13 Samsara Competitors and Alternatives In 2024

Samsara offers a comprehensive suite of products to optimize business performance across various industries. It integrates sensors, cameras, and advanced analytics to help businesses monitor their fleets, reduce costs, improve safety, and comply with regularity requirements. 

Samsara’s platform has proven to be highly effective in the logistics sector, enabling businesses to improve route planning, fuel management, and delivery efficiency.

The company has exhibited robust revenue growth of 37% year-over-year, serving over 20,000 customers across North America and Europe. In 2023, it generated $653 million in annual revenue and employed approximately 2,266 individuals. [1]

While Samasara is a popular name in the fleet management industry, it may not be the perfect choice for every business. There are many better options for those seeking specialized solutions within budget. Below, we have highlighted the top Samsara competitors and alternatives, along with their key metrics and financial stats.

Did you know?

The global Internet of Things (IoT) market size is expected to exceed $4 trillion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 24.3%. Major factors fueling this growth include access to low-cost, low-power sensor technology, high-speed connectivity, and the increasing adoption of cloud technology for data processing and analytics. [2]

13. Btracking

Founded in 2009
Location: New York, United States
Competitive Edge: $13.95/month with No Equipment Fee

Btracking is an excellent alternative to Samsara for businesses seeking user-friendly, cost-effective fleet and asset-tracking solutions. It offers reliable solutions for GPS tracking, asset management, and driver behavior monitoring. 

Btracking’s intuitive platform simplifies navigation and data interpretation with a customizable dashboard and comprehensive reports tailored to specific business needs.

Compared to other similar platforms, Btracking offers more affordable and flexible pricing plans, appealing particularly to smaller businesses with no long-term contracts required.

The company asserts that its customers have achieved significant benefits, including a 12% decrease in speeding infractions, a 10% reduction in fuel expenses, and a 20% improvement in vehicle utilization. [3]

12. NexTraq

Founded in 2000
Location: Georgia, United States
Competitive Edge: Predictive maintenance capabilities

NexTraq is a well-established provider of GPS fleet tracking and management solutions. It focuses on improving operational efficiency, driver safety, and fleet performance. 

NexTraq’s platform offers detailed analytics with over 40 pre-built reports available on your dashboard, enabling informed decision-making and fleet operations optimization. It can also anticipate equipment failures before they occur, thereby minimizing downtime and reducing repair costs. [4]

In 2017, Michelin acquired NexTraq from FleetCor Technologies in an all-cash transaction. At the time of acquisition, NexTraq had 117 employees, about 7,000 fleet customers, and over 116,000 subscribers. [5]

Today, their GPS tracking systems are installed on thousands of commercial vehicles throughout North America, ranging from class-1 (light-duty trucks) to class-8 (heavy-duty) trucks.

11. Gorilla Safety

Founded in 2013
Location: Texas, United States
Competitive Edge: Patented closed-loop inspection process

Gorilla Safety offers fleet management and compliance solutions for fleets of all sizes. These solutions are particularly well-suited for the transportation and logistics industry, as well as field services. 

In addition to tracking vehicles, Gorilla Safety’s platform monitors metrics reflecting driver behavior, such as speed, harsh braking, and acceleration. It generates a scorecard for each driver, presented in a customizable dashboard. [6]

The company has a patented closed-loop inspection process that streamlines pre-trip and post-trip inspections. It automatically generates alerts when any issues are identified during inspections.

Plus, Gorilla Safety has developed methods that provide comprehensive guidance on every aspect of post-accident recovery. This series of methods allows fleets and insurance carriers to properly track and guide the recovery process automatically, based on the specific circumstances surrounding each incident..

10. Rhino Fleet Tracking

Founded in 2007
Location: Texas, United States
Competitive Edge: Flexible plans for specific needs

Rhino Fleet Tracking’s user-friendly platform is well-suited for various industries, especially transportation and construction. It offers robust GPS tracking, asset tracking, driver behavior monitoring, and maintenance alerts. 

The platform provides real-time visibility of assets, ensuring supervisors know the exact location of their property at all times. Geographic settings can be configured to alert managers when drivers deviate from predetermined routes.

Supervisors can also optimize schedules, eliminate unnecessary overtime, and identify outstanding performers, significantly reducing payroll expenses, which are often one of the largest costs.

In 2019, Rhino Fleet Tracking was ranked 1,912 on the Inc. 5000 list due to its impressive revenue growth. According to Zoominfo, the company generates about $5 million in annual revenue. [7]

9. Intelliculture

Founded in 2018
Location: Ontario, Canada
Competitive Edge: Holistic approach to farm management

Intelliculture focuses on improving farm management, enhancing operational efficiency, and promoting agricultural practices. It leverages advanced data analytics and IoT technology to provide farmers with actionable insights. 

Its comprehensive platform manages all aspects of farm operations, from real-time data collection to analysis of farm equipment and crops. Based on collected data, the platform offers recommendations for irrigation, fertilization, and pest control. It also offers route optimization and geo-fencing tools to monitor and manage movements within the farm.  

So far, the company has raised $4.3 million through six funding rounds. In 2024, it secured $3.5 million to accelerate its market expansion. That round was led by Serra Ventures and backed by Tall Grass Ventures and Emmertech. [8]

8. Quartix

Founded in 2001
Location: Powys, United Kingdom
Competitive Edge: Excellent customer support,

Quartix is a major player in vehicle tracking systems and fleet management field. It delivers affordable, user-friendly, and reliable telematics solutions to enhance fleet efficiency, safety, and productivity. 

The company began operating in the UK and slowly expanded to the US and Europe. Since its inception, it has installed more than 800,000 units.

Today, it serves over 20,000 businesses across multiple industries. Approximately 600 new businesses join Quatrix every month, and a Quatrix tracking unit is installed every 80 seconds during the working day.

In 2023, Quartix generated $37.85 million in revenue, compared to $34.81 million in 2022. Their total fleet revenue increased by $2.21 million, representing 98.8% of total revenue. In the same year, they acquired Germany-based e-mobility startup Konetik for $4.18 million. [9]

7. Omnitracs

Founded in 1988
Location: New York, United States
Competitive Edge: Strong focus on routing and dispatch

Omnitracs has a rich history of providing fleet management, routing, dispatch, and telematics solutions. It has a comprehensive suite of products to enhance operational efficiency, improve driver safety, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Its sophisticated platform features advanced routing algorithms to optimize delivery and service routes, adjusting them in real-time based on traffic and other conditions. Plus, the platform offers customizable dashboards and reports to track key performance indicators.

Omnitracs serves more than 13,000 businesses worldwide, including large transportation and logistics companies. It operates in more than 50 countries, tracking 1.25 million assets daily and creating 536,000 routes weekly. [10]

According to Zippa, Omnitracs generated $460 million in 2023. With 1,025 employees, the revenue-per-employee ratio is $448,780. [11]

6. RoadWarrior

Founded in 2004
Location: Colorado, United States
Competitive Edge: Easy-to-use mobile app

RoadWarrior provides route planning and optimization solutions designed for delivery drivers, sales representatives, and other mobile workers. It is particularly favored by independent contractors and small businesses that need an affordable solution for managing their daily routes. 

The RoadWarrior app, available on both iOS and Android, provides real-time updates and allows for on-the-fly changes to routes. Users can prioritize stops, set time windows, and avoid toll roads if needed. 

Their more advanced solution, called RoadWarrior Flex, is built for businesses with multiple drivers. It includes features for assigning routes to different drivers and tracking their progress. This advanced version serves 5,000+ businesses and 50,000+ drivers, optimizing more than 300 million stops annually. [12]

5. AUTOsist

Founded in 2014
Location: California, United States
Competitive Edge: Focuses on simplicity and affordability

AUTOsist manages all aspects of fleet operations, from vehicle maintenance tracking and automated scheduling to fuel management and driver management. 

Its centralized platform is accessible via web browsers and mobile apps. It allows supervisors to create inspection checklists, track fuel usage and expenses, and store crucial documents like registration, insurance, and maintenance records. It also includes features for tracking driver information, licenses, and certifications. 

AUTOsist also provides dual-facing in-cab HD safety cameras to track driver behavior metrics. This system utilizes AI video telematics to analyze driving patterns and events. 

Their target market is small and mid-size businesses looking for affordable and easy-to-use fleet management solutions. In terms of pricing, they are more affordable compared to Samsara, with flexible pricing options for all fleet sizes. [13]

4. Verizon Connect

Established in 2018
Location: Georgia, United States
Competitive Edge: Seamless integration with other business systems

Verizon Connect, a division of Verizon Communications, was established in 2018 following the merger of Verizon Telematics, Telogis, and Fleetmatics. The company integrates GPS tracking, AI, and machine learning to provide sophisticated fleet management, field service management, and asset tracking solutions.

It streamlines and automates compliance, including Hours of Service (HOS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), making it easier for supervisors to stay up to date with regulations like the ELD mandate. It also offers driver coaching and performance analytics to encourage safer driving habits. 

The company has analyzed more than 220 million driving videos and secured 29 patents. Its marketplace features more than 40 integration partners, enhancing functionality through connections with industry-specific solutions.

By leveraging Verizon Connect’s insights, customers have achieved significant results, including a 13% reduction in vehicle idling, an increase of 2.5 stops per vehicle per week, and a 15% decrease in harsh driving events. [14]

In 2024, Verizon Connect received three prestigious awards, including the Silver Stevie Award in the transportation category of the 22nd Annual American Business Awards, underscoring its competitive achievements. [15]

3. Azuga

Established in 2012
Location: California, United States
Competitive Edge: Extensive data collection capabilities

Azuga is a major player in connected vehicle and fleet technologies. It offers comprehensive solutions to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity for fleets of all sizes. 

The company has developed more than 400,000 devices, severing fleets across various industries. Annually, it tracks over 300 million trips and collects data from 3 billion miles driven, demonstrating its capability to handle large-scale fleet operations efficiently. This data is stored in the cloud, providing real-time insights and analytics to optimize fleet performance and safety. [16]

The platform supports 100+ telematics integrations, making it easier for businesses to connect Azuga’s solutions with other software systems. Plus, Azuga eLogs meets all regulations for ELD, HOS, and DVIRs. 

2. Geotab

Established in 2000
Location: Ontario, Canada
Competitive Edge: Robust data analytics capabilities

Geotab’s platform integrates telematics, IoT, and data analytics to deliver actionable insights for businesses of all sizes. It serves more than 50,000 customers across 160 countries, processing billions of data points every hour from over 4 million vehicles. [17]

The platform performs advanced diagnostics and continuously monitors vehicle health. It provides automated alerts for potential vehicle issues to prevent breakdowns. It also analyzes driver behavior, including harsh braking and acceleration, and creates scorecards, promoting safer driving practices. 

In 2022, Geotab was ranked one of the Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies by the Financial Times. The ranking was based on Geotab’s annual growth revenue rate of 30% during that timeframe. [18]

In 2023, Geotab launched a virtual assistant program that allows customers to ask questions through a chat interface about their fleet, such as vehicle usage, fuel economy, idling times, etc. In 2024, Geotab partnered with the electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian to deliver an integrated data solution for Rivian’s commercial vehicles in North America. [19]

1. Motive

Established in 2013
Location: California, United States
Competitive Edge: AI-driven dashcam and its DRiVE scoring system

Motive’s platform integrates advanced telematics, IoT, and AI-driven insights to help businesses increase operational efficiency, improve safety, and ensure regulatory compliance. It serves over 120,000 businesses across various industries, including logistics, passenger transit, food and beverage, oil and gas, and field services. 

Their mobile app is extremely easy to use, minimizing the learning curve for fleet managers and drivers. It features real-time tracking, vehicle inspection, and ELD compliance. 

The company employs 3,500+ people across eight global offices and has raised about $567.3 million through nine funding rounds. Their latest funding (Series F round) was closed in 2022, in which they raised $150 million from Insight Partners, California Technology Ventures, and Kleiner Perkins. [20]

In 2024, Motive sued rival Samsara, accusing them of copying its patents and technology for building AI dashcams. A month earlier, Samsara had filed a similar lawsuit against Motive. [21]

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