15 Popular Technology Myths & Misconceptions You Must Know

Is it suitable to charge Nokia phones with Samsung chargers? Like this, there are many unclear questions and myths related to the technology world. Many myths and common technology misconception that people need to know. Some of them are worldwide known and every age group believes them. Below we will try to increase your computing knowledge. Stick with us…
Through this article, we are trying to reveal some of the biggest misconceptions. The popular technology myths (Basic level) are going to be discussed in the following list. Feel free to share your knowledge via comments.

15. Smartphone Battery Saver Apps Are Efficient

Smartphone Battery Saver Apps Are Efficient

Never listen to your friends who give you some tripe advice to save your Smartphone battery. If you are using a phone with lots of features then it will automatically use battery power (in background processing) to run. It will be strange if you are not going to use any features such as GPS, Bluetooth to save battery because these things make your phone smart. However, there are some apps that help you to save battery by putting all unnecessary apps in sleep mode and most of them are preinstalled like stamina mode in Sony mobile. So you don’t need to download any additional powersaver application. Also, the developers have included the push notification feature in all apps. So, never felt distraught about battery and use your phone with all features.

14. Web Cookies Are Dangerous

Web Cookies Are Dangerous

Many people think that web cookies are dangerous and should be avoided to keep your computer safe. They are just plain text files that web store on your computer for the browsing history. Cookies never get access to your computer or execute any application. They are generally used to track the information about the website that you opened in the past. Cookies are not dangerous and if you are still worried about your privacy then install personal firewall software.

13. Expensive Cables Means High Quality Picture

HDMI cablesPhoto credit: Wikimedia

When you go to any electronics store, you will find thousands of different types of cables. A salesperson always tried to convince you to buy a more expensive thing, but this doesn’t mean that cheap things are bad. Most of the people believe that expensive HDMI cables for audio and video playback are always better, but this is not true. Many popular gadgets communities stated that there is not much difference between cheap and expensive HDMI cables. You don’t need a special cable for 4K television. A standard HDMI cable can also be used in 4K for high quality.

12. Renovated Products Aren’t Good As New Ones

Renovated ProductsPhoto credit: Startribune

Most of us think that renovated or old products that company fix and resell in the market are usually defective. They can be used as a dummy product or sell to new customers after fixing. After renovating them, they can be sold as refurbished products with a low price tag. This is a great opportunity to save money. Many renovated products are also good as new products but you need to do a small research to find the best offer.

11. Is it bad to Use Different Phone Charger?

Is it bad to Use Different Phone ChargerPhoto credit: BBC

Few official sources claimed that a standard charger can also charge other devices of the same rating. Some other experts claimed that this could stress out the battery but this will only happen when you do it regularly over a year. Now almost every gadget has same charging port and most of the people charge them using other gadget’s charger. Overall, I recommend you to use default charger for longer machine life.

10. Bigger Smartphone Screen is Better

Bigger Smartphone Screen is BetterPhoto credit: Phys.org

If there are two phones with same features but different screen size then most of the people will choose the bigger one. What are the benefits of the larger screen? Most of the Smartphone companies focus on ultra-dense display and high pixel density. Few companies like Apple focus on brightness and clarity of the screen. So it totally depends on nature of usage, if you want to watch movies, then go for bigger ones. Otherwise select according to the CPU and GPU performance.

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9. Leaving Phone Plugged Destroys the Battery

Leaving Phone Plugged Destroys the BatteryPhoto credit: BusinessInsider

Most of the people leave their phones plugged in overnight and forget about it. This might affect your battery. Now all Smartphones run on lithium-ion batteries and they are smart enough to stop charging when they are fully charged. That means, charging is off when the phone hits 100%, but leaving it plugged would destroy your Smartphone battery if there is a defect in the hardware. In case, you are not using default charger, you must unplug it because they are not compatible with the phone’s shutdown mechanism. Few local lithium-ion batteries may damage your battery because they continue to increase the charging value even after reaching the maximum limit.

8. Computer Capabilities Depend on Processor’s Clock Speed

Processor's Clock Speed

Do you also think that 3.1 GHz Pentium 4 is more powerful than 2.9 GHz Core 2 Duo processor? This myth is also known as Gigahertz Myth which refers to the misconception of using only clock speed to compare two processors. A computer’s processing speed depends on many factors including processor architecture, operating system, high level design and efficiency to execute more instruction per second. There are many other side factors such as high bandwidth, heat dissipation facility and on-board cache memory. That’s the reason people prefer 2.5 GHz Intel i5 over 3.1 GHz core 2 Duo.

7. Deleting Something Is Gone Forever From Recycle Bin

Deleting Something Is Gone Forever From Recycle Bin

If you think that deleting some stuff from recycle bin can delete your data permanently from the computer then you might be wrong. Every file which you have deleted from is not gone completely. Those deleted files can be recovered using some recovery utilities but all files might not be recovered. These utilities go to the root of the file and recover it from the hard disk. Moreover, system restore point is a good option to recover accidently deleted files.

6. Macs Are Always Safe From Viruses

Macs virus

Apple computers are also receptive to Trojan viruses. Millions of people think that the only Windows PC can be affected by virus because they are widely used by most of the internet users. Recently in 2012, thousands of Apple computers were affected by some deadliest Mac virus. Below I have mentioned some Mac viruses with their effects.

  • Flashback (2012): It gets access to the computer through a malicious link. It creates username and password for authorized banking transactions.
  • Scareware (2011): It enters the user’s computer through fake Mac Defender utilities and then push adult popups to fix it.

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5. Install Software to Run Your Computer Faster

Install Software to Run Your Computer Faster

A few years ago, everyone has PC with 256 MB RAM and Pentium processor and all of us wanted to speed up the computer without upgrading them. Most the ways are useless and some can even degrade the PC’s performance. Now everyone has RAM in Gigabyte and hard disk in Terabyte but I think people never leave this myth. That’s the reason they end up with installing fancy looking malicious programs from the Internet.

4. WiFi Networks Are Never hacked

WiFi Networks Are Never hacked

If you have a security password on WiFi network then don’t think that it is fully protected by WiFi hackers. Hackers have many ways to hack your WiFi network but I will recommend you to put a WEP key on your network. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key is a security code for a WiFi network, which allows exchange of encoded messages with other devices. However, no program is completely secure, avoid sharing crucial data over WiFi networks.

3. Jailbreaking of iPhone is Legal or Not?

Jailbreaking of iPhone is Legal or NotPhoto credit: 9to5mac

Jailbraking of an iPhone or any other iOS devices are legal all over the world. It is just used to remove the restriction to the iOS device in a country and now it is officially confirmed by the copyright office. I want to add one more important thing that unlocking an iPhone is illegal. Unlocking an iPhone means, make it free to work on any carrier i.e. different GSM carrier.

2. Which Runs Faster – 32 bit or 64 bit?

32bit VS 64 bit

Do you also think that 64 bit processor is faster than a 32 bit processor? Then you are totally wrong because there is no advantage of having a 64 bit processor over a 32 bit processor. The 32 bit version can use up to maximum 4 GB of RAM. Theoretically, a 64 bit processor can hold up to 16 Exabyte of RAM but this is impractical. This would require a 6500 km wide motherboard. Currently, 8 TB is the maximum limit to use in a 64 bit processor. The 64 bit version is only used to handle applications that use more than 4 GB of RAM and to address additional RAM. So if you are using less than 4 GB of RAM, you are actually not getting any benefit of 64 bit system.

1. More Megapixels = Better Camera

More Megapixels means Better Camera - Technology Myths

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I put this myth on the number one because most of the people buy a camera or Smartphone based on megapixels. This is one of the biggest and popular myths as most of us would like to buy a 16 MP camera over a 10 MP camera. Other than megapixel there are many factors for a good picture including the quality of the sensor, lens and sharpness of the image. The megapixel term is only used to describe the size of the image. So don’t think 41 MP Nokia phone will click better picture than 13 MP Sony device.

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