10+ Portable and Cool Gadgets That You Can Buy

There is absolutely no doubt that we all love digital gadgets. In fact, these days it will be very hard to live without them. We have many gadgets around us and each of them has their special use in our life. From ultra HD TV to Smartphones, portable camera to portable washing machine, there are many unbelievable gadgets that make things easier for our day to day activities.  Now scientists and inventors are trying to make everything portable, then how they will miss personal gadgets. Some of them are so small that we can carry them around in our pockets. Below, we present a list of portable and cool gadgets that you can buy.

11. Mini DJ System

Mini DJ SystemPhoto credit: wikimedia

JD Sound launched a portable disc jockey that has most of the features of a normal DJ system. It is a complete package of a DJ system which fits in your pocket. It has two 320X240 pixel resolution LCD touch panel for virtual controls. It can be connected with 3.5 mm headphones and also has a mini USB connection. It has 4 GB internal storage and an SD card slot option. It is powered by a lithium battery which lasts for 12 hours per charge. It also features many digital effects such as looping, delay and much more. It is available is Singapore, Dubai, US, Korea and Japan in $600.

10. Portable Mini Fridge

Portable fridgePhoto credit: Amazon

This mini fridge is the best gadget for those who want to eat their food in car. It cools the stuff to 32 degrees below the room temperature and operated on 12 V DC and 110 or 220 AC power supply. The best feature of this fridge is it doesn’t use CFC’s and any other coolant. It uses advanced semiconductor technology to cool and warm the food inside it. It can hold up to six soda cans at a time.

9. Panono Camera

Panono cameraPhoto credit: BBC

Panono camera looks like volleyball that has 36 3 megapixel cameras inbuilt. This cool gadget is founded by Jonas Pfeil and funded by Indiegogo. To use it, you have to throw it in the air and with the help of sensor detection it clicks photo. You can imagine the quality of the pictures because it has 108 megapixels in total. As it is round in shape, we get a spherical image which you can spin around and zoom to see detailed image. The company will start selling panano camera in September 2014 with an estimated price of $600.

8. Garmin Vivofit

Garmin VivofitPhoto credit: Garmin Official

Garmin Vivofit is a smart pedometer bracelet which records your step count, distance travel, heart rate and total calories burn. There are many smart bracelets available in the market, so what is the best feature about this bracelet. Usually all pedometer bracelet needs a recharge within a week. The best part of the Garmin Vivofit is its battery which lasts up to a year. But the dislike feature is its low backlight which makes it difficult to read in low light.

7. Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble watchPhoto credit: wikimedia

The Pebble watch was designed by Eric Migicovsky in 2013 which display messages and notifications from mobiles. It has a 144X168 pixel screen, an accelerometer, light sensor and a vibrating motor. It has 128 KB RAM and 4 MB of storage. This watch can be connected with Android and iPhone through Bluetooth but there is no camera. It is one of the most successful gadgets of 2013. Its store has over 1000 apps and you can get one of them in $150.

6. Mobile Phone Mini Projector

Mobile Phone Mini ProjectorPhoto credit: Blessthisstuff

Do you want a portable projector that can fit in your pocket? Brookstone launched ipower pocket projector for iPhone 4 and 4S which is able to streaming videos, photos and presentations. It uses the concept of Texas Instrument light projection system. This iPhone mini projector is a perfect combination of convenience and entertainment. It projects a 640X360 pixel image with 15 Lumens of brightness. It is powered by a 2100 mAh lithium battery which delivers power by 2.5 hours. You can purchase it in $230.

5. Instagram Socialmatic Portable Camera

Instagram Socialmatic Portable CameraPhoto credit: flickr

Instagram users are growing very fast these days. A year ago, ADR Studios released their idea about a camera that capture photos and upload directly on Instagram using special effects. The Instagram Socialmatic camera is considered a unique idea as it also prints photos in Polaroid in Instagram theme. It features 16 GB storage, inbuilt with WiFi and Bluetooth, 4:3 touchscreen, LED flash, Zoom and two main lenses with QR code capturing. The company scheduled to launch the camera in 2014.

4. VuPoint – Portable Scanner

VuPoint - Portable ScannerPhoto credit: Inktechnologies

VuPoint magic wand portable scanner is another cool gadget which suits your small office. This scanner scans an A4 black and white sheet in approximately 6 seconds and takes 13 seconds for color sheet. It supports micro SD cards of up to 32 GB for easy storage and transfer of files. It gives output in 600X600 dpi resolution. It is powered by two AA batteries and can be connected to Windows, Vista, and Mac through USB cable. You can get one in $79.99.

3. Mini Robotic Printer

Mini Robotic Printer - Portable and Cool GadgetsPhoto credit: Huffingtonpost

This mini robotic printer is going to revolutionize the future of printing. Israel based Zuta Labs created world’s smallest printer which is operated wireless through phones, tablets or laptop. The printer uses a wheel system to print pages. It can print at a speed of 1.2 pages per minute with the quality of 96X192 dpi and weigh only 300 grams. It has only one black ink cartridge and powered by a lithium polymer battery which lasts for only one hour. This wireless printer supported Android, all windows, IOS, OSX and Linux. Its expected price is $200 and this printer is to be shipped after January 2015.

2. Infrared iPhone Case

Infrared iPhone CasePhoto credit: GSMArena

Everyone wants to see in the dark and look behind walls. FLIR Systems Inc. just launched the FLIR One case for iPhone 5/5s. FLIR Inc. is the world’s largest company specializing in the designing and production of thermal cameras. It offers you the power of night vision goggle and thermal camera. It has two cameras – first one is infrared and other one is VGA which sharpens the image. It weighs only 3.9 ounces and powered by its own battery, 1400 mAh which run it for several hours. The firm began taking pre-order and this $350 gadget is the expected to start shipping in the month of August 2014.

1. Google Glass

Google GlassImage credit: wikimedia

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Google Glass is considered as the gadget of the future. It is not a simple glass with ordinary feature. Google has recently launched it for commercial use. It has a microcomputer with a screen which is powered by a battery.

  • 720p HD camera
  • GPS
  • Live Video Conferencing
  • LED Illuminated Display
  • 4 GB Flash Memory
  • Navigation

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