allows you to easily create cover images, profile pictures and ad banners for popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

23. Tych Panel

Tych Panel

Tych Panel automates the process of laying out images side by side. It makes it easy to build diptychs, triptychs, or virtually unlimited set of custom layouts. You have the power to set the number of rows/columns and resize their dimensions.

22. Hexy


Hexy offers a quick Eyedropper tool, through which you can simply click on the particular area of a picture and its color code (in HEX format) will be copied to your clipboard.

21. Skeuomorphism


Skeuomorphism.it is a free Photoshop plugin that allows you to turn Skeuomorphism design to flat design within a click. I know the name of the plugin is ironic but it is a real time saver. You don’t have to repeat or do the design from scratch.

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20. Size Marks

Size Marks

Size Marks lets you add labels of an object size and the distance between each object using Marquee tool. It saves each label in a new layer so you can customize it according to your convenience.

19. FlatIcon


You can use FlatIcons to quickly find the icons you need for your latest design, without leaving your workspace environment. Over 70,000 icons are available and you can use them in vector format.

18. Bounce


Bounce integrates and connects Dribble design community with Photoshop, InDesign, Fireworks and Illustrator. You can check out the latest shot on Dribble, keep track your activity feed, without leaving your workflow environment.

17. Render.ly


Render.ly automatically exports assets, screens and detailed design specs. It is capable to export only those elements that have been changed/modified. You need to create group for each variant and put “+” in front.

16. Oven


You might aware of Generator tool, which lets you generate image assets from Photoshop file in real time. The thing is you need to rename all your layers to export them correctly. This process usually takes a lot of time.
Oven is designed to eliminate this hassle.

15. Layers Control

Layers Control

This is a collection of 7 scripts that make tedious job easier. It allows you to easily rename layers, remove unused effects, delete empty layers, resize smart object, and find similar files and folders.

14. Composer


Composer allows you to update multiple layer comps in Photoshop with just 1 click. You can use it to synchronize position/visibility/style of selected layers across selected layer comps.

13. Transform Each

Transform Each

Transform Each script allows you to transform multiple layer at once, in a way that makes each item independent from the rest. You can use it for resizing group of objects without distorting their positions.

12. Cut&Slice me

Cut&Slice me

Cut&Slice me allows you to export your assets (in PNG format or any size you want) to different device in seconds. You can improve your workflow by just renaming your layers.

11. Pictura


Pictura lets you search and add pictures to Photoshop without leaving your workspace. No need of manual download, just click on the image and it will instantly turn it into a layer and place it into your canvas.

10. Velositey


Velositey helps you prototype the design of your website in Photoshop quickly. It supports Bootstrap framework packed with pre-designed grid system, header, slider, content area, footer and favicon & mapicon generator.

9. CSS3Ps


CSS3Ps is a free cloud based Photoshop plugin that converts your layer to CSS3. Since it is based in the cloud, there is no need to update the plugin to use new features. To get CSS3Ps webpage, you just need to select the desired layer and press CSS3Ps button.

8. Ink


Sometimes lack of details and specifications lead to inaccurate front-end outputs. Ink provides you little extra important information about your mockups such as layer style, effects, font-family, font-size used etc.

Premium Plugins

7. Pixel Dropr – $19

Pixel Dropr

Pixel Dropr allows you to create your own 100 piece collection of the pixel you need (icon, button, photo or UI kit) and instantly drop them into any PS document while you work.

6. Subtle Patterns – $12

Subtle Patterns

As the name suggests, it’s a collection of subtle pattern that is applied as a layer style to your current layer. It’s a click and play experience, just click the pattern thumbnail and boom!

5. Super Spray – $20

Super Spray

This plugin lets you spray transparent PNG images on your canvas. It is packed with 11 pre-designed objects or you can use your own PNG images to turn it into a spray pattern.

4. Perspective Mockups – $19

Perspective Mockups

plugin to transform your work into a unique perspective. It sits within your Photoshop tools palette and includes 8 different layouts. Overall, it’s a great way to design mockups using CSS3 3d transforms.

3. iOS Hat – $20

iOS Hat

This is a lightweight plugin for iOS developers, that turns Photoshop layers into Objective C or Swift. With this, you can instantly export font style, UI color, bézier path, shapes, dimension and coordinates with a single click.

2. WebZap – $19


WebZap will cut your time, making wireframes and design mockups in half. It is packed with various UI elements (like sliders, buttons, icons etc.) in different colors and styles.

1. PSD Cleaner – $15

PSD cleaner

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This plugin lets you easily find and fix messy layers in your PSDs. It automatically scans through your PSD structure and untidy layers can be quickly fixed right from the panel.
The word “messy layers” refers to unnamed, CSS incompatible, unused, empty and out of canvas layers.

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