7 Scientific Predictions For 2015 That May Change Our Lives

Since over a last decade, we have seen many incredible things happened in the scientific world. The best thing about science is that we progress after every failure. We are developing technology at a tremendous rate. We are now at a level that we could not have imagined a decade ago. Every year, thousands of future technologies are being predicted by some experts. It is also true that almost 70% of these predictions fail. However, scientists from all over the world have always been researching to make correct predictions. Here are few scientific predictions for 2015 that may change our lives over the next years.

7. Worldwide Availability of Data Science

Worldwide Availability of Data ScienceImage Source: wikimedia

Data science refers to the extraction of important information from mixed information. It is based on techniques from many fields including statistics, computer programming, visualization and high performance computing. Data science technology plays an important role in many fields including social science and biological science. It also influenced economics and all kinds of businesses. By 2015, it is predicted to increase the data science researchers. Many technologies are now in the middle of development stage and data science techniques will fulfill their specific needs.

6. Vaccine for Ebola

EbolaImage Source: wikimedia

Ebola virus disease is considered an epidemic disease of 2014 which affects thousands of people all over the world. The first case of the disease was identified in 1976 near the Ebola River. Since then, more than 8600 victims died till December 2014. After around 40 years, still there is no medication or vaccine available for the disease. Many scientists groups developed the vaccine but none had been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration department. Many scientific organizations claim that they developed an effective vaccine. They also said that drug tests are underway and will available from 2015.

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5. Secret Universe

How Universe Formed - Unsolved Scientific MysteriesImage Source: flickr

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is planned to restart in March after a long time of two years. It will reboot at 13 trillion electron volts, almost double the previous power. Scientists believed that the extra power will help in revealing some of the unearthed questions. The first possibility to reveal some information about dark energy. The popular theory of super-symmetry may also be proved or disproved. It says that there is a mirror universe of invisible particles that has mass.

4. Closer To HIV Vaccine

Closer To HIV VaccineImage Source: medimoon

AIDS is an incurable disease and had killed more than 25 million all over the world since 1981. Currently, there is no vaccine available for HIV, but many researches are underway to create a new vaccine. There is also some evidence that proves that this could be possible. There are many alternative medical treatments to a vaccine are available but none of them is highly beneficial. A group of scientists reported to move forward in the development process and may launch an effective vaccine in 2019.

3. Analyzing a 400,000 Year Old Human

Analyzing a 400,000 Year Old HumanImage Source: ctvnews

In December 2013, the world’s oldest femur bone has been recovered from a cave in Northern Spain. The age of the bone has been roughly estimated at 400,000 years old. There is a big doubt because according to the theories, modern humans arose after 150,000 years. Within few months, scientists mapped almost all mitochondrial DNA sequence. Mitochondrial DNA lies outside the nucleus. Scientists claim to analyze the full genome soon to learn how our species emerged as the surviving one.

2. Proof of Some Parts of Einstein’s Theory

Albert EinsteinImage Source: flickr

A part of the general theory of relativity was proven and now it becomes the foundation of Big Bang Theory. Some part of the theory is still unverified. There is an unproved prediction that moving mass can produce gravitational waves. In order to prove this prediction, the LISA Pathfinder will launch a test in the July. Their primary mission is to observe gravitational wave sources. They will also test the Advanced LIGO detector, the most sensitive detectors gravitational wave detector ever built.

1. Reusable Rockets By SpaceX

Reusable Rockets By SpaceX - Scientific Predictions For 2015Image Source: wikimedia

SpaceX is a corporation that develops space exploration technologies. The main motive of the company is to reduce space transportation costs to start the colonization of Mars. SpaceX is now developing a special rocket that can go into the space and then land on the earth again. Recently in the early January 2015, they launched a test rocket but it won’t be reusable. The positive sign of this test is that rocket came back down in the ocean. They planned to launch 30 more test rockets in 2015. They also planned to launch Falcon Heavy (a space vehicle) for the first time.

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A few more Tech Predictions


1. Mas Production of Nanometer Chips

Moore’s laws of technology will soon be hitting its ending limit. Currently available integrated circuits are made on a micro level and now scientists are working on nano size electronic transistors. It means that more than 10 billion transistors can be placed on a single chip. It is predicted that nano size circuits will come by this year and the positiveness of Moore’s law end in the early 2020s.

2. Internet Data Traffic

By 2015, it is estimated that a majority of internet traffic will be directed on videos. The current web 2.0 is not designed to fulfill these needs. More than 50 percent of the video mobile traffic attracts a majority of traffic from the US. It is also predicted that total internet data will exceed five zeta bytes in 2015.

3. SATA Drives in Mobiles

Currently available technology in mobile phones has the maximum internal storage capacity of 128 GB. There is also another option for external storage. Researchers are working on creating SATA drives for mobile phones. These drives have the best features of very high data transfer rate.

4. Quantum Computing

Quantum computers are further advanced than a digital computer. They used quantum bits as the storage unit. In 1950s, computers have one cycle per second in every 150 seconds. As technology has improved, quantum computers reached the capacity of 38 Tera cycles per second. This technology will soon surpass the Moore’s law.

5. Nano Computers

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Nanotechnology is the combination of microscopic engineering and computing. It is now an emerging set of tools and techniques and scientists have been working on this for decades. Scientists predicted that nano computers could have one thousandth the weight and one hundredth the size of currently available personal computer.

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