30+ Useful Resources for every iOS developer

No matter how expert you are, sometimes you need a few resources to develop a successful application. There are plenty of options at your fingertips and it’s totally up to you what you select to create your app. Few developers rely on complete heavy toolkit while others would like to look for only specific components and features they really need in application. Either way, we have compiled a list of few latest resources which might be useful for every iOS developer. Select according to your need and don’t let your app get lost in the dark corners of the App Store.
All resources are free unless specified. P.S: The list doesn’t contain prototyping tools. 

31. Minniebox


Minniebox is sketch file designed during the London Dropbox Hackathon. You are free to use this file however you like.

30. Call Screen Icons

Call Screen Icons

This is a set of call screen icons of iOS 7/8, brought to you by Sarah Li.

29. iOS 8 GUI for Sketch

iOS 8 GUI for Sketch

This is a free sketch file of GUI elements with layered, well-structured and full of editable shape layer. You can use it either for mocking up apps or use it to concept ideas or create custom interface elements.

28. iOS 8 UI kit

iOS 8 UI kit

free sketch resource (designed by Rafael Condeb) that contains Teehan + Lax built-in UI kit to iOS 8 and some new elements.

27. Lock Screen Concept

Lock Screen Concept

This iOS lock screen concept (sketch file) is designed by Igor Leygerman.

26. Blop Effect


An amazing after effect designed by Jelio Dimitrov for FourPlus Studio.

25. Apple Bluetooth keyboard

Apple Bluetooth keyboard

The Apple Bluetooth keyboard sketch file is designed by Luis Herrero.

24. Pattern Library

Pattern Library

The collection of beautiful and fancy pattern for backgrounds.

23. Polygon Backgrounds

Polygon Backgrounds

The free low polygonal background textures available in 3000*2000 px resolution.

22. SleepUI


A UI to display your sleep pattern, designed by Daniel Klopper.

21. Colorful Gradient

Colorful Gradient

This is a neat gallery of colorful gradient randomly generated by machine. Here you can get over 10,000 samples.

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20. Contact Icon

Contact Icon

This Contact Icon sketch file was designed by Stefano Fois.

19. Apple Map Icon

Apple Map Icon

The collection of all Apple map icons (sketch file), brought to you by Lucas Raggers.

18. Realistic iOS App Icons

Realistic iOS App Icons

The collection of realistic iOS app icons, designed by ramotion.

17. iOS 8 Icon

iOS 8 Icon

This is an after effect project file of iOS 8 icon brought to you by Jelio Dimitrov.

16. iPhone 6+ UI Kit

iPhone 6+ UI Kit

The big UI kit for iOS 8 iPhone 6 plus, designed by Kapil G. Available in PSD format.

15. Jellycons


This is a set of 100 free iOS 8 icons, by Ben Bate.

14. Animated Tab Bar Icons

Animated Tab bar icons

Animated Tab Bar is a swift module for adding animation to tabbar items. It has inbuilt set of animations which you can use/select according to your need.

13. To-do Checklist

To-do Checklist

To-do Checklist app interface is a free sketch file created by Atul Gawande.

12. Storex


Storex is a shopping app kit for iPhone designed by Ozan Oztaskiran. It is packed with all app screens and hundreds of components including my account, order status, sign up, empty cart, payment information, checkout, FAQ, store locator and more.

11. Dev_Tones


This is a big collection of user interface sounds which you can for your app. The pro version is available at $35.

10. Squadlance Concept

Squadlance Concept

This is a Squadlance Concept dashboard (designed by Virgil Pana), an app that allows project managers to build and manage teams of freelancers.

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9. Capture


Capture is a complete iOS photo app kit, specially designed for taking panorama. The sketch file is created by Ismail.

8. Apple Watch GUI Kit

Apple Watch GUI Kit

Get 40+ Apple watch screens for free, built for 38mm screen. The full set (designed by Jan Losert) comes in .Sketch and .PSD formats.

7. TestFlight


TestFlight is beta testing software that allows you to invite users to test your iOS application before you upload them on App Store. You can invite up to thousand testers via email address.

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6. Pixelmator for iPad

Pixelmator for iPad

Pixelmator is a powerful image editor that allows you to create, edit and enhance your images. You can work seamlessly between Mac and iPad.

5. Bootstrap Vector UI Kit

Bootstrap Vector UI Kit

This kit contains all Bootstrap 3 UI controls in vector format. All elements are already sliced, HTML coded, styled and ready to use. It includes PDF, illustrator and sketch files.

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4. Stack of Cards

Stack of Cards

The Stack of Cards was designed by Wayne Dahlberg. It is available in .PSD and .Sketch formats.

3. Crush Surf Shop

Crush Surf Shop

Crush surf shop is a mobile store template for sketch app, designed by Paul Hershey. The file size is 137 MB.

2. Ace iOS 8 Mobile UI Kit – $29

Ace iOS 8 Mobile UI Kit

It’s a well-organized mobile UI kit that includes 75 PSD, 300+ UI elements, 100+ icons and more. You can create over thousand different apps ensuring maximum versatility.

1. UI8 Ultimate Bundle – $348

Resources for every iOS developer - UI8 Ultimate Bundle

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This is an ultimate solution to get instant access to mega-collection of premium resource by UI8.net. It includes animated hand gestures, art equipment v4, complete iOS8 and Xcode Guide, iPhone 6/6+ Mockups, various icons and UI sets.

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