30+ Fresh PSD / UX / UI kits to Enhance your Design

The website and mobile design have changed a lot, especially in the last couple of years. Flat and Google material designs have literally revolutionized the web 2.0 user interface concept. There is no reason to stick with the same design when there are thousands of resources available out there for free.
We are presenting some beautiful and useful PSD/UX/UI kits that will help you to enhance your design. They are great to explore ideas and a great palette cleanser after a difficult project. Work better, faster and smarter with these elements.

31. Liquiet


Liquiet is a simple and minimal UI kit, packed with all basic components you may need in your next project.

30. Gumballz


Gumballz is a web UI kit with over 70 individual elements. It has a clean minimal design with beach house colors, created for vector shapes and smart objects. Combinations of 4 pastel colors were used throughout the design of Kit.

29. Mobile UI Blueprints PSD

Mobile UI Blueprints PSD

This is a set of some common Mobile UI elements provided as blueprints.

28. Flat UI development

Flat UI development

A set of simple and neat flat components including tabs, form elements, various button styles and article box.

27. iOS8 keyboard concepts

iOS8 keyboard concepts

This is a series of custom iOS8 keyboard created with Photoshop vector shapes.

26. Free Combination UI kit

Free Combination UI kit

Need dark colors with simple material design? Have a look at this kit, perfect for modern dashboards.

25. Personal Dashboard UI Kit

Personal Dashboard UI Kit

A bold, confident and somewhat translucent dashboard UI.

24. Msegati Dashboard

Msegati Dashboard

flat dashboard design packed with notification boxes, graph, notes area, general buttons, contact block, prices, invoice details and other pages.

23. UI Elements

UI Elements

These are free PSD templates by PixsHub. It contains all categories like devices, category, mock-ups, web apps, UI kit, iPhone and website templates.

22. PixelKit


modern UI kit for your next project. It contains music UI kit, stats infographic kit, hotel UI kit, mobile UI and more. All are compatible with 960 grids, which means you can use them with almost all HTML applications.

21. Material Design Resume

Material Design Resume

This is a professional resume design with strong typographic structure. It is prepared in International A4 sizes in Photoshop PSDs.

20. Light


Light UX/UI kit includes numerous useful elements for building a website. It’s worth to checkout on your own.

19. Winter


Winter UI kit comes with over 50 elements and icons, offered as scalable vectors in PSD format.

18. Colorful tiles UI Kit

Colorful tiles UI Kit

The name says it all. This is mix and colorful tiles UI packed with all basic elements like social buttons, on-off switch, search bar, menu bar and more.

17. MixKit


MixKit is a comprehensive UI kit with tons of pop cultures and colors. You can easily change the element size, color, and style and it is very suitable for Bootstrap designs.

16. Joocy UI Kit

Joocy UI Kit

This is a free colorful UI kit with a tile design components.

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15. Basiliq


Basiliq is a unique UI kit designed for prototyping, and packed with over 300 elements and handcrafted set of icons for mockups.

14. UI tool kit

UI tool kit

A unique UI kit with little futuristic, robotic and soft style.

13. Vonn


Vonn is premium & retina ready material design UI kit that incorporates 100 drag-drop UI templates, organized in 8 different categories. The PSD files can be opened with Photoshop CS5+.

12. iPhone 6 UI kit

iPhone 6 UI kit

A free UI kit for iPhone 6, packed with all retina quality elements and carefully crafted with scalable vectors to adapt any screen size.

11. Android UI Kit

Android UI Kit

This is a free Android UI kit with 8 smart objects including profile, photos, feed, notification etc.

10. Snowflake


Snowflake is free winter inspired UI components for Photoshop and Sketch. It is packed with all basic elements like input tip, dropdown, icons, buttons, calendar, menu bar, search bar, login page and more.

9. Hero UI

Hero UI

Hero UI is suitable for any number of projects, although it certainly gives off a comic vibe look.

8. Glass UI

Glass UI

A small and elegant “glass style” user interface kit.

7. Oh no, no another UI Kit

Oh no, no another UI Kit

This is a simple and flat web plus mobile UI kit available as free PSD download under MIT license. It is packed with simple line icons, straight forward layout and also a bold sense of humor.

6. Insane


Inane is mobile UI PSD with 9 screens including chat, calendar, dashboard, weather, map and login. They all are optimized for retina with smart objects for images and Photoshop vector shapes.

5. Retina UI web Kit

Retina UI web Kit

This UI kit is designed for high resolution screens with retina quality elements. It combines dark elements with Material design color for a powerful effect.

4. Blurred Flat User Interface

Blurred Flat User Interface

This is pixel perfect, easy to customize, well organized and named layers blurred flat user interface kit.

3. Red UI kit

RED UI kit

Red UI kit is a free sketch resource packed with all basic and useful components.

2. Ace


Ace is iOS 8 mobile UI kit for designing apps and prototypes that will look awesome on iPhones. It is packed with 12 .PSD templates.

1. Neon Square

Neon Square

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Neon Square is a beautiful UI kit with dark sparking color effects and elegant tile style, for Photoshop CS6+.

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