15 Poorest Countries in the World

There are 204 countries, 809 islands and 7 seven seas, but the earth resources are not equally distributed all over the earth. Some countries are highly developed while others are very poor, even they do not have the basic necessity of life. A poor country faces many problems like diseases, malnutrition, scarcity of food and water. There is a fact that poverty affects a person on a personal level and on a major level it grows into a country. The following list is according to the GDP, level of development, availability of basic needs and lowest purchasing power parity (PPP). Here we present you the list of the Poorest Countries in the World.

Poorest Countries in the WorldPhoto credit: wikimedia

15. Zimbabwe

ZimbImage credit: economicfreedom

Zimbabwe is a poor country for violating the right to shelter and food, freedom of movement, residence and freedom of assembly. Moreover, the GDP per capita of Zimbabwe is $900 (2013). It was colonized at the end of the 19th century and its latest constitution was approved last year.

14. Togo

TogoImage credit: Wikimedia

Togolese Republic is located in West Africa. It is one of the poorest countries in the world and most of the people depend on agriculture with climate conditions. This country is a home to almost 6.7 million and also known as The Slave Coast and has a GDP per capita of $830 (2013). The people of this country are facing many problems, including scarcity of food, water and unavailability of basic health facilities.

13. Sierra Leone

Sierra LeoneImage credit: Guardian

The population of Sierra Leone is almost half million, but the Government of this country is unable to provide basic facilities to their citizens. The approximate GDP per capita of this country is $780 (2013). This country has enough natural sources for people, but violence and other parameter have literally stopped the progress of the country.

12. Guinea

GuineaImage credit: BBC

Guinea is a republic country where the President is directly elected by the people. Human rights are a big challenge in this country. Guinea has some world’s biggest natural resource but there is no technology available to use these resources in the country. This is a big reason behind the average GDP per capita of $560 (2013).

11. Eritrea

EritreaImage source: climaticoanalysis

The Eritrea has lots of natural resources like uranium, but it is considered a poorest country in the world. The GDP per capita of Eritrea is $545 (2013). Violent activities and weak political leadership have affected millions of people living in this multi ethnic country.

10. Ethiopia

EthiopiaImage credit: Explorida

With around 87 million people, Ethiopia is the most populous country in the world. Ethiopia is the place where the trace of the first humans is found. It is one of the fastest growing countries but still categorized in the list of the poorest countries. The average GDP per capita is calculated at $540 (2013).

9. Somalia

SomaliaPhoto credit: earthtimes

Somalia is considered as one of the most dangerous country to live in 2013 due to the international pirates. It is known for its food scarcity which forces the people to use weapon to get money. It is estimated that GDP per capita of Somalia is $520. Economic conditions also play a key role in making it a worst country in the world.

8. Madagascar

MadagascarImage credit: Wateraid

Madagascar is an Island country in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the mega-diverse countries and more than 90 percent of its wildlife is found nowhere on the earth. It has over 22 million population and most of them lived below the poverty line. The average GDP of people is around $480 (2013).

7. Liberia

LiberiaImage credit: one

The Liberia is a country located in West Africa, which have no basic amenities of life. Almost half of its population lives on $1 per day and the GDP per capita of Liberia is $470 (2013). With the lack of food, no proper sanitation system and collapsed economy, the country is facing crisis on a larger scale.

6. Republic of the Gambia

Republic of the GambiaImage credit: ifad

The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa. It got independence in 1965 from the United Kingdom; this is a main reason of the condition of this country. Most of the economy depends on the farming and fishing. About a third of the total population lives below the poverty line and the average GDP per capita is $450 (2013).

5. Niger

NigerImage credit: Nationalgeographic

Niger is the largest nation in West Africa and around 80% of the land is covered by the Sahara desert. It is a developing country but also considered one of the lowest ranked in term of annual GDP. The average GDP per capita is $440 (2013). Now it is developing and some area now have access to the advanced education.

4. Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of CongoImage credit: rescue

Democratic Republic of Congo is located in central Africa, which is the 11th largest country in the world with a population of 65 million. It has the second lowest GDP of $400 (2013) but the positive point is that it has the richest mining sites of diamond, gold, silver, zinc, uranium, germanium, bauxite, iron, coal and radium. It is estimated that over $20 trillion of minerals are in the Congo mine.

3. Central African Republic

Central African RepublicPhoto credit: unhcr

Central African Republic has neither proper economic resources, nor any aid to feed to the needs of its inhabitants. It is one of the poorest country since is independence with the GDP of $330 (2013). The reasons behind its halt are least tourism, illegal weapon smuggling, social unrest and violent activities.

2. Burundi

BurundiPhoto credit: care

Burundi is located in East Africa and has the population of less than 1 million. It has one of the lowest per capita GDP of $300 (2013). Over 80% population lives below the poverty line, having food and water shortage. All people depend on crops including cotton, tea, corn, sweet potato and banana. Another option for income is mining that includes uranium, nickel, cobalt, copper and platinum.

1. Malawi

MalawiImage credit: wikimedia
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Malawi is considered as world’s least developed country and has many ethnic groups. It has a very low GDP per capita of $230 (2013). The government faces many problems such as to expand the economy, improving health and education and to become financially independent. Due to the high prevalence of AIDS the country has no sign of progress.

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