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10 Self Made Teenage Millionaires

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A million dollar business starts with one sparkle of innovation and hardworking determination to give something very useful to the world. The following list features 10 self-made teenage millionaires and most of them are entrepreneurs. Some of them made their first million dollars before the age of 20, this show that age doesn’t matter in the business. Their journey to become an entrepreneur was not easy but they tried so hard to get there. According to the United States’ statistics, more than 69% of new business start at home and 59% of well established businesses are home based. If you have a unique idea, put it using marketing strategies and join the following list of youngest millionaires.

10. Cameron Johnson

Cameron JohnsonPhoto credit: Amazon

Cameron Johnson began his first business at the age of nine when his parents asked him to design some invitation cards for a party. Neighborhood were so impressed that they offered money to design some more for them. Two years later, he founded a “Cheers and Tears”, a greeting card company. His next business was Surfingprizes.com, an online advertising service through which he received 20 cents per hour to display the ads. Now the guy is around thirty years old and worth multi million dollars.

9. Farrah Gray

farrah grayPhoto credit: Thegrio

Farrah Gray was born with entrepreneurship. He began with door to door selling of body lotion and hand painted rocks for $1.5. At age of 13, he founded “Far Out Foods” and within one year the company had invested more than $1 million. Now he is one of the youngest philanthropists and has his own office on Wall Street in New York. He is also known as a motivational speaker and gets credit for his inspirational book, “Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out”.

8. John Koon

John KoonPhoto credit: Imgur

John Koon is a Chinese-American entrepreneur. At the age of 16, he founded an auto parts making company, Extreme Performance Motorsports. He earned million dollars after became one of the main suppliers of MTV’s show Pimp My Ride. That wasn’t enough for him and opened a clothing company with a rapper Young Jeezy.  In a very less time, he earned $40 million and moving very fast to become a billionaire.

7. Adam Horwitz

Adam HorwitzPhoto credit: Twitter official Page

When he was 15 years old, he always wanted to have a million dollar company by 21. He has started many websites within three years but none of them succeed. Then he started Mobile Monopoly, an online mobile app that taught tips and tricks to people on how to earn money by generating mobile marketing leads. This idea earns him a six figure profit. His latest idea is YepText, a text advertising service for businesses. It allowed business to attract traffic and sending promos to their cell phones but it only targets small businesses.

6. Juliette Brindak

Juliette Brindak

At the age of 10, unlike other girls who always like to play with dolls, Juliette Brindak likes to draw paintings. At 16, she inspired by her own paintings and launched a social networking website, Miss O and Friends for twins. The website gets instant hit with thousands of users within a few days. Now the website gets more than 10 million monthly visitors and most of her earning comes from advertising. In 2011, Inc. magazine listed her website as the third largest girl only website.

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5. Fraser Doherty

Fraser DohertyPhoto credit: Smarta

Fourteen years old, Edinburgh based Fraser Doherty began selling homemade jam using his grandmother’s recipes. By the age of 16, he had gained a huge popularity for his jam and named it “SuperJam”. Now he is the CEO of SuperJam which hit over $1 million in sales. In 2007, he was awarded the Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year which is the international award given to an entrepreneur. He also published The SuperJam Cookbook in 2010 and SuperBusiness book in 2011.

4. Adam Hildreth

Adam Hildreth

Adam Hildreth is an England based entrepreneur. In 1999, he founded Dubit and makes the Guinness world record with his friends of being the youngest group of directors in the UK. Dubit is one of the biggest social networking teenage websites in the UK. He also gets credit for Crisp Thinking, a company which has specialized in child protection technology. In 2004, he was ranked among one of the richest teens in the UK and was named the youngest entrepreneur of the year in 2006.

3. Ashley Qualls

Ashley QuallsPhoto credit: Investopedia

Ashley Qualls is an American entrepreneur and has a net worth of $8 million. At the age of 14, she started a website, whateverlife.com which provides Myspace (social networking website) layouts for free and how to guide on HTML. As the popularity of Myspace.com increased, traffic to her website was also increased. Later she joined the Google Adsense Program and earned in millions. At its peak, the website has an estimated seven million visitors every month.

2. Tyler Dikman

Tyler DikmanPhoto credit: Businessweek

Tyler Dikman began earning money like most of the kids did, including running food stalls, babysitting and even doing magic shows. He got his first computer at the age of 10 and founded CoolTronics when he was only 15. His main purpose was to provide lessons on the computer and how to repair your personal computers. They also sell, deliver and set up a new PC for customers. He was ranked as one of the top 25 entrepreneurs under 25 age group.

1. Catherine and David Cook

DAVID COOK, CATHERINE COOK - Self Made Teenage MillionairesPhoto credit: Huffingtonpost

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In 2005, 15-year-old Catherine and 17-year-old David (brother and sister) starts a social networking site called, MyYearbook.com. The website is an online version of the traditional high school yearbook. In their first year of startup, they get an estimated 900,000 members to join the website. It gets an instant hit and now the site has over 90 million users. In 2011, they sold the website to Quepasa Corp. for $100 million and now it is known by Meetme.com. This is also a big win that they survived even after the Facebook domination.